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15 Perfect Romantic Destinations In India To Visit This Winters


For whatever reasons, India is known for romance doesn’t get out it’s way at all. From the breathtaking valleys of Kashmir to the quaint backwaters of Kerala, India has so much to offer to all the lovely couples looking out for a romantic getaway this winter. Here is a list of perfect romantic destinations in India to visit this winters to help you decide your next romantic vacation or your innumerable honeymoons in India.

1. Gulmarg

15 Perfect Romantic Destinations In India To Visit This Winters-1 The heaven on earth is a heaven for lovers as well. Gulmarg is an absolutely stunning place in the lap of Himalayan ranges with the sheer beauty of snow in the winters. You can be sure to expect a new look of this place in a different time of the year. The winters make this place a paradise of snow with everything covered in the white sheet and allowing you to cozy up each other. Gulmarg is definitely one place where you can not only appreciate the natural beauty but make the most of the time out in the mountains enjoying skiing and Gondola rides with your partner.

2. Munnar

15 Perfect Romantic Destinations In India To Visit This Winters-2 The land of endless tea gardens and aromatic fields, Munnar is one of the most romantic destinations in India meant for the love birds. Filled with the charms of the Western Ghats, this is where you can stroll around the tea gardens and various spots of western ghats hand in hand with your partner. The weather of Munnar is mildly cold which gives you the perfect setting to enjoy the tea state of Kerala. Not just that, there are a number of resorts located amidst the vast tea estates where you can make your way and wake up to the fresh ambience and soothing aroma of the tea leaves. There are a number of spots around the hill station such as echo point where a number of romantic bollywood scenes are shot for you to redo the acts of love.

3. Alleppey

15 Perfect Romantic Destinations In India To Visit This Winters-3 With another one from Kerala, I wouldn’t mind calling Kerala the Lover’s own country. Escape to the tranquil backwaters of Alleppey this winter in your own houseboat. Alleppey is also known as the Venice of India and why not with the beautiful boats swaying in the water and the scenic waterways, it does complete justice to its sobriquet. You can hire a houseboat for a day or better you can skip your stay at the hotel and at least for a night leave everything to spend the time with your beloved in the traditional houseboats amidst the backwaters of Kerala.


15 Perfect Romantic Destinations In India To Visit This Winters-4 Call it a city of lakes, it is a city of love as well. With the warmth of sun in the day and chilly winds during the night, winter is a perfect time to visit Udaipur. Dotted with a number of luxury resorts and grand palaces this is where you can woo your partner if she likes the love to be declared in a majestic way. You can make your stay at the Taj, Oberai Udaivilas, the royal retreat which are not only the heritage palaces with utmost historic beauty but the dose of luxury never ends here with the fine dine restaurants, impeccable services and the rejuvenating spas.

5. Manali

15 Perfect Romantic Destinations In India To Visit This Winters-5 Encompassed by the beauty of Himalayan ranges, Manali is the abode of lovers finding solace in North India. Undoubtedly, it is one of the favourite spots of the lovers in Himachal. Filled with the Kullu culture, the busy Mall road and a lot of places to travel around the hill station, I see no reason why it shouldn’t be. Solang Valley and Rohtang pass remain all time favourite spots of the hill station for the enduring beauty of the the snow capped mountains during the winter season providing solace to the enduring love of the couples.

6. Agra

15 Perfect Romantic Destinations In India To Visit This Winters-6 The epitome of love, the magnificent edifice that defines love like no other place can, Taj Mahal is one place that every couple in India must visit to realise the power of love. You won’t see it through a number of camera lens unless you go there and experience it yourself. Don’t forget to marvel the eye pleasing sunset from Taj Mahal. Not just the white marble beauty, you can express your love by treating your beloved with only the best that they deserve. Make yourself at home at a number of luxury heritage hotels and resorts, Vivanta by Taj being the best in town known for its heritage beauty, world-class ayurvedic spas and the luxurious suits.

7. Lakshadweep islands

15 Perfect Romantic Destinations In India To Visit This Winters-7 If you are looking for the perfect beach destination then look no further, because there can be no better escape to the beaches and sea shores this winter than the island groups of Lakshadweep. Wondering why? Because it has one thing which probably most of the places in the country would fail to offer and the thing that a couple on a romantic getaway dies for- tranquility with minimum amount of human intervention. This is one place where you put all your gadgets and devices along with the stress to bed and spend the real quality time with your partner. The beautiful white sand beaches and lone sea calls in the lovers and promises the best experience.

