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Why You Should Be Going For Chandrakhani Pass Trek

Chandrakhani Pass is one of the most popular Himalayan treks with moderate difficulty. Legend says that the chief deity of Malana was passing through this route carrying a basket full of Gods of Kullu. Somehow his basket opened and all the gods blew over Kullu, since then this region is known as the Valley of Gods. Among all the treks in this difficulty level Chandrakhani is preferred by trek enthusiasts for a couple of reasons and here are they

1. Best Trek for Experienced Beginners

Why You Should Be Going For Chandrakhani Pass Trek-1 This trek is perfect for anyone who has started trekking and now has been through a couple of easy treks of around 3000 meters and wants to experience beyond that. Situated on 13500 feet this trek provides perfect opportunity to explore the higher trekking destination on Himalayas.

2. Best Trek for All Seasons

Why You Should Be Going For Chandrakhani Pass Trek-2 Chandrakhani pass is one of the trek routes that one can do both in summers and winters. In summers between May to first week of July this trek is preferred by trekkers who are looking for a moderate adventure in Himalayas while those looking for a challenging one choose to visit this route between November when snow starts falling on the mountains to first week of March.

3. Gorgeous Views

Why You Should Be Going For Chandrakhani Pass Trek-3 Chandrakhani Pass provides enthralling views of Deo Tibba and Pin Parvati range of mountains. One can see the snow clad Himalayan peaks with imposing heights and the most amazing yet dramatic sunrises ever.

4. A face to face experience with Himachali Culture

Why You Should Be Going For Chandrakhani Pass Trek-4 If there is a trek route that comes as close to Himachali culture then this is the one. This trek starts from Naggar, that is 20 km away from Manali and ends at the beautiful town of Kasol. You cannot experience Kulluvi local life in a better way than this trek as It passes through small settlements like Malana where residents still follow old traditions and culture.
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