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The four restaurants present in the backyard of Select City Walk indisputably act to assuage a jaded youth’s plight. The four youth-centric hang out places, namely [V] Spot, Flo lounge, 1 Boulevard and Café 1 bar are not only utopia for special occasion but also for a lackluster evening. Visiting all of them in succession made me realize their exclusivity despite seeming very much the same.

v_spot-300x300 My first encounter to [V] spot took place about two years ago during my friend’s birthday party. Although difficult to locate initially, the place fairlymade our day. The bar offers special Karaoke by willing customers (if no band is performing) along with an array of appetizers, alcohol and hookah. However, our most ecstatic jiffy still remains the one when we saw the birthday girl’s face layered with whipped cream after the exclusive birthday games organised by the restaurant staff.

flo-300x300 Being a connoisseur of Italian delicacies, it cannot be judged biased to call the FLO lounge my consummate favorite. Highly recommended if you want to enjoy the company of a few friends for the place also allows a tranquil private seating area other than a common dining lounge. Dim lights accentuated by candles provea seventh heaven for lovers. The next in line is 1 Boulevard which is a leisurely zone for relishing continental, Italian and tandoori food. Its captivating music and enthusiastic crowd adds colors to your forlorn evening. Its thin crust pizzas and mojitos are a must try. Lastly Café 1 bar was visited by me during a notorious night stay with friends. Needless to say the night life in all these four bars is quite flamboyant on special occasions. The catchy music and ambience instigates you to shake a leg.
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