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36 Romantic Things To Do In Bali: The Ultimate 2020 Guide!


As soon as you step on the Island of Gods Bali, you'll feel the magical essence in the air. The Hindu temples, shrines, rice paddy fields, marine adventure, water-sports, incredible Bali swing and what not! Bali is a hub. Bali in every aspect gives the boho vibes. From sports adventures to running for catching sunrise and sunsets. From sea excursion to river rafting. From majestic waterfalls to true jungle vibes amidst the green forest. There are countless romantic things to do in Bali. Awaiting sunsets and Saturday drinks with your lover and gazing at the blue sapphire for hours. Swim in the natural pools and relax in the crystal clear waters of the boho place. Are these reasons not enough to label Bali as a ‘Perfect Honeymoon Destination’?

1. Surfing at Canggu

36 Romantic Things To Do In Bali: The Ultimate 2020 Guide!-1 Picture credits: Bali

Start your romance in an adventurous way at Canggu. House of waves in the blue sapphire of the majestic ocean. This spot is great for beginners to experience the wavy ride in the ocean on your own. This is a world famous surfing spot when one first thinks of surfing. There is a famous surf school of Bali called ‘ Wave House’ that provides surfing lessons which is quite romantic to try when you are out for a tour to Bali, a place with a perfect blend of traditional essence, lush adventure, blue sapphire. Surfing on waves breaking off on the shore. Find some great spots and have fun surfing around on the blue waters. After so many failed attempts you will be relaxed because what matters is fun.Or you might wanna join the famous school and try surfing after learning.

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2.Volcanic View at Mount Agung

36 Romantic Things To Do In Bali: The Ultimate 2020 Guide!-2 Picture Credits: Time

Hike around to see the active Volcano in Bali. Get some photographs clicked here for a memory of the highest point in Bali. A magnificent conical volcano looking breathtaking from a distance. It recently erupted in 2017, one of the most disruptive times in Indonesian history. At the foot area of the peak there is an organised view of the rice fields giving a feeling of a large garden. It's even more enticing when it is surrounded by clouds and fog. Is there any better way to celebrate your love? Interesting Local fact about this place is that Balinese believe that it is the twin of Mt. Meru which is the central axis of the universe. Besakih Temple is located on the slopes of Mt. Agung, being of great importance and the largest temple of Bali. Step on this holiest place in Bali with your love.

3. Uluwatu Temple sitting on the high cliff

36 Romantic Things To Do In Bali: The Ultimate 2020 Guide!-3 Picture Credits: Bali

Make your own spot at the perfectly high cliff at the edge of the Indian Ocean and watch the liquid sunset colors over the ocean. The roar of the air passing through your romance at the cliff under the colors of the sky and the sea. This is without a doubt a great start to your love life in Bali. The 10th century temple traditionally sitting at the offbeat location by the ocean is so beautiful that you’ll fall in love with Bali. This is the most peaceful spot I found in Bali. You’ll cross the old and concrete architectural pathway on the side of the cliff and beautifully making your way to the temple through lush green and Old rustic vibes. Monkeys dwell around the corners of the forest surrounding the temple.

4. Younger and Wilder side of Bali at Kuta

36 Romantic Things To Do In Bali: The Ultimate 2020 Guide!-4 Picture Credits: Pinterest

Have fun boozing in the night party capital of Bali. Bali enhances as it gets dark. As the sun sets on the ocean a different world of lights glow at the beaches. A popular stop for hippies. Seminayak is the best place to make the night wild as much as you want to. Hire a taxi and club hopping is best to experience the diverse party culture of Bali. You won’t get tired and trust me next day you’ll need a swim in the ocean to get away with a hangover of cheap drinks. Dance and Romance on the mixed beats of Bali. Bali is a world class nightlife gala. Romance all night long!

