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15 Places Around Delhi Where You Should Head For Camping



Camping is the best activity for a person to get away from the hustle-bustle of city life. Those who are nature lovers go gaga over camping because there’s no better feeling than living out there in the open, under the stars with a bonfire and a loved one’s company. So, for all you Delhites out there who want to experience something magical or simply want to get away from the city life, this post is specially dedicated to you all. Discover the places you can visit near Delhi to go on a camping trip.

Damdama Lake Camp

15 Places Around Delhi Where You Should Head For Camping-1 Enjoy nature at it’s best by going for camping at the Damdama Lake. Only 45 km away from Delhi, this place is situated near the Damdama Lake. At this place, you also get to do adventure activities such as rappelling, rock climbing, flying fox, zorbing, hiking etc. Along with the adventure activities, you also get to spend time with the villagers and experience what their lives are like there. Bird watchers can also try their luck as there are many species of birds to be found in this area.

Beachside Adventure Camp, Rishikesh

15 Places Around Delhi Where You Should Head For Camping-2 If you’re a beach lover and have always dreamt of camping on a beach then head to Rishikesh straightaway. Those of you who’ve watched the movie Aisha would know what I’m talking about. The beach is of the mighty Ganga river in Rishikesh (just 260 km away from Delhi). You can sunbathe, play volleyball, go for river rafting, enjoy a bonfire, go for kayaking etc at the beachside camp in Rishikesh. We guarantee that you’ll come back as a new person!

Camp Mustang, Manesar

15 Places Around Delhi Where You Should Head For Camping-3 This camp is one of the closest of the lot from Delhi. Camp Manesar is situated in the countryside farm of Manesar, Gurgaon. It is a camp which is spread over 8 acres of land and offers fun adventure activities such as rappelling, rock climbing, trekking, zorbing etc. You can also try paintballing, parasailing and air rifle shooting here. If you choose the right time to go at this camp, you can find a wonderful weather and just the right mood for your little camping trip.

Camping at Morni Hills

15 Places Around Delhi Where You Should Head For Camping-4 The Morni Hills are located at the Takkar Tall in Haryana. Once you reach the place, you’ll be awestruck because the place is simply breathtaking. With just 260 kms away from Delhi, this is the ideal location to camp with a loved one or with the dearest of friends. You can get to watch stars all night at this place and wake up to the stunning views in the morning. All you have to do is ask somebody to carry a guitar and loads of marshmallows and you’re all set for a fun camping getaway!

Camp Tikkling, Gurgaon

15 Places Around Delhi Where You Should Head For Camping-5 This camp is one of the hidden gems located near Delhi. With only 60 kms away, you can do fun activities like paramotoring, zorbing, jummaring etc. They have games which are specially designed to make adults stress free and for them to have one hell of a time. If you’ve been craving for a break then this is the opportunity for you. We promise that this is one of those camps which will make you super happy and rejuvenated.

Camp Wild Dhauj, Gurgaon-Faridabad Border

15 Places Around Delhi Where You Should Head For Camping-6 This is one of the most famous camps around Delhi as it offers the best of everything. From activities to food, you’ll get the A1 treatment that you’ve paid for. At a distance of 61.5kms from Delhi, this campsite is known for its fantastic DJ nights and bonfires. You may have gone to the camp alone, but you’ll definitely return with tons of friends and memories to cherish for a lifetime. Oh, and if you’re worried about the quality of tents then you can be at ease because they offer comfy tents for sure.

Sanawar Nature Camp, Kasauli

15 Places Around Delhi Where You Should Head For Camping-7 We know the struggle that Delhiites face in finding a quiet and peaceful place in Delhi. There’s next to no place in the capital city where one can escape the noise easily. Thus, we’ve added the Sanawar Nature Camp in Kasauli to the list for all those who are seeking a quiet alone time. This eco-friendly camp will help you rejuvenate your mind, soul, and body. You’ll be asked to live closely with flora and fauna and will also be asked to practice yoga in the depths of the forest. Sounds too good to be true, no? With just 281 km away from Delhi, they have a Monkey Point and a market near the camp.

