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15 Best Celebrity Holiday Destinations In Bali


Bali is known as the Islands of Gods, not only because it is blessed by them with an abundance of astonishing landscapes but also for the man-made temples that have been built beautifully in the past. Every year millions of tourists flock to Bali to seek adventure or just to relax in its calm and serene surrounding, that includes famous celebrities too. The tropical weather and the lush rice fields, and the scenic mountainous and volcanic backdrop has even attracted famous people from all around the globe. They arrive at Bali to seek solace, away from the limelight, to enjoy their vacation with their families and friends in comfort, tranquility, and privacy.

Here’s a list of 15 celebrities who flocked to Bali for their vacations.

15 Best Celebrity Holiday Destinations In Bali -1

1. Medicine Man House in Ubud – Julia Roberts

15 Best Celebrity Holiday Destinations In Bali -2 source: indonesiaexpat.biz

Follow the footsteps of Elizabeth Gilbert of Eat, Pray, Love and visit the Medicine Man house in Ubud. Ubud has become touristy after the release of this movie, but if you’ll travel slightly outside the center, you can still find vast rice fields where Julia Roberts cycled her way through.

Ketut Liyer, the real medicine man plays a very important role in the movie and Julia visits him for palm reading. Up until 2016, you could also go to Ubud and have your fortune told by the actual palm reader who turned Elizabeth Gilbert’s life around, but unfortunately, he died in 2016. But that doesn’t mean you cannot find what the future beholds for you, as the baton has been passed to his son. You can still visit the Liyer’s House and get your palm read.

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2. Trekking Mt Batur – Jacqueline Fernandez

15 Best Celebrity Holiday Destinations In Bali -3 Last year the gorgeous actress Jacqueline Fernandez went for a vacation in Bali with her family and her lively Instagram was filled with pictures of beautiful seascape and landscape of Bali. In her stories and posts, she could be seen surfing and posing at the Karma beach but the highlight of the trip was trekking Mount Batur.

Mt. Batur is an active volcano, and Trekking up the volcano and enjoying the sunrise from the top is one of the best hiking experiences in Bali. The actress posted some more post trek pictures in which she can be seen enjoying tea and relaxing in the hot springs of Mt. Batur.

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3. Ubud Village – Charlie Chaplin

15 Best Celebrity Holiday Destinations In Bali -4 Bali was famous far before Eat, Pray, Love. Back in the 1930s, the legendary Charlie Chaplin was going through career problems due to the coming of sound films. After the promotion tour of his movie ‘Citylights’ in Europe, Chaplin did not return to the Hollywood but instead, he escaped to Ubud to seek solace in Bali.

He filmed his trip with the help of his brother, and the bit and pieces of its footage are included in the 2017 documentary film, “Chaplin in Bali” directed by Raphael Millet. He interacted with the locals and connected with the serene surrounding. He found inspiration in their culture and dances, and after this trip, Charlie went on the work on his first sound film, “Modern Times”, in which he not only spoke but also sang.

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4. Finns Beach Club – Alia Bhatt

15 Best Celebrity Holiday Destinations In Bali -5 source: indianexpress.com

What better place than Bali for an all-girls trip? In 2017, Alia Bhatt went to Bali for an all girls trip with her besties. The Instagram pictures clearly show how much they enjoyed and the captions clearly state how peaceful the ambiance was. Finns Beach Club was one of the places where she was seen spending good time and why not? It’s Bali's premium beachfront club featuring a 30m infinity pool, multiple bars, and amazing sunset views. It truly is Bali's best!

5. Monkey Forest in Ubud – Paris Hilton

15 Best Celebrity Holiday Destinations In Bali -6 source: blogspot.com

Paris Hilton on her Bali vacation was definitely impressed by the tropical weather and posted many pictures on her Instagram. She was staying in a private villa at W Bali - Seminyak and one of the places she visited during her trip was the Ubud Monkey Forest. It is situated within the village of Padangtegal and is considered as an important spiritual, and conservation center for the village. The forest is spread over 12.5 hectares of land and has many attractions. Besides 700 monkeys, you also can see 186 species of trees. Various events are also organized in the forest and list of upcoming events is available on their official website.

6. Surfing in Benoa – Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Greene

15 Best Celebrity Holiday Destinations In Bali -7 source: WireImage

Back in 2013, Vanessa Hudgens arrived in Bali for a surfing event along with her friend Ashley Green. They were seen surfing in the blue-green waters and When not on boards, they were seen sunbathing on a private yacht. They were in the southern part of Bali, in Benoa which is known for its underwater beauty.

Besides surfing, Benoa is also famous for underwater activities like Snorkeling, and diving. The nightlife is also amazing in Benoa, with many bars and clubs on the shore, one can groove all night all on the DJ’s beat.

7. Four Seasons Resort At Jimbaran Bay and Sayan – Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover

15 Best Celebrity Holiday Destinations In Bali -8

15 Best Celebrity Holiday Destinations In Bali -9 Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover, in 2016, after their marriage went to Bali for a romantic vacation and stayed at Four Seasons Resort at Jimbaran Bay and Sayan. The stunning resort is every couple’s dream with the perfect blend of luxury and nature. They have a wide collection of Balinese-inspired private villas with private pool and breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean. At Sayan, the resort is situated beside the Ayung river and offers posh villas and suites. You can also go for, rafting adventures, spa treatments, private rafting adventures, or take a dip in the two-level swimming pools.

