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A Travel Tale of 3 Moms Who Covered 17 Countries in 95 Days


A travel tale of three parents who drove to London from New Delhi, covering 23,700 Kms, crossing 17 countries in just 95 times. Join them while they take us through the most UNBELIEVABLE road trip journey EVER!

A road trip is like a journey none other. And to do this across 17 countries, 23,700 kilometers in over 95 days is life-changing to express minimal.
Everything started with Girls Beyond Boundaries. Women Beyond Boundaries is conceptualized by Nidhi Tiwari and Smita Mazumdar. WBB is enabled women people with capabilities to reach out to other women in far-flung areas, in tough terrain to be able to supply goods and services.

The three of us flagged off from Dhyanchand Arena about the 23rd of July 2015 and reached London on the 28th of October 2015, after having traversed across Myanmar, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium, France and UK.
The Indian journey was remarkably one of the most exciting and interesting. All went as planned till Manipur. Operating from Kohima to Imphal, we were caught in the middle of the trail due to a strike called at Imphal. The streets were blocked and we could not go further or go back to where we started. So, we sat in the car with nowhere to go, watching the protesters move us by, some with branches and rocks in the hand!
They looked wondering what these girls do on the highway. One man, drunk to his gills, began talking to us and stepped up to us. We humored him by creating some polite conversation and held a straight face. He then shifted and told us all about how we advised him of his siblings home, for approximately 15 minutes.

Phew! So we considered to ourselves, it's this that we'll experience for the next 7 hours. Then came another couple of folks who returned peering into our car and then first passed us by.
One informed us that it was not safe for us to be sitting in the vehicle during these demonstration hours and advised us ahead to his home where he could arrange lunch for us. We were in a problem now, to trust or not to trust? We went to his house behind him and trusted our instincts.
It was by a street using a little wooden entry, whenever we parked the vehicle outside his house and just as we left, about 4 guys stepped out to check on us out. We were now getting slightly panicky! He kept asking us to move inside his house. We asked him where his family was and he urged us to come back inside his home all over again.
We stepped into his house with a great deal of trepidation and then be approached by the most welcoming smiling faces of two sisters and his mother. What a relief! From then on, till 7 at night, we probably had a wonderful time. His mother prepared one of the most awesome chickens and a few authentic Manipuri food for us, after which we went for an off-road drive to an area from the Sekmai water. He played the guitar for us, performed songs and made us feel so at home and just like a part of his family.
People constantly asked us, what was one of the most memorable the main trip, on completing the trip? Driving through the erstwhile silk route was an incredible feeling. Just like, Las Vegas meets Purani Dilli.
This place, deserts, Mountains, High altitude wetlands, Lush valleys has it all! Nomads and dictators, yurts and palaces along with the pleasure of a new state, over the 1000 years of history to explore and we strained in the leash!

For us, travel happens to be about joining with people. You're only a stranger until you say Hello! Central Asians would be the friendliest lot that individuals have achieved on our trips. You are practically adopted by them, especially if you're an Indian.
We were surprised by the effect the Indian tradition has over this region, especially Bollywood and were completely taken over. It's reverential. We got this once we crossed over from China to Kyrgyzstan's primary taste.
It was rather cool and we waited for the authorities to clear our papers. Then he went on to ask us about Mithun Chakraborty!
We never chose to be having an indication language dialogue having a Kyrgyz official about Mithun’s health and acting ability! Also, it continues to be as such throughout central Asia. The minute we would be figured out by the natives were Indians, they would either start dancing or performing to Mithun’s songs.
In a few areas, they'd actually whip out the mobile phones, play the songs and demand us to dance alongside them. Moving to “I am a disco dancer” on Tashkent streets might be our most peculiar but preferred memory.
We have always assumed that nobody parties such as the Punjabis, but believe us, they are nothing before Uzbekis. They are tireless. On this occasion, we were in a restaurant and on the road towards the restroom, we passed a table of Uzbeks who celebrated a child's birth of these mates.

Next thing we realize, we were nearly kidnapped, boxed in between these individuals, no solution, gyrating from what? I am a disco dancer! Again!

The most strange encounter could possibly be when the females desire to press photos using them and could plonk their kids in our arms. The ability was unique and distressing to say minimal.

These countries are Muslim, but of a more mild, available and secular selection than you may find in elements of the Middle East. This coupled with Russian and Soviet influence can make Central Asia feel like the land of paradox. It never felt unsafe and we were treated like royalty. We for just one felt like exotic spices on this silk route!
Another frequently asked question is how easy or difficult it had been to get the permit. The procedure is laborious but doable. If you intend to drive Myanmar and china, it requires permits. Myanmar regulations require an escort vehicle employs you from access to leave. The charge included our hotel and meals.
Furthermore, China requires an English speaking guide within the car for self-drive vehicles. We had to take care of accommodation and the meals of the manual. The easiest way to go about it's to get hold of travel agencies in these places plus they could approach it for a cost (plus it doesn’t come cheap!)

Over a trip with this scale, the problems are within outside, as much. But driving these limits was what this expedition was all about.

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