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20 Cheapest Countries to Travel from India in 2020!


He has gone abroad for studies. She is working overseas. They’ve settled in foreign. How many times have such ‘international’ words fascinated you about the luxurious life others are leading in a far away land making you wish if you too could see the world beyond the seas? Definitely, a number of times.

20 Cheapest Countries to Travel from India in 2020!-1

A lot of people like you have given thought to go abroad at one or the other point of life but crushed their plans because of the money restraints. Well, you need not kill your dreams any longer because of the financial curbs as we bring you a list of the selected international destinations you could plan a trip to without putting a burden on your pocket. Take a look at the 20 cheapest countries to travel from India in 2020 without feeling bad about your savings.

1. Nepal

20 Cheapest Countries to Travel from India in 2020!-2 Let’s begin with the nearest one. A perfect pick among the cheap holiday destinations of the world, Nepal gives you the required break from the manic schedule you go through every day. The scenic landscapes dotted with cultural hallmarks are exactly what you need to delight your soul with and that too without burning a hole in your pocket.

Expenses: Get cheap flight tickets starting from Rs. 4500 from Delhi. Enjoy an affordable accommodation in Kathmandu beginning from Rs. 500 per night. The economical food expenses would take care of your budget. If you go by the suggested duration of stay which is 7 days and 6 nights, the maximum money you would need to spend would be Rs. 25,000.

2. Bhutan

20 Cheapest Countries to Travel from India in 2020!-3

‘Land of Thunder Dragons’ – Doesn’t it sound fascinating? If it does, then why not experience this fascination! You don’t have to go far to visit the untouched natural beauty of Bhutan as it is at a stone’s throw away from India.

Expenses: A favoured spot for the cheap holidays, you can step in the international boundary of Bhutan via a bus ride costing Rs. 2000 per head. You can find a decent guest house for as low as Rs. 500 per night. Eating at local joints would be a good option with total bill costing around Rs. 250 per person. You can easily wind up your 6 days trip in Rs. 35,000.

3. Thailand

20 Cheapest Countries to Travel from India in 2020!-4 We know that you have seen a score of social media posts by your friends visiting Thailand. But do you know how did they manage to make it international so easily? Simply, because it’s cheap! Offering the best of nature as well as nightlife, Thailand is a comforting choice for your cheap holidays plan.

Expenses: An advance booking can get you cheap flight tickets starting from Rs. 10,000. Full of budget staying options, you can get a room for Rs. 500 per person. Food and fun, both are easy to afford with multiple choices at your disposal. Your 6 days trip can be decently managed under Rs. 30,000.

4. Singapore

20 Cheapest Countries to Travel from India in 2020!-5 Another Indian favourite among cheap holiday destinations is the ‘Lion City of Asia’ – Singapore! Famous for its food, culture and architecture, this international destination can be covered in 2-3 days.

Expenses: Flights from Delhi start from Rs. 10,000. If you are a backpacker, you can consider staying in a hostel costing you not more than Rs. 600 per night. Food costs reasonable with a bill of Rs. 500 for a meal inclusive of main, drink and dessert. The trip would cost you around Rs. 40,000.

5. Vietnam

20 Cheapest Countries to Travel from India in 2020!-6 With a captivating beauty offered at cheap prices, Vietnam makes for a perfect choice for your next international travel booking. With a blend of beaches and wildlife, this country deserves a special place in your 2017 foreign expedition list.

Special Note: The Mystery misty Son Doong Cave is magical. A world of its own, beautified by the nature with every small detail. Majestic is just another word when describing this place. Now you can have some idea, how it really is!!

Expenses: The air tickets begin at Rs. 9000 from Delhi. A hostel can cost you Rs. 400, while a decent hotel room can be booked for Rs. 700 per night. Eating at street stalls can help you save your precious bucks. The entire holiday of 6 days can be smartly summed up under Rs. 42,000.

6. Sri Lanka

20 Cheapest Countries to Travel from India in 2020!-7 If you don’t want to feel alien in an international land, Sri Lanka is the best choice for you. Much like India, it is home to beautiful landscapes and rich culture. A popular backpacking destination, Sri Lanka has a unique charm you cannot resist.

Expenses: You can get cheap flight tickets at Rs. 10,000. Hostels with dormitory style start at Rs. 600 per night. You can pleasure in a hefty meal with your total bill costing not more than Rs. 500, while a Sri Lankan meal can cost you less than Rs. 100. For a stay of 5 days, the total travel calculation becomes Rs. 33,000.

