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5 Less Known Places in Himalayas to Revive Your Lost Love

With travel being on everyone’s head, it’s challenging to locate untouched destinations, especially in north India. That’s however no excuse to bargain on kindling love and making the sparks fly.

Himalayas hide additional key locations that are tailormade for couples and newlyweds. Destinations that take you removed from over eager tourists running around, eager vendors shouting to catch your awareness, beautiful sites damaged with noise and litter pollution. Instead, head to these invisible romantic locations within the Himalayas to know nature’s music and watch its splendor from the new—more passionate—perspective.

The Amorous Kokernag, Jammu & Kashmir

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Within the Breng Valley of Anantnag district, Kokernag is heaven for fans buying calm, peaceful holiday. The comfortable stay ensures ultimate pleasure amidst the heavenly beauty; you must also explore the unexploited areas of the valley.

For an ultimate romantic experience, the rich Kokernag gardens are excellent to let the relationship bloom, while small cascading freshwater springs offer serenity. The summer months (April to June) are satisfying, but we propose an autumn rendezvous when mysterious sprays of crimson and glowing hues cover the town.

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Heavens of Kupwara, Jammu & Kashmir

kupwara Kupwara, heaven surrounded by Baramulla district and by Pakistan administered Kashmir, is observed because of its vibrant green meadows, gushing streams, and alpine mountains. The beauty of this place along with the beautiful attractions of hills and valleys makes it suitable for a romantic getaway. This treasure is hidden from the typical focus of Jammu & Kashmir, and will be next in your set of top Himalayan destinations.

For an ultimate romantic experience: The sweeping views of the valleys and cosy cottages are inviting and warm. Kupwara’s serenity gives you time together with your loved ones with the backdrop of some interesting historical sites and beautiful Himalayan beauty. It’s a picture to behold in the winter season as beautiful white snow blankets the district.
Enjoying Wonderful mountain views while sipping a glass of piping hot tea will fill you up with the best of what nature has got for you. Look at Airbnb for the right people in Kupwara.

Paradise of Pulwama, Jammu & Kashmir

pulwama The crystal azure sky and vast saffron fields define Pulwama just right, an eye-catching centre in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. There are entrancing forests, scenic paths, gorgeous wetlands, many beautiful sites, and fascinating wildlife that provide you with all of the solitude you seek out within your busy urban life.

For an ultimate intimate encounter: spend some time together at Marsar Lake Tarsar Sea, and different pure water springs, surrounded by the sound of chirping birds only. The pleasant climate and the extraordinary beauty here are at their prime during fall and summer months, April to March that's.

Cuddling Pangot, Uttarakhand

pangot A mere 15 km away from Nainital, Pangot has managed to stay hidden for a long time. A paradise for bird-watchers and nature lovers, Pangot is filled with exquisite birds and other local endangered birds. The exotic mountain station is a great pick for a quick vacation of just one or two days.

For An ultimate romantic experience: Don’t miss out on the interesting driving through the forested area. Camping with your beloved at Pangot, particularly during the winter months, will be an event to remember.

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Mesmerizing Chaukori of Uttarakhand

5 Less Known Places in Himalayas to Revive Your Lost Love-5 Fixed within the Pithoragarh district, Chaukori is a lot more than just another beautiful place. Besides its heavenly beauty, it offers an array of buzzing activities like fishing, camping, angling, walking and thus much more. The evergreen surrounding woods add a unique charm and mysticism to the whole place.

For An ultimate romantic encounter: The location is abuzz with all the wide variety of actions during summer time, so get set going. This time, raise your adrenaline with your partner with some great adventure sports.

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Revive your lost love with these romantic places. Have any better destination on your mind? Do share in the comment section below!

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