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15 Best Beaches In Bali That Should Be On Your Bucket List


With such a significant number of beaches, choosing which is the best beach in Bali is not an easy task? You could remain for quite a long time and visit another beach consistently and still have bounty you haven't seen. However, stress not, we've got you covered in this guide so that you can locate the best beaches in Bali. From confined beaches in the north to pumping surf breaks and famous beach clubs in the south, we have everything secured. Read on to discover more, and prepare for some genuine tanning time on your Bali vacations!

Karma Beach

15 Best Beaches In Bali That Should Be On Your Bucket List-1 You've doubtlessly gone over these photographs where the sea shows up as different shades of blue, utterly magical! Welcome to Karma Kandara beach, a standout amongst the Bali beaches! Get something to eat and a drink at the elite Karma Beach Club while irregularly taking a plunge into the tempting Indonesian waters. Enjoy on tasty Mediterranean cooking or watch a movie at dusk. Bear in mind to take some incredible shots from the top before taking the ropeway down to this little paradise!

Our recommendation: Do stay in one of the beach resort nearby to fulfil your beach desires!

Kuta Beach

15 Best Beaches In Bali That Should Be On Your Bucket List-2 Residing on the sideline of city Kuta is Kuta Beach. The waves are high here, and the streams are stable making it an ideal place for surfers. Obviously, it implies less for swimming. The beach is swarmed continuously with local people or visitor, for the most part for the vibe and vitality that circles here. Around evening time you can discover the Kuta nightlife among the beach clubs that are ensured to engage. The famous Hard Rock Cafe Bali is the perfect place where one can eat, drink and gather the entire day and night.

Lovina Beach

15 Best Beaches In Bali That Should Be On Your Bucket List-3 Located in the North of Bali, Lovina beach is shrouded in black sands that are covered by the Mt Agung's lava cooled magma making it fall under the category of black sand beach. This well-known beach is a swimmer's heaven with the calm ocean and low waves. The region is likewise for the most part calm without the typical swarm of sightseers. Additionally down, you will discover angler's town with welcoming people and furthermore warm hot springs from the volcanic water. Most explorers just come here to get the dolphins at dawn. One of the decent and reasonable places to remain close to this beach is Pandawa Village.

Geger Beach, Nusa Dua

15 Best Beaches In Bali That Should Be On Your Bucket List-4 A delightful white sand beach sparkling in the sun, Geger Beach is situated near the highway towards Nusa Dua. In contrast with Kuta or Balangan beach, the ocean is quieter here. However, at times it might get somewhat harsh by night so please be careful. Local seaweed farmers do their chores here at times so if you can get lucky enough; you might get a chance to watch them approaching their occupation. There are numerous bistros dabbed along this beach making it well known for weekend breakfast or only for drinks, and there is a temple toward the end.

Seminyak Beach

15 Best Beaches In Bali That Should Be On Your Bucket List-5 Presently one of Bali's trendiest part, Seminyak holds Bali's change from a far-flung island to a metropolitan destination. Abounding with eateries, bars and boutique outlets, Seminyak is likewise home to a well known dark sand shoreline. It's best seen at sunset when the sun sinks gradually underneath the skyline. Moreover, the nightlife at Seminyak is so vibrant that you might not want to head back to your hotel before 3 AM.

Get more insight into Seminyak here.

Bingin Beach

15 Best Beaches In Bali That Should Be On Your Bucket List-6 If you have a list of best beaches in Bali and Bingin Beach is not in it, you have to revise your list. Like an oasis of glistening blue waters paired with white sand, this spectacular beach offers the excellent backdrop for a weekend escape for expats and locals alike. Away from the hustle bustle of the city, Bingin beach is the ideal place to relax while sipping on some fantastic cocktails and mocktails and continental food.

Pasir Putih Beach

15 Best Beaches In Bali That Should Be On Your Bucket List-7 With multiple nicknames including White Sand beach, Virgin Beach and Hidden Beach, Pasir Putih Beach is on the eastern coast of Bali. Regardless of its offbeat location, this beach has its share of fame with the road trippers. It is another stand out amongst its neighbouring beach. When you planning to visit this beach, follow the dirt track after which you will see the white sand beach sign. Until you reach the carpark where you can look at the stalls of local seafood staffs and have a perfect sea view lunch. As the water here is calm and clear, it is a lovely spot for swimmers too.

