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15 Reasons To Visit Bali For Your Next Island Holiday


Known as the Island of Gods, Bali is an Indonesian island that seems as if it came straight out of heaven because it is SO stunning. The paradise is enriched with natural beauty as you can go from beaches to rainforests to mountains all within a few hours’ time. This island is a firm favorite of many travelers’ bucket lists. Get to be on a beach with white sand and gleaming water, explore the water sports, have an experience of breath-taking natural resources. We’ve listed 15 reasons to visit Bali for your next island holiday-

Beaches in Bali

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Bali is said to have the world’s most beautiful tropical beaches. Bali is one of those magical locations where you can find resorts with a personal area of a beach. Yes, you read it right. Plus, the water on these beaches is so blue and the sand is so white that you will end up spending most of your time on the Bali beaches. If you want to see some black sand, you can head to Lovina beach.

The beaches are not just fun to be at, during the day but you’ll find yourself drawn to the beaches during the nights also because of its fantastic nightlife. And for those looking who are looking for some peaceful time, Bali has the quiet beaches too!

Our recommendation: Do visit Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida & Gili islands when in Bali to explore the secret beaches and nature's infinity pool.

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Adventures that give you Adrenaline Rush

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Bali is the go-to place if you live for adventure and the adrenaline rush that it gives you. Bali has a number of activities to offer to the tourists like cycling, scuba diving, snorkelling, kayaking and off-road adventures like ATV or go on surf breaks. Not just these activities but you’ll find plenty more in the land of paradise. Head to Bali to have a world-class experience which you can later narrate to your friends and family. In Bali, something as normal as cycling can also be fun as there you get to cycle through the rice fields and downhill from the mountains. Sounds pretty exciting right!?

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Lombok for Serenity

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Lombok Island is one of the hidden gems of Bali which is not known to many people. This island is the perfect place if you want serenity and a peaceful time. It is known for its good surfers, spectacular beaches and mountainous interiors. Instead of using cars or buses, the locals rely on their eco-friendly cycles to travel to all the nearby places.

Visit the Beautiful Temples in Bali

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Bali is the one location where you’ll find a good number of temples because the Bali people are huge believers in religion. These temples are famous for its stunning architecture and rich spiritual history. This destination has up to 10,000 temples and shrines (all worth visiting). Some of these temples also have beautiful sunset views from their location. Oh, and the temples in Balinese are called “Pura”. Each Pura has its own story to tell which you will only be able to know once you visit these temples.

Luxury Accommodation in Bali

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Bali is one of the places recommended to every honeymooner, couple and those who want to fall in love. One of the many reasons for the recommendation is because of the luxury hotels in Bali which leave the visitors awestruck at first because of the architecture and of course the services. Almost all the hotels there have a view of some or the other beach and has the tropical vibe going on.

These places also have stylish sunbeds , private pool villas and infinity pools which stretch out to one or the other beach.

The Balinese Cuisine Is to Die For!

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We believe that everybody is a foodie. And if not, then Bali sure does make everybody one. If you enjoy good food and won’t mind a good view on the side, then head to Bali. Bali has tasty pigs, fried rice, fried eggs and noodles to offer to the foodies. And to the vegetarians out there, don’t you worry because Bali has you covered. Get ready to taste lip-smacking tofu, fresh vegetables, tempeh and red rice in coconut milk on a fine dining. Bali has a huge variety of both non-veg and veg to please its crowd and has a variety of healthy food.

Satiate your caffeine thirst with the best coffee experience in Bali that is locally cultivated.

Climb the Magnificent Volcanoes in Bali

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Bali is probably the only place which has magnificent volcanoes and you get to climb on these volcanoes! No kidding. The trek starts in the dead of the night where you have to wade through the dense jungles till it’s time for sunrise. You’ll witness fog draped mountains which get illuminated by the sun rising over many clouds. Freakily amazing right!?

No place else can you get to do something like this! Oh, and don’t forget to take a cardigan along as it is pretty cold there.