8. Scooter Ride around Seminyak – Shay Mitchell

15 Best Celebrity Holiday Destinations In Bali -10 source: fanbread.com

If you follow Shay Mitchell on Youtube, then you must be aware of her vacation or should I say ‘Shaycation’ in Bali. She was in Bali for a good amount of time and explored a lot of places and went to almost all the popular tourist destinations like Ubud and Monkey Forest. You can watch all the videos on her Youtube channel.

Like every celebrity tourist, she was sporting a bikini and was seen either bathing in the infinity pools or soaking in the sun but one thing that stands out the most is unlike other celeb tourists, she went on a scooter ride around Seminyak, which is actually a very fun way to explore Bali.

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9. Rafting in Ayung River, Ubud – Barack Obama

15 Best Celebrity Holiday Destinations In Bali -11 source: refinery29.com

It was no secret but headlines of most newspapers when the 44th President of the USA went to Bali for a family vacation. And for the next four days, traffic was organized, roads were cleared, basically, Bali was in different colors. The former president was spotted enjoying water sports with his family. He went for white water rafting in Ayung River. He also visited other places and toured the whole country. He was seen visiting museums and sacred temples.

10. AYANA Resort and Spa – Malaika Arora

15 Best Celebrity Holiday Destinations In Bali -12 source: gqindia.com

Malaika Arora went to Bali for a GQindia shoot and she looked stunning and extremely hot while posing on the sand and in the splashing water. The shoot took place in the luxurious AYANA resort at Bali’s Jimbaran Bay. The resort is an award-winning five-star beach resort having heavenly accommodation with ocean-front views and stunning sunsets. The resort has its own beach and is situated near the limestone cliffs. The AYANA resort offers many luxurious experiences and also has an in-house Kubu Beach Club serves a wide range of international and local comfort cuisines such as snapper ceviche, charcoal bun cheeseburgers, and grilled satays. One wouldn’t want to leave this place, ever.

11. Jimbaran Luxury Resort – Tyra Banks

15 Best Celebrity Holiday Destinations In Bali -13 Tyra Banks has lived in Bali before, for a while and she got back to the islands of gods, in 2013 for the popular reality TV show, America’s Next Top Model which she has been hosting for a long time. In 2013, the grand finale of the show was to be shot in Bali. Tyra joking complained about the hot weather but she was seen enjoying a lot. The modes had a photo shoot at green rice fields around Gianyar, which is in the north of Bali surrounded by green mountains and cooler weather. Then the grand finale runway was held at a luxury resort in Jimbaran.

12. Nusa Dua Resort – Cara Delevingne

15 Best Celebrity Holiday Destinations In Bali -14 source: fashiongonerogue.com

Celebrities have the luxury of turning combining work and vacation and that’s what Cara Delevingne did during her Bali visit. She was here when she became one of the ambassadors and models for John Hardy Jewelry. She made the most out of this work trip and had a lot of fun on the tropical island. She was staying in the Mulia Resort, Nusa Dua and she shared hot and wild pictures of her dipped in the ocean and while roaming around the town. In an interview post her trip she said “The amount of pictures I have on my phone from this trip is incredible. It was breathtaking. I didn’t want to leave”. Cara has fallen for this tropical beach paradise.

13. Canggu Luxury Villa – Jennifer Hawkins

15 Best Celebrity Holiday Destinations In Bali -15 After her New Zealand engagement, Jennifer decided to get married away from the paparazzi in Bali. Jennifer Hawkins tied the knot with Jake Wall in Bali at a beautiful private villa in Canggu. The luxury property sits on a 2700-square meter area. Semara Villa in Canggu is a private resort beach most known for being Bali’s premium wedding and event venue. Be it a honeymoon, or a luxurious wedding, Bali has been hosting everything for a long time.

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14. Elephant Safari Park Lodge, Gianyar – David Beckham

15 Best Celebrity Holiday Destinations In Bali -16 source: tripcanvas.co

David Beckham loves Bali and has been here multiple times. Bali Elephant Safari Park Lodge in Gianyar boasts a picture of him sitting on an elephant and they are very proud of welcoming the legendary footballer. The Lodge is situated within the world renowned Elephant Safari Park, and have won many awards for their contribution towards the native elephants and the environment. Like Beckham, you can also enjoy trekking through the jungle while riding on the elephants, it’s affordable. For approximately USD$80 including lunch, and you can ride, wash and feed some of the biggest buddies on the planet. Last year, the Beckham family was again spotted vacationing in Bali and they were staying in Bali's Nihi Sumba Resort this time.

15. Yoga Retreat in Ubud – Chrissy Teigen and John Legend

15 Best Celebrity Holiday Destinations In Bali -17 There are two faces of Bali, one is the adventures, where you get all water sports, jungle safaris, surfing and the other is relaxing stays in Ubud. Yoga retreats in Ubub are relaxing, a very pleasant experience. During their stay, they were staying at the Como Shambhala Estate, which is located on the outskirts of Ubud and provides lavish services like signature massage therapies and beauty treatments. Last summer, they were back in Bali, bringing both of their kids to take in the lush scenery that abounds on Bali, which shows their love for this island paradise.

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