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15 Reasons Why Sri Lanka Is The Perfect Honeymoon Destination


What makes a place into an ideal honeymoon destination? A place blessed with natural beauty or that is heaven for adventure junkies? A place with lofty mountains that make for a romantic setting or captivating beaches that run deep providing mesmerising views of the ocean? And what if we tell you that you can get all of this in one place? Yes, it's true! Sri Lanka is the country where you can get all of it. Here, the beaches and the sea together with the forests and the mountains allow couples to have the best of both the worlds in this country. The moment you feel like Sri Lanka has soothed your eyes with drenching landscapes, next moment Sri Lanka will come up with a huge, huge list of activities to do the tiny island nation. Shaped like a teardrop, Sri Lanka is rising as a popular honeymoon destination all around the globe.

Here you’ll find solitude, privacy and more beauty that your hearts can handle. Naturally abundant, rich in culture and versatile in surrounding landscapes, Sri Lanka offers the perfect opportunity for a fun frolic and great pictures and videos for your honeymoon. To make things more simple for you, we have listed down 15 reasons why Sri Lanka is a perfect honeymoon destination. Have a look!

1. Perfect Beach Culture

15 Reasons Why Sri Lanka Is The Perfect Honeymoon Destination-1 Of course, Beach had to be one of the main reasons and why shouldn’t it be? Water surrounds Sri Lanka, so it is blessed with some of the most spectacular beaches with coloured sand having distinct specialities. If you want do whale watching, head to Mirissa beach or you want to have a relaxing beach day, Induruwa or Negombo is the answer. Have a love for surfing? Arugam Bay beach is the ideal place. All beaches are beautiful in their own kind where love blows in the air, so head wherever you want to!

2. Hot Air Ballooning In Dambulla

15 Reasons Why Sri Lanka Is The Perfect Honeymoon Destination-2

Isn’t it just amazing to get a bird’s-eye view of the place which you are travelling? Chase your dreams across the sky witnessing different landscapes of Sri Lanka in Dambulla. Flying over the jungle, you might spot a leopard chasing its prey, elephants throwing water on each other with their trunks or even eagles ruling the sky by your side. Anyhow, it is a fantastic experience to have with your better half.

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3. Adam's Peak Hike

15 Reasons Why Sri Lanka Is The Perfect Honeymoon Destination-3

Sri Lanka is an island country surrounded by serene water from all sides having the most vibrant of lush green flora as well. Here, Adam's Peak is the perfect place for hiking. You won't get to see such tropical vegetation and landscape anywhere in the world. The typical climb is started in the middle of the night so you can reach the peak for a breathtaking sunrise. If you and your partner are bitten by adventure bug, Adam's peak hike might turn out to be one of the best decisions during your Sri Lanka holidays.

Moreover, it has religious value as there is a temple at the top from where you can take blessings for a brighter and happier future.

4. Take a Tea Tour At Nuwara Eliya

15 Reasons Why Sri Lanka Is The Perfect Honeymoon Destination-4

Sri Lanka is the world’s fourth-biggest tea producer, and you can head off on your very own tea plantation tour to Nuwara Eliya where you can pick your tea leaves. Simply take a romantic walk through the thick green carpets of the tea gardens or have a tea date at any of the cafes nearby. No matter what you choose to do, it will definitely be a fantastic retreat from the hustle-bustle of the city life and a place where you and your partner will get the perfect solace as well as atmosphere to add flavours of love in your relationship.

5. World's Most Scenic Train Ride

15 Reasons Why Sri Lanka Is The Perfect Honeymoon Destination-5

Wouldn't it be fascinating to sit on a train, watching the different landscapes of Sri Lanka sweep by the rhythm and clatter of the wheels with your partner? Even though Sri Lankan trains have been modernised enough to comfy our spoiled bums, but it still retains its old-world charm. Some claim the train journey from Kandy to Ella is one of the world’s most scenic train rides and also the best way to see the stunning mountains and valleys in Sri Lanka’s interior.

Just make sure to charge your phones and cameras fully as the scenes which you get to see during the ride are going to keep you captivated with clicking pictures, making videos and even taking couple selfies.

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6. Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

15 Reasons Why Sri Lanka Is The Perfect Honeymoon Destination-6 See baby jumbos wandering around their cramped foster home or bottle fed and bathed by their human foster fathers at Pinnawala. About 90Km from Colombo towards Kandy, Pinnawala is the most popular and accessible place to see large numbers of these lovable animals in a natural habitat. It is the home to some 100 or more elephant orphans. One visit to this place, we're sure you will enjoy and feel a better human being. Like deep conversations, feeding the baby jumbos with your hands together will make your bond even stronger.

7. Lip-Smacking Sri Lankan Food

15 Reasons Why Sri Lanka Is The Perfect Honeymoon Destination-7

Being the perfect blend of cultures, Sri Lanka has Indonesian and Indian influences. Delicious curries feature heavily on the menu to try and sample as many as you can. Also, try the traditional Sri Lankan flatbread Roti which will be served with lots of your meals. You will also find lots of delicious coconut flavoured desserts.