7. Indonesia

20 Cheapest Countries to Travel from India in 2020!-8 Another highlight of the cheap holiday destinations from India, Indonesia promises a bounty of nature in the budget. No matter if you are seeking a spiritual journey or an adventurous one, Indonesia offers both elegantly. Home to more than 17,000 islands, the country showcases a perfect mingle of varied cultures.

Expenses: Air fares start at Rs. 11,000. Hostels in Jakarta cost around Rs. 700 onwards per night. Street food costs Rs. 120 on an average, while a meal in a decent local restaurant can cost Rs. 500. A 5 day trip can be enjoyed in less than Rs. 45,000.

8. Malaysia

20 Cheapest Countries to Travel from India in 2020!-9

Justifying the tagline, ‘Malaysia, Truly Asia,’ this country is a commendable convergence of culture, nature and architecture. A feasible international trip option from India, Malaysia boasts of a stunning skyline with towering structures.

Expenses: The price of air tickets start from R. 12,000 from Chennai. Kuala Lumpur offers a plethora of stay options starting for as low as Rs. 300 per night. With finger licking street food at your disposal, you can save a considerable amount from your budget when it comes to eating options. The trip can be completed in 4 days and 3 nights costing not more than Rs. 42,000.

9. Myanmar

20 Cheapest Countries to Travel from India in 2020!-10

A holistic and affordable destination from India, Myanmar is an ideal place if you wish to embrace ethnicity. An amalgam of different cultures, Myanmar is a great choice for cheap holidays. The rich culture and heritage make up to complement the equally prepossessing natural beauty of the land.

Expenses: If booked well in advance, you can book a flight at a reasonable price of Rs. 12,000. The hostel option starts from Rs. 600 onwards per night. Eating out in Myanmar is generally not so expensive and can cost between Rs. 60 -100 approximately, for a simple meal at a local restaurant. With an ideal stay of 5 days in Rs. 35,000, you can explore a lot in the country.

10. Hong Kong

20 Cheapest Countries to Travel from India in 2020!-11

Aiding you to get affordable vacations, Hong Kong makes for a classic family destination with a mixture of amusement parks, intimidating skyscrapers, vibrant culture, scrumptious food and a glittering harbour.

Expenses: The international flights begin at Rs. 13,000 if you book around two months in advance. Hostel prices start around Rs. 700 per night. Eating the street food such as noodles and dumplings can be an easy afford with a price tag of Rs. 100. A trip of 5 days and 4 nights can be easily summed up under Rs. 45,000.

11. Egypt

20 Cheapest Countries to Travel from India in 2020!-12 We have all seen pyramids in our history textbooks and got enthralled with their bizarre structure. But the mysterious land of Egypt offers a lot more than that. Apart from the ancient monuments, you can enjoy a desert safari, Suez Canal and also the beaches!

Expenses: Begin exploring your cheap holiday deals with flight booking at Rs. 13,000. Make hostel reservations in advance for Rs. 500 per night. Eat at local restuarants to maintain the budget balance. Even if you plan a week’s trip to Egypt, you can cover the major attractions in less than Rs. 40,000.

12. Kenya

20 Cheapest Countries to Travel from India in 2020!-13 When we think of Kenya, the first picture that pops up in mind is of wild animals in a large open field. Justifying this imagination, Kenya is an ideal international destination for cheap vacations for wildlife enthusiasts. Besides its exotic nature, you can also partake in the lives of tribals living in complete seclusion from the Western world.

Expenses: A one-way trip can cost you around Rs. 16,000 from Delhi. Accommodation can range from Rs. 900 per person. Booking a safari which includes food and stay is also a good choice. Local food is not only delicious but also available at decent prices. Going by the recommended stay of 5 days, you can enjoy a decent trip in just Rs. 25,000.

13. The United Arab Emirates

20 Cheapest Countries to Travel from India in 2020!-14

A hub of international tourists, UAE is a favourite among the shopaholics and technology freaks when it comes to cheap holiday destinations. With Dubai as its center of attraction, UAE has the one or the other thing for everyone.

Expenses: You can fly to Dubai for as low as Rs. 10,000. Accommodation is not a problem with options available for Rs. 2000 approximately. Before your visit, we recommend you to research a bit about the local cuisine as well as the places it is available at, as it can save you a considerable amount of money. Your UAE trip can be rounded off to Rs. 50,000 with 5 days as the ideal stay.