5. Romantic Dinner in the Hanging Gardens of Ubud

36 Romantic Things To Do In Bali: The Ultimate 2020 Guide!-5 I’ll tell you the best way to experience the flavors of Bali. The most unique way of romancing is amidst the lavish hanging gardens having dinner in a pool. A different way to enjoy your dinner with your love. This is a privilege to savor the Balinese flavors in a creative manner amidst nature. You will enjoy the dining with a view of the local temple sitting on a hill. Listen to the sweet jungle melody with international flavors on your table.

6. Snorkeling in the majestic Indian Ocean

36 Romantic Things To Do In Bali: The Ultimate 2020 Guide!-6 If you are visiting Bali snorkeling should be on the top of your check list. Bali offers you gorgeous spots to explore the gems of the ocean. Fancy the fish nursery, giant manta rays, turtles. Witness the vibrant coral reefs underwater. The best way to see the fish is to become a fish. Dive into the majestic ocean and see the color life living underneath. This will be the best romantic experience of your life.

7. Feed the Macacas of Ubud Monkey Forest

36 Romantic Things To Do In Bali: The Ultimate 2020 Guide!-7 Picture Credits: Culture Holidays

One of the playful wildlife experiences in Bali is to welcome monkeys to sit on your lap while eating bananas. Feed the monkeys with the local fruits of Ubud and have the best romantic time which will melt your heart. Enjoy the sanctuary with the variety of species of monkeys with massive teeth and make a connection with the long tailed fellas. You will come across the statue of a Komodo Dragon in the wild forest of Ubud.

8. There is no one like Dolphins

36 Romantic Things To Do In Bali: The Ultimate 2020 Guide!-8 In the north of Bali this is the laid back coastal town to see the always smiling dolphins and make the most of the moment. Romancing and celebrating your rhythm of emotions. The breathtaking view of the dolphins dancing and playing happily in the ocean. Romantic enough to make this destination popular among the lovers. There is no one like dolphins.

9. Riverside Spa Rejuvenation at Tjampuhan Spa

36 Romantic Things To Do In Bali: The Ultimate 2020 Guide!-9 Picture Credits: Hotel Tjampuhan

You wanna romance while relaxing amidst the mystical nature of Bali? I have a relaxing romantic happy hour for you. Bali is famous for its spa treatments with their wellness oils. At Tjampuhan Spa there is a natural setting of jacuzzi of clear water with healing properties. Located at the base of the valley this place is best for a romantic hideout. Try one of the wellness packages here.

10. A day at Crystal Bay

36 Romantic Things To Do In Bali: The Ultimate 2020 Guide!-10 Spend a day exploring crystal clear waters of the blue sapphire. A hidden getaway from the buzz of Bali. It's one of the famous diving spots in Bali. Relax at the beach under the sun enjoy watching the endless blue sky. This scenic palm fringed beach is the best chill zone of Bali. You'’ll see the entire different and peaceful location of Bali. You can see the best sunset colours at Crystal Beach. Speed boat can also make Nusa Penida more splendid for you. Enjoy the coral reefs on the fringes of the bay and spend some romantic time here.

11. Erotic waterfall in Lovina: SingSing

36 Romantic Things To Do In Bali: The Ultimate 2020 Guide!-11 Picture Credits: Pinterest

This is the most romantic waterfall in Bali. Listen to the peaceful water falling from a height so calmly with your lover. Use nature's peaceful white noise for romancing near the waterfall. This off beaten stop will give you a private dramatic time with your partner. Heavenly environment will give you a boost to fancy Bali’s beauty and explore more. The unpolluted environment around the wet corners of nature will make you fall in love with Bali once again.

12. Mornings in Rice fields

36 Romantic Things To Do In Bali: The Ultimate 2020 Guide!-12 Waking up overlooking rice fields with someone you want to visit Bali. Isn’t it romantic? First rays of the day whispering to your soul “ Wake up! You’re in Bali.” Enticing! Enjoy lunching the traditional Balinese cuisine with your lover in the paddy rice fields. And the best place for this is Tegalalang Rice terrace. There is no better place in Bali for a spectacular view of rice fields. The breezy escape for lunch coupled with wine and food. What about this fancy idea for a fantastic Balinese lunch?

