15 Thrilling Adventure Activities You Can Do In Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka's amazingly differed scenes – which traverse beaches and dry plains to tropical rainforest and the lavish slopes of the tea nation – implies that there is an extensive variety of adventure activities to do in Sri Lanka. Whether it is wilderness boating, surfing, kite surfing or scuba, Sri Lanka is the perfect safe house for adventure junkies. If you are a thrill seeker who is planning to visit Sri Lanka soon, look at our list of adventure activities you can do in Sri Lanka and make your Sri Lanka holidays more energizing!

1. Surfing

15 Thrilling Adventure Activities You Can Do In Sri Lanka-1 Peel off the waves with your surfs and let the experience start! The exciting background of surfing will doubtlessly abandon you with a life-changing knowledge for a lifetime. In spite of the fact that surfing is accessible in numerous Sri Lankan beaches yet in the event that you need to have a genuine surfing experience in the warm water, you ought to go for Weligama shoreline, notwithstanding, you can also visit different beaches like Arugam Bay, Hikkaduwa, Unawatuna and considerably more to list.

2. Wildlife Safari

15 Thrilling Adventure Activities You Can Do In Sri Lanka-2 You can watch loads of wildlife species in their local environments while visiting Sri Lanka. A standout amongst the most prevalent natural life encounters here is elephant riding in the wilderness near Habarana. Whale viewing is additionally a major deal in Sri Lanka between the long stretches of December and April. You can watch blue whales, balance whales, sperm whales and dolphins relocate for the season in different regions in Sri Lanka. Monkeys run free in Sri Lanka, through antiquated vestiges and little towns, so watch their practices and snap some fun photographs.

3. Wake Boarding

15 Thrilling Adventure Activities You Can Do In Sri Lanka-3 There is no conclusion to the interest in us with regards to adventurous activities. In the event that you are going to Sri Lanka, at that point don't miss an opportunity to attempt the exciting water sports Wake Boarding. Break the warm waters of Sri Lanka and feel the excite as the water spouts through you. The best thing about this action is that you can simply choose it whenever of the day. This will be a thrilling treat for the nature lover, who won't simply appreciate the movement, however, who will not just enjoy the activity but will also soak in the amazing beauty of the region.

4. Hot Air Balloon Ride

15 Thrilling Adventure Activities You Can Do In Sri Lanka-4 Soar above the clouds and gently float above the island as you gaze down at the natural beauty of Sri Lanka in Dambulla. Flying over the jungle you may see elephants roaming freely, a variety of birds, wildlife, water buffaloes standing in the paddy fields and monkeys swinging from the trees. You can discover most balloon flight takeoffs around the Cultural Triangle, and most flights last around 60 minutes. Balloons achieve heights between 500 and 2,000 feet in the sky, skimming over cultural destinations, points of interest, rivers, treetops and lakes.

5. Scuba Diving

15 Thrilling Adventure Activities You Can Do In Sri Lanka-5 There are heaps of spots to go diving in Asia, and the adventure activity is winding up more prevalent in Sri Lanka too. There are a few diving schools and plunge locales along the west drift, a place where marine life is bottomless and there are some wreck destinations to unravel. One of the best places for diving is off the coast of Hikkaduwa, a popular coastal town on the South East Coast. Here you can learn to dive, get your PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) certification or go on advanced dives if you already have plenty of experience.

6. Hiking & Trekking

15 Thrilling Adventure Activities You Can Do In Sri Lanka-6 There are huge numbers of chances anticipating in Sri Lanka for nature lovers. Adams Peak, Horton Plains, Lipton Seat, Knuckles mountain range and Corbett's Gap are few of the most well-known places. If you are looking to witness the natural excellence, you should definitely head for these places and trust us, you won't regret it as the jewel in the Indian ocean is immensely blessed with it.

7. Sea Plane Tour

15 Thrilling Adventure Activities You Can Do In Sri Lanka-7

Being an island country, Sri Lanka has some mind-boggling ocean side view and in addition rich inland wildernesses. An extraordinary method to see the expansiveness of the glorious scene is to take a Sea Plane Tour. These "flying pontoons" arrive on tidal ponds, reservoirs and lakes giving you a remarkable adrenaline surge of water. A portion of the best Sea Plane visits take you from west to east and back once more, seeing glorious historic points, for example, Sigiriya from the air, and touching the ocean on the two sides. Fly Sri Lanka has a few beautiful Sea Plane visits beginning at Kelaniya, simply close to Colombo.