14. Qatar

20 Cheapest Countries to Travel from India in 2020!-15

One of the best budget destinations from India, Qatar is a gem among Arab countries. Showcasing an urban lifestyle, Qatar is a perfect alternative for Dubai. For those who have a craze for high rise buildings must definitely visit Qatar. The blend of Islamic buildings complements the architecture.

Expenses: A flight from Delhi to Qatar won’t cost you more than Rs. 10,000. You can find a standard accommodation for Rs. 5000 per day (hostels cost lesser than this). Finding good and reasonable food is not a worry with a plethora of options available. If calculated, the total expenses for a person would be somewhere near Rs. 45,000.


20 Cheapest Countries to Travel from India in 2020!-16

The Land of Gods – That’s what Cambodia is called. The unblemished cultural heritage would leave you astounded. The world renowned for the Angkor Vat Temple, Cambodia is a pure delight for culture lovers. Culturally rich, it is one of the best countries to travel to with the budget friendly tag.

Expenses: You can fly from Delhi to Cambodia in just Rs. 10,000. Accommodation is easy to find with options starting from Rs. 1000 per night. A meal in local restaurants does not cost more than Rs. 300 per person.The recommended stay duration is a week with a budget of approximately Rs. 45,000.

16. China

20 Cheapest Countries to Travel from India in 2020!-17

Going by the general assumption, you might not have ever thought of traveling to China. But let us amaze you with the fact that it’s a popular tourist attraction spot of Asia. In fact, it is the 3rd highest visited country in the world. These numbers are enough to negate all your doubts and put China in your bucket list.

Expenses: Air ticket can be easily afforded within a budget of Rs. 13,000. Stay is not an issue with backpacker hostels starting at a price of Rs. 500 per night. The local delicacies are not only toothsome but also pocket-friendly. For a 5 day trip, you would not need to spend more than Rs. 40,000.

17. Turkey

20 Cheapest Countries to Travel from India in 2020!-18

Think of Turkey and the images of Istanbul (as shown in Bollywood movies) would start appearing in your mind. One of the most famed countries for cheap holiday destinations, Turkey has always been an attractive choice for Indians. The rich historical heritage and diverse culture have many interesting stories to reveal.

Expenses: You can get cheap flight tickets in between Rs. 15,000-20,000. With hostels costing as low as Rs. 500 per night, accommodation is easy to find. The key to saving money is to dig in the local Turkish food. A 4-day trip can be comfortably completed in Rs. 40,000.

18. Taiwan

20 Cheapest Countries to Travel from India in 2020!-19 Offering lush greenery complemented with beautiful beaches, Taiwan is one of the cheapest countries to travel from India. Not to forget, its delicious food is something you cannot afford to miss.

Expenses: Travelling to Taiwan can be done under Rs. 15,000 if you choose to fly. Per day stay cost is Rs. 700 per night in decent hostels. You can enjoy Chinese food in just Rs. 150 per meal. If looking for better options, you can go to a restaurant with one dish costing not more than Rs. 250 per dish. The total trip expenditure gets rounded to Rs. 40,000.

19. Lebanon

20 Cheapest Countries to Travel from India in 2020!-20

Lebanon is no less than a treasure for history freaks. With a rich history and diverse culture, it has an intriguing scenic beauty. For those struggling with the budget constraint, Lebanon offers highly affordable options.

Expenses: You can book cheap flight tickets for Rs. 12,000 from Delhi to Lebanon. The easiest way to save money is by staying in a hostel. With a handful of options, you can share a dormitory for Rs. 1000 per night. Going for street food is another money saving choice. Even if you plan a 5-day trip, you can cover the major tourist attractions in less than Rs. 45,000.

20. South Korea

20 Cheapest Countries to Travel from India in 2020!-21

You can make a cheap travel booking to South Korea with plenty of sights to enjoy. From national parks to hilly countryside and trekking expeditions to coastal villages, South Korea has a plethora of options to enchant you with. If you love stillness and calmness, South Korea would definitely prove a perfect destination for cheap holidays.

Expenses: Flight can be booked for Rs. 15,000. Accommodation expenditure for a week sums up to Rs. 4000. Street food plays the saviour. The total trip budget would not exceed Rs. 45,000.
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