13. Undersea Bat Cave, Nusa Penida

36 Romantic Things To Do In Bali: The Ultimate 2020 Guide!-13 Picture Credits: YouTube

Dive into the majestic ocean and solve the mystery by exploring Bat Caves. Encounter Bats in the deep sea in Crystal Bay. Witness large number of dramatic bats in the sea and take your scuba diving experience to a next level. What else can be more romantic than coming closer whilst adventuring in the mighty ocean on your honeymoon?

14. Cook with your Love

36 Romantic Things To Do In Bali: The Ultimate 2020 Guide!-14 Picture Credits: Cookly

Learn the mixing of flavors of Bali with the private cooking classes which is super romantic. Spice up your relationship with the flavors of Bali. Go for grocery shopping with someone you love and make them a traditional Balinese lunch with all your heart and love. Do whatever rejuvenates your love as they say cooking together strengthens your bonds. Recipes don’t work unless you use your heart.

15. Vivid crimson sky changing colors in the Island of Gods

36 Romantic Things To Do In Bali: The Ultimate 2020 Guide!-15 Bali is a home to unimaginable sunsets which makes it dreamily romantic for a couple if planning to visit the Island of Gods. It is true to say this. There is some kind of magical essence as soon as you step on this island of cultural love. A walk on the Jimbaran bay and afterwards a sunset candle light dinner with your Bae at the bay will end your evening finely. There is no better idea to celebrate your love by the bay.

16. Gili Islands

Picture Credits: Hotels.com Australia

The shimmering beaches of the Gili Islands and the crystal clear water will make you fall in love with Bali and with your better half all over again. If you want to swim in the warm waters with giant turtles, you have to add Gili islands to your itinerary. There are many official turtle spots around the island.if you have some dedication to spend some time spotting turtles you will see them almost everywhere. It’s time to take your honeymoon to the next adventurous level. Go to Bali for the vibes, for good yoga and most importantly for good food with breathtaking views. Relax. Chill. Beer. with your significant other. Gili offers tremendous sunsets over Indian ocean. You’ll be amazed! Get the Paradise in the palm of your hand and dance romantically on the beach.

17. Submarine Tour in Bali

36 Romantic Things To Do In Bali: The Ultimate 2020 Guide!-16 Picture Credits: Bali Onion Tour

The submarine tours takes place at the eastern part of Bali Island. Go on a submarine sightseeing comfortable and take a close vision of the vibrant marine gems. The submarine sightseeing tours operate in two places only. One is in Maui, Hawaii-USA and the other one is in Bali. Exciting, isn't it? Get closer during your romantic adventures and mix the marine vibes in your romantic life. Watch closely the coordinating school of fish swimming in the ocean.

18. Campuhan Ridge

36 Romantic Things To Do In Bali: The Ultimate 2020 Guide!-17 Picture Credits: Omnivagant

Bali offers amazing mellow hiking trails with hilltop views. The Campuhan ridge walk is located in Kecamatan Ubud. It is a smooth walk of 2 kms. You’ll get the best sky views of the sky during your hike. Best time to go is to take a morning walk in the ridge. Get up before sunrise to sneak some shots in before the crowd arrives. It's one of my favourite places to catch sunrise.

19. Horse Riding at Seminyak Beach

36 Romantic Things To Do In Bali: The Ultimate 2020 Guide!-18

Famous for its upscale beach resort area. This place has the most luxurious resorts in bali. Spend and evening at the Potato Head Beach club, catch some crazy sunsets and chill on the shimmering sand of Seminyak with your lover. Go for a couple’s horse riding on the Seminyak Beach. Don’t miss Ku De Ta, one of the most astonishing places in Seminyak.