8. Waterfall Trekking in Kitulgala

15 Thrilling Adventure Activities You Can Do In Sri Lanka-8 One of the ideal destination in Sri Lanka for spending time conducting adventurous and leisure activities, Kitugala lures thousands of visitors from Sri Lanka as well as around the globe. Waterfall Trekking is one of the most sought-after adventure sports among the visitors which solely aims at providing a closer view of the incredible scenic panorama of the waterfall here along with the lavish greenery spread across.

9. Water Skiing

15 Thrilling Adventure Activities You Can Do In Sri Lanka-9 Sri Lanka offers best in class waterskiing knowledge with its wonderful sandy shorelines, coral reefs and clear blue water in a scenery of the tropical environment which stays warm consistently. With water ski camps in all the significant areas, you can without much of a stretch figure out how to ski regardless of whether you are an amateur. Give the adrenaline a chance to race through your body when you race with the compelling sea waves. There are two diverse atmosphere zones in Sri Lanka to be specific South-West and North-East. The best time for water skiing on the North East is from March to November while on the South-West drift the perfect time is from October to April.

10. Mountain Biking in Sri Lanka

15 Thrilling Adventure Activities You Can Do In Sri Lanka-10 Enriched with silent roads, thick wildernesses, lush green tea plantations, wildlife sanctuaries and much more, Sri Lanka is the perfect place for the mountain bikers. Guess what? You can load your bike on a train when you can't find your way through the topography of the country. A considerable measure of the territory is tough, rough, rocky and unquestionably gravity-resisting. It's advised to carry all the spare parts you require before you travel Sri Lanka by mountain bicycle.

11. Kayaking

15 Thrilling Adventure Activities You Can Do In Sri Lanka-11 Kayaking and Canoes are only methods of transportation which was once utilized by fishermen in the ancient era. You can take a stab at Kayaking in the popular stream of Kalu Ganga which streams toward the west drift town of Kalutara where it, at last, meets the Indian Ocean. While Kayaking you additionally get an opportunity to see the vast flora and fauna. You can likewise attempt canoeing in the quiet and tranquil waters of Samanalawewa reservoir which is one of the nation's vast tanks.

12. Rafting in Sri Lanka

15 Thrilling Adventure Activities You Can Do In Sri Lanka-12 Head to Kitulgala to go whitewater rafting in Sri Lanka and experience some top-notch rapids. You can also take a raft out on the water, and local tour operators can set you up with quality rental gear. The best overall place for watersports in Sri Lanka in Bentota, where jet skiing, waterskiing, and speed-boating conditions are ideal.

13. Kite Surfing

15 Thrilling Adventure Activities You Can Do In Sri Lanka-13 On the off chance that you might want to kite in paradise then the Kite surfing knowledge in Kalpitiya will abandon you with a stunning background. The Kalpitiya Lagoon is the best place for freestylers. In the event that you need some preparation at that point, there are a few schools where prepared experts can show you the specialty of Kite Surfing. You will discover a few facilities in the close-by zone which makes it less demanding for everyone to try the same adventure.

14. Speedboat Ride

15 Thrilling Adventure Activities You Can Do In Sri Lanka-14 Feel the ocean wind rushing all over with the exciting pace speedboat rides in the delightful emerald water of Sri Lankan beaches. A family experience with negligible safety concerns is a perfect idea to spend a couple of memories of your vacation. Appreciate the bliss of going in the speedboat with heaps of giggling and shouts. Perfect for the little gathering of individuals or families, the speedboat is one fantastic experience that you can't overlook.

15. Duck Paddle Boating at Beira Lake

15 Thrilling Adventure Activities You Can Do In Sri Lanka-15 Paddleboat ride on Beira Lake is a worth do activity when you visit Colombo. Different duck paddle boats are accessible on lease on this lake, for you to appreciate the magnificence of the waters. The sheer excite that you get by paddling your way along these boats as you experience some genuine ducks or swans on the waters is certain to bring out the kid inside you.

Features: One of the real features of the lake is the Simamalakha Shrine, found right amidst the lake on an island.

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