It's true that way to a man's heart goes through his stomach but we are missing that it is the 21st century. No matter you are a man or a woman, good food makes good mood anywhere.

8. Ayurveda

15 Reasons Why Sri Lanka Is The Perfect Honeymoon Destination-8

Like other South Asian countries, Sri Lanka too places a lot of importance on Ayurvedic treatment. The varied types of Ayurvedic Spa here are devised to help one strike a perfect balance between their mental and physical health, providing travellers with the utmost relaxation. With options ranging from luxurious Swedish massages to traditional Shiatsu therapy, getting a spa massage is among the top things to do in Sri Lanka and there's no way your better half won't love this!

9. Shopping In Colombo

15 Reasons Why Sri Lanka Is The Perfect Honeymoon Destination-9

With numerous options for all kinds of travellers, The capital city Colombo is pure love for the shopping. From marketplaces to ultramodern malls, street side shops to well-renowned handicraft centres, you can never get over things to do in Sri Lanka. You can buy clothes with batik prints, demon masks, handcrafted elephants, treasure boxes, wooden items, footwear, mats, bags, wall hangings, to souvenirs. Love doesn't have a guideline but if it had, shopping would be on the top.

Once you are done with the shop hop, go on a romantic dinner at one of Asia's 50 best restaurants - 'The Ministry of Crab'.

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10. Scuba Diving & Snorkelling

15 Reasons Why Sri Lanka Is The Perfect Honeymoon Destination-10

Being an island country, Sri Lanka has many beaches in all directions to do snorkelling and diving. But, our pick is Hikkaduwa without any second thoughts. Located 115 km from Colombo, it has some of best scuba diving schools where you can become a certified scuba diver. As you are planning for a honeymoon, do try scuba as it will be a fantastic experience for the lovebirds.

Also, Hikkaduwa boasts some of the best beachside clubs and cafes to spend a perfect evening after the diving session. So, its a big YES!

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11. Wildlife Safari

15 Reasons Why Sri Lanka Is The Perfect Honeymoon Destination-11

Enriched with lush green national parks, Sri Lanka is one of the top five biodiversity hotspots in the world. It is home to more than 90 varieties of mammals in its dense jungles. Moreover, you can see the world’s rarest species like toque macaque, slender red loris, and purple-faced langur at the Yala West National Park, Udawalawae National Park, Wasgamuwa National Park, and many more. If you and your better half have a love for wildlife, taking a safari at any of the national parks would definitely add a little more romance to your relationship.

12. Enchanting Heritage

15 Reasons Why Sri Lanka Is The Perfect Honeymoon Destination-12

With a history going back to over 3,000 years, it is a nation overwhelmed with ancient palaces, monasteries, temples, theatres and hospitals delicately carved out of stone. You are sure to get mesmerised by visiting some of the world’s oldest cities like Polonnaruwa, and Digamadulla or discovering the rich history of the Kingdom of Anuradhapura.

Our pick is Sigiriya Rock where if you climb to the top with hands in hands, you and your partner can watch the changing colours of the Sun while having the perfect panoramic view of Sri Lanka's green-carpeted lands.

13. Direct Flights

15 Reasons Why Sri Lanka Is The Perfect Honeymoon Destination-13

Coming to flights, Sri Lanka is well connected with multiple airlines from India like Air India, Jet Airways, Sri Lankan Airlines, Spice Jet and Vistara. Moreover, flights from Indian cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad, are aplenty with significant airlines plying day in and day out. Guess what? From Chennai, flights cost as low as 9000. Sounds good, right?

14. On Arrival Visa

15 Reasons Why Sri Lanka Is The Perfect Honeymoon Destination-14

Sri Lankan Visa is approved within 24-48 hours with a nominal fee. You need not provide a lot of official documents and go through the tiring process of visa procurement to visit this sister country. Being a part of SAARC, Indian have their share of benefits. In short, Sri Lanka is the perfect international getaway for the ideal honeymoon without a hassle.

15. Cost Efficient

15 Reasons Why Sri Lanka Is The Perfect Honeymoon Destination-15

Compared to more touristy parts of the Indian Ocean such as Mauritius, you get a lot more for your money by heading to Sri Lanka. If you love the idea of five-star luxury, but you’re not sure if your budget can stretch then you’ll find much more affordable accommodation in Sri Lanka.

Moreover, 1 Indian Rupee is 2.31 Sri Lankan Rupee. Isn't that amazing?

There’s something for every kind of honeymooner in Sri Lanka – romance, nature, adventure, wildlife and tons of fun. Want to plan your Sri Lanka holidays? Shoes On Loose has got some fantastic deals on our Sri Lanka Tour Package. Do check them out!

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