8. Little Andamans

15 Perfect Romantic Destinations In India To Visit This Winters-8 Although many of them just stop at Port Blair, Little Andamans- a part of Andaman island groups come up as a great honeymoon destinations and a romantic getaway for the couple looking to spend some time sunbathing on the beaches, enjoying the seafood, sipping the wine and gazing at the sunset. It is also a place to beat the chills of Indian winters and enjoy some warm sun this winter. Little Andaman is a perfect place which offers both luxurious resorts and the rawness of sea and nature which is why it is s perfect place to take away your partner on a romantic sojourn.

9. Pondicherry

15 Perfect Romantic Destinations In India To Visit This Winters-9 The boulevard of trees, the french touch to the streets and a perfect beach retreat. Pondicherry is the little France in India and France is a synonym to love. Pondicherry accounts for a beach holiday if you are looking to keep your romantic getaway close to nature and close to modernity as well. Book yourself at one of the best sea facing hotels in Pondicherry and wake up to the fascinating views of the sea. The best thing that you can explore in Pondicherry is a number of hidden and truly unexplored beaches where you can have a quality time with your partner and can enjoy the exquisite beauty of the white sand beaches. One such place to explore in Pondicherry is the Paradise beach, located a short ferry ride from Pondicherry is a definitely a must visit in the French town.

10. Osian desert camping

15 Perfect Romantic Destinations In India To Visit This Winters-10 If you are looking for a different romantic landscape from the cliches of mountain and beaches this winter, Osian is a destination in Rajasthan to visit. An ancient town in the Jodhpur district hosts one of the best desert camping experience in the country. The tents are no less than in terms of luxury than that of a 5 star rated hotel. You can enjoy the camel safari during the day, the night introduces a whole new experience of traditional Rajasthani dances along the bonfire and authentic Jodhpuri cuisine. Osian is definitely one offbeat romantic experience that you must have if you and your partner cherises offbeat destinations.

11. Coorg

15 Perfect Romantic Destinations In India To Visit This Winters-11 The serene hill station set on the hills of Western Ghats is a preferred romantic getaway in Southern India. The beauty of this little hill town is so much so that the Britishers called it the Scotland of East. And there are a numerable places in the town to do justice to its name. Coorg is famous for the surreal beauty of nature and the hills of the Western Ghats covered by the mist of clouds and accompanied by the pleasant weather. Its romantic weather all around the year makes it an apt destination for the lovers to escape their busy lives among the green fields of Coorg hills. Coorg is also a large coffee producing state of the country so you can take a little walk down the coffee plantations and enjoy the freshly brewed coffee there.

12. Khajjiar

15 Perfect Romantic Destinations In India To Visit This Winters-12 If visiting Switzerland with your partner is on your time then you can make it stop before you explore the India’s very own Switzerland- Khajjiar. The sceneries of this place and so placid and serene that you would forget the Swiss beauty for a while. Khajjiar is known for its endless green fields of the valleys with the beauty of snow clad Himalayan ranges in the backdrop. The romance flows in the air and tranquility complements throughout. The beauty of the place will also carry you back in time with its old British charm. You can add on a detour to nearby Dalhousie as well to expand your romantic vacations.

13. Mashobra

15 Perfect Romantic Destinations In India To Visit This Winters-13 With the increasing popularity and crowd of Shimla, couples generally look out for a better alternative to the summer retreat of India. That is where you should stop looking and head to Mashobra to celebrate your next honeymoon period with your partner. The beauty of the little town is no less than that of Shimla only more natural and better. Mashobra is also home to one of the old antique British buildings which has now been converted into a heritage hotel by the name of Wildflower hotel now owned by Oberai hotel chains. The 5-star hotel with the infinity pool and the best spa facilities is all you need to blossom the love between the two.

14. Sikkim

15 Perfect Romantic Destinations In India To Visit This Winters-14 One of the best beauties from the North east, there is no doubt that Sikkim is flourished with the number of picturesque locations which are waiting to be explored by you. Take your beloved to the panoramic view of the lakes and to the high altitude of Gangtok. Trek up your way to the highest passes with the views of the surroundings that are covered in snow all around the year. Sikkim is also the home to the highest mountain peak of India- Kanchenjunga which offers to you some of the amazing view points to marvel the majestic mountains. There are a number of fine dine restaurants and cafe around the hill station to enjoy a romantic dinner with your partner while you enjoy the outdoor views.

15. Darjeeling

15 Perfect Romantic Destinations In India To Visit This Winters-15 Take a ride on the toy train gazing the beauty of the hills that surround the hill station, make your stay at the upscale hotels of the hill town and wander in the tea gardens. Darjeeling fills the love in the air with its beauty of the mountains and a number of spots where you can sit, relax and enjoy your time gaping at the beauties of sunset, sunrise and the sky changing its mood throughout the day. The weather is pleasant around the year which makes this place perfect for the romantic getaway all throughout the year.

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