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15 Rejoicing Experiences In Bali You Must Enjoy With Your Family


Bali, an Indonesian island, has become one of the ultimate destinations for relaxing, rejuvenating, and rejoicing holiday. The Island of Gods will leave you bewitched with its divine nature, pristine views, gorgeous beaches, thrilling water activities, relaxing resorts, and spectacular Balinese culture and cuisine. Whether you have promised your fiance a romantic honeymoon, or want to take your pack on a long island vacation, Bali is a scenic destination that satiates all travellers. Bali is not only flocked by adventure and luxury seekers but is also quite popular among celebrities like Julia Roberts, Jacqueline Fernandez, Barack Obama, wrestler Sushil Kumar and more, click here to read. If you are planning a family vacation here are some of the fun-filled activities which your kids will surely rejoice.

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1. Splash with your kids

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If you are looking for some exciting activities for your kid, then Waterbom in Kuta is one of the best places to visit for unlimited fun. It has water games, slides, pools, etc. for all age groups. Kids under age 6 can also enjoy the water activities here but under parental guidance. For 2 adults and 2 children (2-11years) would cost you around INR 8000. Another enjoyable splashing experience one can have is at Circus Waterpark in Kuta, which is the first family waterpark in Bali. They offer several packages like the family fun package, senior package and more. And if your kids birthday falls during your tour, then you can book birthday specific packages to make it more memorable.

2. Explore below and above the water

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Bali is famous for its water activities like scuba diving, surfing, snorkelling, jet skiing and many more. Bali is renowned for such activities because of its pristine ocean and colourful coral and aqua lives that encapsulate the explorers. Bali beaches like Nusa Dua which is popular among the family for its family-friendly restaurants and resorts near this place with a secluded view. At Amed snorkel to witness one of the most spectacular coral reefs. Menjangan Island, Canggu, Lovina are some of the other beaches where you can feel the sandy breeze. You can even learn surfing by professional surfers at Rip Curl School of Surf at Legian. They also give private surfing training to children below 12 years of age. They offer a family package of 2 adults and 2 children for a session at INR 14,600 (approximately).

3. Discover the wildlife of Bali

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Wildlife has always fascinated children. You can explore Bali Safari and Marine Park to get an insight into the wildlife diversity of Bali in their natural habitat. You can also enjoy Night Safari, which starts after 6 pm. It is recommended that the booking is made at least a day in advance for night safaris. It has accommodation provisions as well within the premises, which will allow you to observe animals in proximity. Bali Safari is also a wheelchair friendly place. Bali zoo, Gianyar displays a plethora of animal species from around the world and some of the exclusive breeds in lush tropical surroundings. The general zoo admission charge will cost you approximately INR 1800 per person. You can visit Bali Bird Park, Gianyar to observe the colourful indigenous and exotic species of birds in Bali.

4. Say hello to the Dolphins

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If watching Dolphins is in your bucket list, then what better it could be than Bali. Bali's Lovina beach situated in its northern sides offers Dolphin watching tours. The tour begins before dawn on a boat to catch the perfect glimpse of these loving water animals. The boat is taken amidst the sea to wait for the dolphins to come up at the surface. You can capture numerous gorgeous pictures in the mesmerising background of sunrise. The tour will approximately take an hour or so, but it is worth a visit when in Bali.

5. Ubud's Monkey Forest

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Monkey Forest in Ubud holds great importance for Balinese people as they work on the principle of living harmoniously. They also seek to conserve rare species of plants and animals. The forest is home to long-tailed Macaques monkeys along with other species of it. You will also witness varieties of trees. It also nestles a Hindu temple that resonates Bali culture. Away from the city buzz, you can enjoy the beauty and freshness of the forest with your family and observe the tranquillity of nature. The Ubud Monkey Forest Road has many shopping spots from where you can purchase handicrafts, textiles, and antiques.

6. Walk around the Rice Terraces, Ubud

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Tegalalang rice terraces have a unique beauty of nature. The vast stretch of rice field will leave you spellbound. The rice plantation here follows the traditional irrigation system. This place has become quite popular among travellers for trekking in the terraces and of its photographic beauty. Bali (Tegalalang) swing is another tourist attraction that enables you to enjoy the landscape scene of this beautiful rice field.