Party Places in Bali

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Bali has an insane nightlife and once you step into one of their parties, you won’t be able to come back as the person who entered it. If you want to shake a leg or groove to your favorite song, then there’s no better place to party than Bali. Bali has numerous rooftop bars, underground clubbing cellars, lively nightclubs etc. All you have to do is pick one and you’re good to go. If you’re a party animal then take your friends along to this destination and make the most of your trip.

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Some Pampering at the Bali Spas

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Bali is said to be the “chill-pill” nation because this destination has so many different kinds of spas to rejuvenate and calm every type of traveler. You can choose from a variety of spas like the couples’ spa, group spa or a spa for just yourself. Treat your body with some “me time”. Imagine what it must be like to be massaged on a cliff with the ocean’s sound at the background. Honestly, I don’t believe there can be anything more relaxing than this.

And just when you are done treating your body well, give Bali a chance to treat your heart well by indulging in some really cool beach clubs to relax and enjoy in sun.

Diverse Landscapes and Wildlife

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Bali is a great destination for all nature lovers. The place has so many rice terraces, skyscrapers, bird sanctuaries and also a huge wildlife. You can witness exotic animals and even go on safaris in Bali. Bali Elephant Safari Park Taro is the word class elephant safari provides the fantastic Sumatran Elephant Riding to explore the beautiful elephant park. Get closer to animals on this trip to Bali is home to monkeys, zebras, giraffes, birds etc.

World Class Diving Experience

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Nowhere else in the world will you find diving like the one done in Bali. Done in the coral triangle, an area of the Pacific Ocean, you will encounter 76 percent of all the world’s known coral species and up to 2000 species of reef fish. It has various secret canyons that are full of marine life. It’s time to take out that gorgeous swimming costume and go for a diving hour, only and only in Bali. One of the best ways to explore it is on a liveaboard boat around the Raja Ampat Islands in the West Papua province.

Shop Till You Drop

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Bali is a heaven for all the fashion lovers. If you can’t stop yourself from buying a dress no matter how many times your friends and family plead you not to, then Bali is the best location for a person like you. The Ubud market is filled with shops and boutiques selling beautiful clothes and jewellery ALL over the island (yes, unlimited shopping) as well as workshops full of hand carved furniture. Shopping in Bali is economical, easy and exciting. You will come across many local boutiques as well as many renowned designers.

Yoga In The Island

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Raise your hand if you start your day early with some yoga. If you are one of the few people who are yoga junkies then Bali is going to be your new spot to brush your yoga. It has become one of the go-to destinations for yoga lovers. Practice your own yoga at the various islands in Indonesia and even get to learn more ways of doing it with the perfect background of a beach and the perfect weather. If you’re game for trying something new, then do try the anti-gravity yoga which involves your usual yoga steps but while being suspended from the ceiling.

Meet the warmest people in the world

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A travelling journey becomes extra special only because of the locals of a country. If the locals are not sweet and welcoming, you’d never want to return to that place. in this aspect, Balinese people are considered as the sweetest people you’ll encounter in the whole world. They make you feel comfortable and will be more than happy to help you with any problems that you face on your trip. The Balinese want you to accept their home place as much as they have and want you to feel like a local too. Mingle up with people there and you’ll surely have a jolly time.

Saves the Holes in Your Pocket

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Bali is very pocket-friendly which you’ll realize when you plan out the trip and take out the expenses. When it comes to the local bars, beaches, food and drinks of Bali, these things are said to be the cheapest in the whole world. After all, nobody dislikes a trip which is pocket-friendly and provides the best of everything. No matter who you choose to go with, you won’t face the problem of a dwindling wallet.

Bali is a stupendous location in South East Asia for all kinds of purposes like a honeymoon, a friends’ trip or even a trip you’ve been wanting to take with your family. Pack your bags and without thinking, head to Bali. We guarantee that you’ll come back with relaxed nerves, calm and rejuvenated soul. This is the place you should go to if you’re looking for a big break since forever. You’ll come back as a completely new person.

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