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12 Mistakes You Are Likely to Commit On Your Europe Trip


Going to a foreign country is mostly nerve wracking when you hardly know anything about the place or their culture. So many questions pop up in your mind which makes you cautious and anxious not to do any wrong things that can get you a bad look. If you are travelling to Europe and you want to make it smooth and hassle free, here are few things you can take care of to make your experience easy going.

Unknowingly breaking laws

12 Mistakes You Are Likely to Commit On Your Europe Trip-1 Since Europe allows free access to the European countries in just one visa stamp, you might need to change your tone from one country to another. Remember, the laws still differ. For example, it is legal in Germany to drink in public but in Poland and some other countries it is not. It is legal to smoke cannabis and drugs in Amsterdam but, remember cannabis is still illegal in most countries in Europe. There is a fine for littering in most countries. It is also illegal at some beaches to take the sand. Do not apply the laws of one country to another one. Get a basic idea of the legal system of the country because this is something that can lead you in trouble. You can ask your travel agent for some basic information.

Not leaving a tip

12 Mistakes You Are Likely to Commit On Your Europe Trip-2 It is not a culture to leave a tip in India, but do that in Europe you will be considered rude. There is a common and essential practice of leaving a tip for your waiter or waitress when you dine at a place apart from the bill. Also remember, you are required to pay not more than 10-15% of the bill amount as bill.

Not carrying universal travel adaptor

12 Mistakes You Are Likely to Commit On Your Europe Trip-3 The adaptor and socket size varies from country to country. Indian plugs do not fit in the standard European charging points. Make sure you carry an universal travel adaptor from home or get yourself a new one as soon as you get into Europe.

For travel in the UK and Ireland, you will need a type G adapter. This has three flat prongs in a triangle. This will be used in England, Wales, Ireland, North Ireland, and Scotland. For any other travel in Europe, you can use a type C, E, or F. These will all be the round, two prong outlet.

Eating the wrong meat

12 Mistakes You Are Likely to Commit On Your Europe Trip-4 European are heavy meat eaters and chicken isn’t even the common meat there. Beef, buff and pork and quiet commonly consumed in Europe. Even at franchise stores such as McDonalds and Burger King, they serve beef and pork burgers. Always ask for the meat they serve you on the plate. You might not want to eat against your will or against your religious sentiments.

Joking about Nazis in Germany

12 Mistakes You Are Likely to Commit On Your Europe Trip-5 If you have met a German in your life you would know they don’t hear anything for the Hiter and Nazi culture. Do not try to joke about it or ask someone why they hate Hilter? Just accept it as a fact that they do, they are ashamed of their past. Do not do the Nazi salute and god forbid if you have a T-shirt with Nazi sign or something, Germany is the last place you would want to wear it.

Not booking Eurorail in time

12 Mistakes You Are Likely to Commit On Your Europe Trip-6 Best way to travel around Europe is to take Euro Rails. They take you from one place to another in no time and in less money. And everyone knows that. But the mistake that you should not be doing in Europe is booking at the last moment. If you have planned your trip and you have a fixed itinerary, then you should book your tickets of Euro rail well in advance to get away with the last minute hassles.

Thinking everyone speaks in English

12 Mistakes You Are Likely to Commit On Your Europe Trip-7 Let me break your myth here if you think everyone in Europe speaks English. They do not. Europe has a diverse culture and people speak different languages in different countries. Most of them don’t even know English and they consider it rude if you expect them to speak in English.

But Europe is a travel friendly place so even if you don’t know their language, you can still communicate through words and actions.

Taking the smile in the wrong way

12 Mistakes You Are Likely to Commit On Your Europe Trip-8 You will find most strangers on the street smiling at each other when they pass. This is just the culture and manners that they have. So if you see a good looking person smile at you, don’t take it the wrong way. Also, learn to smile and ask ‘How are you?’ to strangers to mingle with the culture and with the people.

Getting shocked to see no English signs at the metro stations

12 Mistakes You Are Likely to Commit On Your Europe Trip-9 Yes, you heard it right, most metro stations in Europe have signboards and names written in their national language. Even the big countries like Germany, especially Germany, you will only find boards in Germany. That will make you crazy for a minute, but this is one thing you will only learn by experience.

Of course, you can get some apps to read the images, that will be of help!

Not getting a Europe Tour Guide because you know too much already!

12 Mistakes You Are Likely to Commit On Your Europe Trip-10 As I said, you will get crazy when you see the boards in languages that you do not understand. And such things will happen more than enough when you are in Europe. One thing you can do to help yourself is to get a map and a local city guide of the place that you are travelling to. It will not just help you with the roadways even when you can’t read the signs it will also reveal some secret places that aren’t on Google yet.

Booking a cab when not needed

12 Mistakes You Are Likely to Commit On Your Europe Trip-11 If booking a cab sounds like comfort to you, try trains in Europe. Cabs are generally very expensive all around Europe and you can waste a lot of money on it. Europeans are very proud of their local transport. They are comfortable, cheap and hassle-free. Try not to book cabs in Europe as you have an equally good alternative here. And don’t be scared of how you will find your way in complicated metros, you will.

Thinking Euro will get you through!

12 Mistakes You Are Likely to Commit On Your Europe Trip-12 Europe is a liberal continent, they have easy access and standard policies. But, one thing all Europeans did not agree to was having the same currency. Euro is the standard currency for most countries, but some countries have their own currency and they do not accept Euros. For example, UK has sterling pound, Switzerland Swiss francs CHF, Croatia has kuna HRK) and Iceland has króna.

Also, don’t exchange your currency at airports.

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