7. Get soaked on the beaches

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If you are planning a fun-packed beach escape, beaches in Bali are quite well known for it. With your pack, you can chill and relax at the beaches to get your hand and hair sandy. Seminyak beach is best if you are looking out for some party crowd. Restaurants with candid picture views surround this beach. Jimbaran bay can be your pick if you are looking for some time away from city life with a gorgeous view. The place is known for its fresh seafood so, do grab some of the fresh delicacies here. And if you are bored of going to golden/ white beaches, then you can visit Keramas, Lovina beaches to discover beautiful black sand beaches. You can bask in the sun, build castles, take part in water sports activities and enjoy scenic sunsets. You can savour different cuisines in the beach cafes like La Brisa in Canggu and restaurants with fantastic beach views.

8. Home to natural waterfalls

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Nature is abundant in every country, but the pristine environment is available at few. Bali is one of those destinations that not only provide you with landscape views but also brings you closer to the natural beauty. Bali is home to numerous magnificent waterfalls that will light up your kids with its charm. Some of the recommended waterfalls are Gitgit, Aling Aling and Tegenungan. Click here to read more.

9. Temega Tree House, Karangasem

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The Temega treehouse is a warm adventurous place where you can enjoy local food and witness the stunning view. There is a bamboo suspension bridge that joins the restaurant and the treehouse to observe nature's view. It is not recommended for kids below 3 years to use this suspension bridge. However, there are swings and other recreational activities that will keep your kids hooked at this place.

10. An ultimate experience of River Club

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D'tukkad River Club is the ultimate place to visit with your kids. It is the first river club of Bali that incorporates every essence of it. From lip-smacking food to energising drinks, from kicking the party mood on to relish swing in nature, from swimming in the pool to rejoice in the waterfall. It has everything you name it. If you are travelling with teenage kids, then they will surely relish the club vibe here. You can easily spend your whole day, which would be worth spending here.

11. The Bali's Chocolate indulgence

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Whether you are a kid or a grown-up everyone wants to indulge in chocolates. Then wouldn't you want to know how these exotic chocolates made are? The chocolate factory in Bali gives you a chance to explore the making of chocolate from scratch and even mould your chocolate bar that your kids will surely enjoy. The entrance to the factory is free but to observe the making of chocolate you will be approximately charged INR 500. Don't forget to purchase the freshly made chocolates from here.

12. Get your eyes tricked

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Dream Museum Zone in Legian, Bali will boggle your mind with its appealing 3D art. It has a collection of life-size 3D paintings on varied categories which becomes a playful background to pose. It showcases 120 art pieces created by renowned Korean illusion artists. Its opening hours are 9 am - 10 pm. It will be an entertaining and interactive experience for all which you can't miss.

13. Stay in luxury with Kids space

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Bali is well known for its luxurious and affordable stays that makes it more attractive holiday destinations for travellers. These resorts not only take care of your comfort and leisure, but they also provide specialised care for your munchkins. Grand Mirage Resort, Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel are some of the luxurious stays that have opened Kid Clubs to engage your kids in some fun-loving activities like paintings, face painting, water slides, team games, etc. within the premises.

14. Let's hop around the islands

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Bali is undoubtedly an enthralling holiday destination, but it is also surrounded by many breathtaking islands like Nusa Penida which has nearby islands Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan which would be best for some adventurous escape for kids, Lombok island is another nearby island which is known for secluded beaches, lush forests, beautiful waterfalls and diving spots. These islands extend their exclusive beauty and character. Island hopping is thrilling for any age group as you drive by picturesque waterways to reach these islands.

15. Collecting the souvenirs

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Bali, apart from being a relaxing vacation spot, it also has buzzing shopping places where you can splurge to buy some delightful souvenirs for your family and friends. Kuta, Seminyak, Nusa Dua, Ubud are some of the hot spots to shop traditional bamboo and handmade stuff. Don't forget to purchase world-famous Rattan bags that is also one of the celebrity picks. You can also buy world famous Luwak coffee beans produced in Bali. You can take plantation tours and learn about coffee production and try some of these hot brews.

Bali has many more to offer you but these some of the recommended experiences that you must do when holidaying here with your family.

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