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10 trekking trails that will lead you to beautiful lakes


Traveling is a promise to introduce a person to the most beautiful things of the world. It isn’t just about getting to see new destinations and meeting new people but what constructs the essence of traveling is exploring the hidden and discovering the different shades of ‘beautiful’ that this huge world has to exhibit.

Ask an avid traveler or adventure enthusiast, what sends a sudden flux of adrenaline down his veins when someone mention travel and he will answer you- Treks. The reason is same, getting a chance to witness nature’s beauty is the best feeling in the world when done after hours of toil and physical hard work. Now imagine climbing up a rough trek through forests and gritty mountain pathways, finally ending up at the sight of mesmerising lake echoing surreal nature coercing you to question if it's actually the part of Earth or a paradise. You must be pondering with all the colours of bliss right now but let us tell you that it feels even better when you experience it in reality.

Check out these 10 trekking trails that will lead you to unreal lakes, captivating your heart and never really letting you be free in your choice of one favorite trek.

Chembra Peak Trek, Wayanad Kerala

Hike your way along the serene and peaceful natural paths at the alleviation of 2100 m. Chembra Peak trek in Wayanad district of Kerala is perfect whether with friends or your loved one. The trek starts on a easy note with broad paths making their way along the green forests of the area. The pathways get steeper and slippery as you march your way up towards the heights of adventure. To make sure that there is always something to keep you hooked on your journey, there are the scenic hills of Wayanad hill range playing the protagonist in the mesmerising film of nature around. Once you reach to the end point, your eyes will gleam at the sight of breathtakingly beautiful valleys, hills and clear sky but what actually seizes your soul is the heart shaped lake at the hilltop which is enough to take toll of all your trek fatigue.

There is trek fee that you have to pay at the starting point of the trek. In addition to that, one has to pay 100 bucks to carry any plastic bottle or edible item. The amount is refundable on showing the empty bottle or container while returning from the trek.

2. Roopkund Trek, Uttarakhand

Roopkund Trek is quite famous among people and for all the thrilling reasons. Trek your way to the heights of 8,000 to 16,000 ft. to explore the mysterious lake of Roopkund. Roopkund Lake, also called The Mystery Lake is famous for hundreds of human skeleton lying in and around the lake. The story says that a group of travelers was hit by hailstorm leading to death of all, hence the ruins of skeleton. The glacial lake, situated amid the snow capped Himalaya is a treat for the adventure seeker in you.

If the mystery of skeletons around the lake is all that you think, makes the trek interesting, you are mistaken. This trek lets you witness nature’s beauty like none other. Like any other trek, Roopkund trek will too start on an easy note from Lohaganj to Ghairoli Patal, with the scenic beauty of lush green forests and rustling brooks. The journey from here to the final destination will unfold all the shades of nature from grasslands to dense forests, from gritty narrow forest roads to spine-chilling mountains covered in deep snow.

Roopkund Trek is definitely a feast for hardcore adventure lovers and should be on your bucket list if extremely challenging treks are your thing.

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3. Chandratal Lake Trek, Manali

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Chandratal or the lake of moon, the name is enough to give you an insight into the beauty that the trek has in store to unfold before you. Nestled amid the highlands of Lahaul- Spiti is a crescent shaped wonder of nature holding peace and tranquility in the form of crystal clear turquoise water. This trek gives you so much to experience in the span of 3 days, from deep valley to sky high cliffs, from quiet grasslands to desolate highlands. After a drive from Manali to Chatru, you will hike your way up to the scenic highlands of Chandratal to finally reach the destination, the lake. The prayer flags furling around the waterbody vibrates peace like no other place does. The trek is perfect for you if your want to get most of the nature in short time.

4. Deoriatal Trek, Uttarakhand.

Devbhoomi or Uttarakhand, offers some best treks marked with serene lakes as perfect endings. Deoriatal is one such trek that will give you an opportunity to witness the sight of nature’s treasure. The trek such a wide variety in forests and flora, let alone be the variety of landscapes. As you march your way through the mountains, the trail of forests will change into everything, from dense thick wood forests to scattered grasslands. The mountains and snow capped Himalayan peaks provide for a perfect view for the hikers. The crystal clear lake and the Chandrashila peak makes a perfect duet for the contentment once you reach to your end destination.

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5. Satopanth Tal Trek

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Another gem nestled in Himalayas, Satopanth Lake is holy lake of Uttarakhand that is a beautiful trek. Situated at the height of 16,000 ft. the glacial lake holds a divine importance. It is believed that three Hindu deities, Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh used to take bath in the lake hence, the triangle shape of the lake. The place is very less heard of and not many people know about the wonder. The trek is somewhat difficult and one must take up the hike only if there is some prior experience of trekking.

6. Tso Moriri Lake Trek, Ladakh

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The trek is as magical as Ladakh. Ladakh has everything that fascinates a traveler and without any doubt, this trek too. You will be left confused whether to ponder over the magical blue lake or the barren, snow capped mountain. Whether to gape the sky high passes or the deeper than imagination valleys. Tso Moriri Trek ( also called Rupshu Trek) will introduce you to the most stunning lakes of Ladakh including Tso Moriri. To accompany on the way, are the wild asses and yaks while you witness the nomadic lifestyle of the region, enticing enough to turn you into a storyteller.

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7. Kedarnath Vasuki Tal Trek

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Kedarnath is the prime Hindu pilgrimage and divinity is what the place is associated with. However, behind the holy temple of Kedarnath, lies a pristine lake, Vasuki Tal, that is not just spiritually rich, but is always flooding with nature’s finest beauty. Camping at the glaciers of Kedarnath is one hell of any experience, the best being that the trek isn’t very tough either. However one should be totally fit in health to cope up with the high altitude circumstances.

8. Tso Lhamo, North Sikkim

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Offbeat trekking destinations makes up for the best memories and stories. You always have something to tell that no one does. One such trek in the region of North Sikkim is Tso Lhamo Lake trek that will definitely turn you an admirer for the north-east’s beauty. As unheard in rest of the India, lake Lhamo holds spiritual reverence in Buddhism. It is a pilgrimage for Tibetan communities. The trek not only unleashes the nature’s beauty before you but also depicts some of the finest monasteries and palaces of North-east in its route.

9. Chadar Trek, Ladakh

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Chadar Trek is another adventurous hike provided by Ladakh though it won’t lead you to some mystic lake in fact, will make the lake, your path to reach the destination. Interesting enough? Who wouldn’t be on knowing that Chadar trek provides you an opportunity to hike your way on a frozen lake to reach the destination? It would definitely be slippery and difficult but the feeling of literally wspine-chilling water while being surrounded by exquisite snow capped mountains is second to none.

10. Bhrigu Lake Trek

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Himachal’s another gem, Bhrigu lake is worth every hardship. The lake remains frozen for the month of june and july and with the onset of monsoon, it acquires the pure turquoise colour. The trek is beautiful and rich in flora with alpine forests and grasslands. The lake changes its colours and there is always a horde of clouds hitting the hills giving you the feeling of walking over clouds.

Treks can be hard and beautiful but whatever comes after dire hardship and efforts is an experience worth savoring. And the thrill is just unmatchable when there is a sterling lake waiting to welcome you with all the love that nature has in store.

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