20. Lesser Known Lovina

36 Romantic Things To Do In Bali: The Ultimate 2020 Guide!-19 Picture Credits: TravelTriangle

Located in the northwestern side of the Island. Famous for its dolphin attractions, this place gives stupendous views from the smaller resort beaches. Tides hit the Lovina Beach so perfectly which is ideal for surfing in the warm waves. You can try couple’s cooking classes and spice up your relationship with Balinese flavors.

21. Best beach Club : Palmilla Bali

36 Romantic Things To Do In Bali: The Ultimate 2020 Guide!-20 Picture Credits: The Bali Bible

I found this the beat chilling places in bali. Free entrance to this beach club is just wonderful. I’d say one word for this place ‘Chill Beach Club’. Featuring a gorgeous swimming pool that contrasts the wooden exteriors beautifully. This place is chillingly romantic on the white sand beaches giving dreamingly Boho vibes.

22. Cruise from Nusa penida to Broken Beach

36 Romantic Things To Do In Bali: The Ultimate 2020 Guide!-21 Picture Credits: Wandernesia

A large hole between the hills giving a tremendous view of the blue sapphire blend with rocks giving lush tropical vibes, this place has my heart. This place is next to Angel’s Billabong. Enjoy the summer fun under the blue sky and savor the blue sea. Enjoy the Bintangs poolside, all day long here. This is a unique beach you need to see.

23. Hideout Bali

36 Romantic Things To Do In Bali: The Ultimate 2020 Guide!-22 Picture Credits: Wanderers and Warriors

With tiny bedroom goals this place offers surrounding in the Eco bamboo gives true Jungle vibes. This is the best accomodation to reside in Bali and give your love and yourself some peaceful leisure time. Also visit Tibumana Waterfalls which is 40 kms away from hideout. It is one hell of a gorgeous waterfall in Bali. Be a wild soul in a wild world.

24. Hot Air Balloon Ride

36 Romantic Things To Do In Bali: The Ultimate 2020 Guide!-23 Picture Credits: The Bali Bird

Rest high in the sky and witness the tiny Bali from up above in airy romantic Hot Air Balloon with your significant other. Fly over the lush green rice fields and watch the trippy patterns from this giant eye catching ride.

25. Big Game Fishing

36 Romantic Things To Do In Bali: The Ultimate 2020 Guide!-24 Picture Credits: Bali Destiny Travel

Play along with your lover while playing offshore sportfishing and target large fishing. Decide your romantic dinner’s menu by catching it from the ocean. A full day fishing game with your mate. Practice fishing with a jig all day and afterwards relax while gazing at the beautiful sunset. Fishing game is just about luck

26. Ubud Food Festival

36 Romantic Things To Do In Bali: The Ultimate 2020 Guide!-25 Credits: Jendela di Bali

Ubud food Festival is taking place in April this year where the lineup is of 90 chefs, restaurants, entrepreneurs, farmers, food writers and activists. Food is the ingredient that binds two persons together on many different levels. This festival is the most popular gathering of flavours. Taste the cultural influences on Bali. Taste the authentic with your mate in 2020.

27. Elephant Mud Fun

36 Romantic Things To Do In Bali: The Ultimate 2020 Guide!-26 Picture credits: Wandernesia

Rub the giant elephants with Mud and have fun with the sweet giant creatures. Weirdly romantic, I know! But sounds cool, right? Have a fun time with elephants in Bali and give them a bath. Animal enthusiasts can spend their day at the zoo.

28. Night At the Bali Zoo

36 Romantic Things To Do In Bali: The Ultimate 2020 Guide!-27 Picture Credits: Sorga Bali Tours

After the chilly bathing with elephants and all the playful activities explore the zoo in the dark. You can spend all your time gazing at the sunsets in Bali, but this could be adventurously fun. A night at the zoo! Come across how weirdly the creatures adapt in this weird habitat. You’ll get to feed elephants and deer and afterwards you can chill at the fire show before dinner. Romantic playful night, isn’t it?