The Jhajhar Khas Desert Camp, Rajasthan

15 Places Around Delhi Where You Should Head For Camping-8 This one is on the list, especially for all the lovebirds and newlyweds. But if you have that perfect friends squad then don’t hesitate from heading to this camp in Rajasthan. It is 273 km away from Delhi and is a completely different camp experience than the ones you would have usually heard of. In this camp, you will get to hear authentic folk music, do bird watching, listen to music played by local artists, visit nearby villages and enjoy the Rajasthani food. One of the nearby camps called The Shekhawati Village is known to be the largest open-air art gallery in the world.

Kanatal, Near Dhanaulti

15 Places Around Delhi Where You Should Head For Camping-9 If you’re a sucker for hills then we’ve got just the right camp for you. Kanatal is an open camp situated near Dhanaulti. Although it’s a little farther than the other camps (317 km), but, it’s totally worth the distance and time. They have metal beds and activities which will bring out the kid in you. In the evenings, you’ll be served hot pahado wali Maggi and snacks which will delight your soul. The weather and the view will be more than enough for you at this camp.

Camp Kyari, Siyat, Jim Corbett

15 Places Around Delhi Where You Should Head For Camping-10 Located in the deep jungles of Jim Corbett and about 264 kms away from Delhi, Camp Kyari is a camp which will call out to you. The nature and setting at this camp is so refreshing and new that you’ll feel great to be there. Go for mountain biking, follow wildlife trails, do paragliding, spot different species of birds etc. at this camp. It’s a wonderful camp for all the animal lovers out there.

Shoghi, Shimla

15 Places Around Delhi Where You Should Head For Camping-11 This is the perfect destination for a mini-vacation. Just to feel good and to give yourself a break. As the weather is cool all year long, you can head here at any time. Just 330 km from Delhi, Shoghi has beautiful roads. You can go for treks, morning walks, mountain biking, valley crossing, spider web, tire web, target shooting, etc. Basically, you’re in for a ride at Shoghi in Shimla. Convince your friends or family, pack your bags and head right away because there’s no better time than now for camping!

Binsar, Near Almora

15 Places Around Delhi Where You Should Head For Camping-12 You will get to enjoy fascinating views of Kedarnath, Nanda devi and Panchachuli at this popular hill station. The camp in Binsar is based amongst Oak trees, 200 species of flora and fauna and a beautiful view. You can do adventure sports here and enjoy the serene beauty of Binsar. Binsar is 380 kms away from Delhi so you’ll specially have to make a plan for this destination. We’d recommend you to do it immediately to get the best of camping.


15 Places Around Delhi Where You Should Head For Camping-13 A pretty small destination in Uttarakhand, Lansdowne is for those who love winters. The place is cold all year long and going on a camping trip there is simply blissful. One can go for long walks, do bird watching, have pahadi khaana and sit in front of a bonfire. With just 240 km away from Delhi, Landsdowne is breathtakingly beautiful. Grab your backpack and head there with friends or even alone to have a wonderful time.


15 Places Around Delhi Where You Should Head For Camping-14 Many of you would be knowing about this place and would have already gone for a camping trip here. But, if you’re one of those unlucky ones who haven’t then you’ve missed on quite a lot. There’s no camping experience like the one you’ll get in Kasol. A distance of 280 kms seems nothing for college students or those who’re in their 20s when they hear the word, “Kasol”. You’ll find tons of cafes around so there’s absolutely nothing to worry about when it comes to food.


15 Places Around Delhi Where You Should Head For Camping-15 They say that whoever goes to Dalhousie, never seems to get it out of their minds. Dalhousie is a hidden gem when it comes to camping. With just 320 kms away from Delhi, this place has many campsites to offer to the ones who want to camp. You’ll get the best of everything here. Right from adventure activities to the weather. This place is the dream destination for the ones who’re done with the city life for a while. Take a few days off and head to this destination to have the time of your life.

Camping is a brilliant experience if you choose the right place and head with the right people. The best part about it is that, you can do camping all alone and get closer to nature. Basically, you have the opportunity to do what pleases you. And to make sure that you have a stupendous experience, we choose all the top notch camp sites and spots.

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