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12 Interesting Things You Can Do In Europe Absolutely For Free


Europe is like you are at fair, there is something happening everywhere all the time. The streets are filled with arts and artists, the city is filled with culture, the people are filled with stories. You will surely get lost in the beauty of the continent. Europe is known for its backpacking trips which mean there are a lot of travelers in Europe that are roaming around with few bucks in their pocket. And you don’t have to worry if you are on a tight budget in Europe because there are so many things you can do around here to make the most of your vacation. Plan a vacation in Europe smartly. Like I said, “You don’t need money to travel, you need the courage to get out of your comfort zone”.

Here are 12 things that you can do in Europe for free for an amazing budget trip, without needing to pay anything or little!

1. Visit museums for Free

12 Interesting Things You Can Do In Europe Absolutely For Free-1 With so much history absorbed in its walls and streets, Europe is full of museums showcasing the world’s best art, literature, and history. There are tickets to visit the museums, however, most museums have one day fixed where you can visit without paying anything. Even the world’s most famous Louvre is free! Isn’t that great?

Here are a few museums that you can visit for free.


Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía (Madrid) - Free on Saturdays after 2:30, Sunday.

Museo del Prado (Madrid)- Free on Sunday

La Virreina Centre de la Imatge (Barcelona)- Free everyday


Louvre (Paris)- Free on Friday from 6 p.m. to 9:45 p.m., for visitors under the age of 26 regardless of nationality, first Saturday of each month from 6 p.m. to 9:45 p.m., July 14 (Bastille Day).

The Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris (Paris)- Free everyday


Irish Museum of Modern Art (Dublin)- Free everyday


British Museum (London)- Free everyday

National Gallery (London)- Free everyday

National History Museum- Free everyday

2. Visit Berlin Wall

12 Interesting Things You Can Do In Europe Absolutely For Free-2 Nothing represents unity and love more than these broken pieces of the Berlin Wall. What was once build to divide the West Berlin from East Berlin from 1961 to 1989, is now a masterpiece of art and graffitis representing liberty and unity. The visit to the Berlin wall is free and it is now painted in thousands of colors with different graffitis painted by students, local people, revolutionaries, and artists. You can spend a good time looking at this wall, clicking some pictures and looking back at the brutal history of World War II.

3. Enjoy the sunset in Florence from Plaza Michelangelo

12 Interesting Things You Can Do In Europe Absolutely For Free-3 Glorifying the city’s architecture, the sunset in the city of Florence is like a god’s pallet of colors in the sky. It appears as a psychedelic roof on the colorful lanes, houses, and cathedrals of Florence. If you want to enjoy an iconic sunset, you can go to Plaza Michelangelo from where you get the city’s bird’s eye view along with its famous Cathedral of Santa Maria that acts like a queen of the city. You can spend hours looking at the sun to set and lights to slowly brighten up the whole place.

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4. Enjoy free art in Europe

12 Interesting Things You Can Do In Europe Absolutely For Free-4 What is one of the best things to do in Europe? It is to leave your hotel with an open mind and look and learn from the vibrancy of the streets. Europeans are full of art and culture. They have a number of dance forms, music, various instruments, and so much more. As the evening approaches you will find a number of independent artists on the street showcasing their dance, music, play, magic tricks. And you can never know what will you find out on the streets, it is just so unexpected. Take a minute to enjoy the soothing violin or the funky street dance, enjoy someone painting across the street, watch the local play or theatre performances. You will have a good time. Don’t forget to leave them some money as a token of respect for their art.

5. Learn a language

12 Interesting Things You Can Do In Europe Absolutely For Free-5 Get yourself a language partner and you can learn a new language for free! There are a number of websites and apps where you can register to get yourself a partner who is interested in learning your language and you can learn theirs. It is as easy as it goes. All you need to do is converse and meet for a few times and try to learn and teach as much as you can.

There are also exchange programmes for a long time, in countries like Spain and France where you can offer to teach a language to the interested people and you can get accommodation and other facilities for free.

There are websites such as workaway.info that can help you with this.

6. Do lots of Couchsurfing

12 Interesting Things You Can Do In Europe Absolutely For Free-6 Couchsurfing is one of the best traveling experiences to have. You get accommodation for free, you get to meet local people, you get to live in their house, you get to cook with them and learn from them and you get to make some good friends. Isn’t it all the purpose of traveling? With the new apps and websites coming up with stricter safety concerns, you can rely on the credibility of sites such as couchsurfing.com, etc to ensure you have a safe staying experience with your host.

If you are going for Couchsurfing, you don’t have to pay your host but you can get them gifts from your country or offer to help or cook as a sign of gratitude.

7. Choir singing in Westminster Abbey in London

12 Interesting Things You Can Do In Europe Absolutely For Free-7 Experience the chants of the tranquillity of the choir singing which is so soothing to the soul. Westminster Abbey is one of the most expensive places in London but if you want to enjoy a free choir singing session make in time at 5:30 for the Evensong and watch the choir do this iconic music performance.

8. Volunteer at a hostel in exchange for accommodation

12 Interesting Things You Can Do In Europe Absolutely For Free-8 There are lots of hostels in Europe that accept volunteer work and can give you accommodation and sometimes even food for free! Everything is sorted once the food and roof is. You can check online and contact with hostels and apply as a volunteer to work for them. Volunteer work mostly includes registration and official work of the guests, looking after and taking care of the needs of your guest. You can also host your workshops or events in the hostel with guests to make sure you are also making some use of your time.

9. Visit free monuments in Europe

While most places and monuments have a ticket, there are some that do not have an entry pass and you can get in for free. Some of the places that you can explore for free are The Pantheon-Rome, Italy, British Museum-London, UK, Gellért Hill Cave, Budapest-Hungary, War Museum-Athens, Greece, Notre Dame Cathedral-Paris, France, Charles Bridge-Prague, Czech Republic, La Rambla and La Boqueria Market-Barcelona, Spain.

10. Enjoy Thermal Baths

12 Interesting Things You Can Do In Europe Absolutely For Free-9 There are famous places in different countries that are known for their rejuvenating thermal baths. From Hungary to Spain to France there are some unexplored hot water springs that you can go to and enjoy a warm and reviving soul-soothing bath. Some of the free thermal baths are- La Pozza di Leonardo DaVinci, Italy, Le Plan de Phazy, France, Santa Fe, Spain, Arnedillo Las Pozas, Spain, Fuente de Los Baños, Spain, Fontcalda Spain.

11. See the Northern Lights in Norway

12 Interesting Things You Can Do In Europe Absolutely For Free-10 The best things in life aren’t free? You would disagree with it on all grounds once you see Aurora Borealis aka Northern Lights in Norway. They are one of the best things you will ever see in your life and they are absolutely free! They appear like unreal disco lights in the sky, and at times you can hear the lights as well (unbelievable, right?) You can see the lights from August till April.

12. Hiking in Europe

12 Interesting Things You Can Do In Europe Absolutely For Free-11 Touring and everything is cool, but you can also go for a hike in Europe to have some adrenaline-pumping experience. Europe offers some of the breathtaking and picturesque landscapes and it only gets better once you hike. Some of the best treks you can find in Europe are- Tour de Mont Blanc, France, Norwegian Fjords, Norway Caucasus Mountains, Georgia, Tour de Monte Rosa, Italy, Haute Route, France & Switzerland, The Dolomites, Italy, GR20 (Northern & Southern), Corsica, Laugavegurinn, Iceland.

Make sure you carry the necessary equipment for snow (if you are trekking in snow), and make sure you are dressed right for the trek.

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