29. Bali Agrotourism

36 Romantic Things To Do In Bali: The Ultimate 2020 Guide!-28 Picture Credits: Live trading News

Coffee Luwak is the history of Island of Gods, Bali. examine the Tropical Plantations of Coffee Robusta, pineapple, Balinese local fruit or snake fruit (salak) and many other vegetations of Bali. try and taste the Tea and coffee with spectacular views. It’s fun when you locally explore the traditions and techniques.

30. Unlimited time on Bali Swing

36 Romantic Things To Do In Bali: The Ultimate 2020 Guide!-29 Picture Credits: HolidayGoGoGo

Swing high on the rice fields and play while overlooking the tropical lush vegetation. Enjoy the sunrise from a swing above incredible heights. Just you and your partner living your youth! Lose yourself in pure happiness of sitting in a big nest in the middle of the green jungle. Isn’t it what you want on romantic tours? This is the amazing offer for couples in Bali, a swing on a height. This moment will be infinite.

31. One Day Romantic Cruise

36 Romantic Things To Do In Bali: The Ultimate 2020 Guide!-30 Picture Credits: TripAdvisor

Bali offers tremendous Day Cruises. Feel blue in a good way amidst the ocean with your lover. Glow together on the cruises adventures in the Island of Gods Bali. You can opt for traditional sailing vessels and spend vintage cruising time with a romantic dinner at the golden sunset hours. This great adventure of cruising is different in its own way. A day floating in the sea. You, your lover and the Sea.

32. Bali River rafting

36 Romantic Things To Do In Bali: The Ultimate 2020 Guide!-31 Picture Credits: Bali Cab Driver

Bali is a hub for everything. Chilling at the white sand, marine adventure, cruising, water sports, swing and what not! Another adventure in Bali that will drive you crazy is River Rafting. Don’t just stick to chilling at beaches. Follow the river in the raft! Either personal or pooling with the group, rafting is fun either way. Spend your day crossing the rapids in Gianyar.

33. Bali Safari Park

36 Romantic Things To Do In Bali: The Ultimate 2020 Guide!-32 Picture Credits: Wira Rafting Bali

Besides scenic beaches, dinner at sunset and boho vibes, Bali has a lot to offer. Tourists from across the world come to seek adventure in Bali. In today’s world it is important to throw light on the conservation issues as the health of the home is getting affected. Bali safari and marine Park is located in Gianyar. Recreational area. You can play the rides in the fun zone and waterpark. Bus tours are provided by the zoo to feast your eyes with 400 species of animals from Indonesia, India and Africa. It is one of the best waterparks in Bali.

34. Traditional House Tour

36 Romantic Things To Do In Bali: The Ultimate 2020 Guide!-33 Picture Credits: Remote Gaijin

Graciously treated by the friendly locals of Bali during your tour to experience the living environment and cultural exploration of houses will be another fun time for couples in Bali. always remove shoes before entering the house. Local smiles offer you to closely witness the unique culture of Bali and their traditional ceremonies. Lucky you if you get a chance to attend a Balinese wedding! Construction of the houses follow a strict ancient architectural blend of Hindu and Buddhist beliefs.

36. Sunrise without a hike at Pinggan Village

36 Romantic Things To Do In Bali: The Ultimate 2020 Guide!-34 Picture Credits: Bali

Seek first rays of sun at this pretty village covered with the mist that you wouldn’t want to miss. You don’t have to hike to catch the unique sunrise here. If you want to see this mystical fog covering the little village during the first rays of the day, this place is perfect to be on your bucket list. Bali has so many hidden destinations which gives you unique experiences. On a good weather day if you stay at night, you can witness the milky way. It’s a photogenic place where you can see the romantic sunrise and the shining mist with your lover.

Have a great tour to Bali and take the romantic Boho Vibes home. A vacation full of sunshine and tropical state of mind!

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