Tugel Beach

15 Best Beaches In Bali That Should Be On Your Bucket List-8 Otherwise called Pantai Kecil (small beach) to local people or white sand beach to the explorers, this secluded beach is extraordinary compared to other beaches in Bali. Concealed close Padang Bai and west of the harbour is to some degree covered up and just available after a 500m trek down a rough way. After the trek, you will witness the extends of white sand shoreline and shimmering blue ocean and rocky coves. The tides might be active here and not for apprentice swimmers, but instead, you can drench up the sun in isolation by the sand. Who would mind that? Noone, of course!

Sanur Beach

15 Best Beaches In Bali That Should Be On Your Bucket List-9 Located in the southern region of Bali, Sanur beach spans several kilometres with golden sand and small corals. This secluded beach is the perfect place to collect shells. The waves here are milder and best for swimming. The ocean here is clear where you can even spot ocean animals like starfish when strolling at the shoreline. On the off chance that you discover a starfish, please help toss it once again into the ocean to save them!

Balangan Beach

15 Best Beaches In Bali That Should Be On Your Bucket List-10 Located in Uluwatu, Balangan Beach is Eden for surfers and heaven for human souls in general. There are a lot of ways to appreciate this spectacular beach, regardless of whether you need to absorb the unwinding waves or adore the stunning view from the encompassing cliff tops, surrounded by rich greeneries. Surfers love this shoreline for the substantial reef break. Balangan beach is additionally named as a standout amongst other spots to figure out how to surf in light of the generally predictable surf.

Jimbaran Beach

15 Best Beaches In Bali That Should Be On Your Bucket List-11 Situated on the southern tip of the Bali, Jimbaran is substantially more than only a beach. Truth be told, this little angling town is home to a portion of the island's most upscale resorts, and they make great use of the pleasant shoreline sitting above Jimbaran Bay. Livelier than some of Bali's more isolated beaches, Jimbaran is the ideal place to enjoy a fish supper as the dusks over the straight.

Nyang Nyang

15 Best Beaches In Bali That Should Be On Your Bucket List-12 Being a mystery beach of Bali, Nyang Nyang beach requires going uphill and downhill a winding road and after that through the woods to reach there. The exertion to find this hidden beach is well justified because of its white sands and clear blue ocean. Guess what? You can watch the local people harvesting seaweed here. The only drawback here is that you need to move down elusive 550 steps to get to the water, but the effort is worth it: at the base of the slope, encompassed by pure white sands, cliffside vegetation, stunning rock pools and that abandoned island feeling. Take your own food and lots of water, as there is nothing for sale on this beach.

Padang Padang Beach

15 Best Beaches In Bali That Should Be On Your Bucket List-13 As acclaimed for its interesting passage as it is for the quiet turquoise waters lapping at its shore, Padang is lingered over by a rough outcrop which limits to give you access to the beach. Among the most loved significant surf spots of the island, the white sand beach of Padang offers a phenomenal spot for sunbathing and doing virtually nothing. It's a charming stopover on the off chance that you've time along with your visit to the Uluwatu Temple close-by. Once you reach, Padang's smooth white sands and surf-sized waves make this prevalent cove a remarkable Bali beachside encounter.

Amed Beach

15 Best Beaches In Bali That Should Be On Your Bucket List-14 Located on the island's eastern shore, this beach is famous with the divers because of its flourishing submerged scene. The encompassing zone is loaded with coral and various wrecks, and not at all like some of Bali's busier beaches, Amed gives a real perspective of neighbourhood life, where salt mining and fishing villages are still unimaginably predominant—as demonstrated by the numerous outrigger boats covering the dark sand.

Dream Beach, Nusa Lembongan

15 Best Beaches In Bali That Should Be On Your Bucket List-15 Around 7km from Bali, Nusa Lembongan is a beautiful island. Dream beach in Nusa Lembongan is known for calm ocean lapping on long sandy bays. It is an island with huge rocks and little vegetation with spots of sandy narrows. The vast majority remain longer on this island to explore all the magnificence of it. This island is still to a great extent undeveloped not at all like whatever is left of Bali and lets one feel the feeling of backpedalling in time, merely getting a charge out of the natural beach.

If you anyhow tick off all the beaches, you can explore the hidden beaches in nearby islands like Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida or Gili Islands. No matter which shoreline you decide to visit, Bali will make sure you love it to the core and your holidays are Balicious.

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