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10 Roadtrips From Mumbai In The Monsoons

10 road trips from Mumbai in Monsoons

The maddening life of Mumbai can leave the best of us astray-struggling with the traffic jams and the overcrowded streets, grappling with fears of getting locked in the next traffic tussle it's easy to forget how to have a good time. But not to worry this monsoon Malady has a cure! A road trip. The only way to escape the contemptible waterlogging and the overburdening clash of cars is to kiss it all goodbye at once and plan your next road trip to places where monsoons flourish without being an ache in the heart.

1. Lonavala/Khandala

10 Roadtrips From Mumbai In The Monsoons-1 It's rare to find anybody that hasn't fallen in love with the aesthetic quotient of this place. Though the Mumbai–Pune Expressway route, two-wheelers are not allowed on this route. For bike-riders, Old Mumbai–Pune highway is the route. The beautiful land laden with scenic vistas is twice as bright in the monsoons. The Della adventure park and Rajamachi trek are some amazing attractions in Lonavala which provide a fantastic opportunity for travellers to revel in the beauty of the Maharashtrian Landscape. You can also participate in numerous adventure activities like rappelling and valley crossing that will incite the adventure freak in you! And imagine all this with a gentle breeze caressing you! Lonavla is definitely an unmissable monsoon destination for the curious adventurer. Khandala is just 5 km away from Lonavala, and numerous historic forts, deep valleys, lakes, and waterfalls adorn the destination.

Distance: 83.3 km

2. Alibaug

10 Roadtrips From Mumbai In The Monsoons-2 Another well-known destination for weekend getaways from Mumbai, Alibaug is a pretty crowded destination on the Mumbai–Goa highway. Though it is a frequent place of visit for couples to spend some intimate time at the beach, it also doubles up as an adventure filled bike trail. Giving you the best of both worlds. If you love exploring the beaches Alibaug beach is a must among the many beaches that you should find here. The best thing about this beach is that you can enjoy the sight of the Colaba Fort. Take a short boat ride to the popular fort and enjoy the breathtaking view.One can also visit the Ganesh temple which is 400 years old and Witness the majestic sunset while you are at this beach. The extensive shores, lovely beaches and the fantastic views will be your accomplice to this beautiful destination.

Distance: 92 km

3. Kashid/Murud

10 Roadtrips From Mumbai In The Monsoons-3 If solitude is your choice for an end to an ideal road trip, then this short trip from Mumbai to Kashid will be your haven. This little drive falls ahead of Alibaug and ends in a pristine white sand beach. The perfection of this trip can be felt through a bike ride too. The Phansad wildlife sanctuary and Korlai fort are some popular tourists attractions just a little off the coast of Kashid and not forgetting to mention Murud Janjira the strongest marine fortress in the whole of Country built in the 15th century. Your Kashid-Murud trip will be filled with countless memories.

Distance: 124 km

4. Pelhar Dam

10 Roadtrips From Mumbai In The Monsoons-4 A drive that is beyond a drive, a road lined with spectacular activities and ending in the splendid view of a dam. What more can somebody ask for? This drive from Mumbai to Pelhar Dam is among the famous one-day road trips from Mumbai, and it covers up a wildlife sanctuary and a waterfall to finally reach the beautiful dam.his place is quiet and serene as it’s surrounded by the Tungareshwar mountain range which is rich in lush green forests. Pelhar Lake is a very beautiful place to visit in monsoons. Best time to visit this place would be in the month of August when the lake is full of water. This lake is located in the Pelham Village, Virar, about 3 km away from Vajreshwari. The lake overflows and creates a small waterfall which is amazing and is a hot favourite of tourists during the monsoon season.

Distance: 60 km

5. Mahabaleshwar

10 Roadtrips From Mumbai In The Monsoons-5 The drive from Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar has some picturesque views and great viewpoints through the whole of the journey. If the glittering lights don't do it for you, the quality of the road will do the trick. Winding down at this beautiful hill station, the trip from Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar is a glorious adventure that will forever be in your memory. Wilson Sunrise Point, Needle Hole Point, boating in Vienna Lake, Three Monkey Point and markets of strawberries and mulberries all of these will await you. And the UNESCO World Heritage Site- the Kaas Plateau of Flowers is just a short drive away from Mahabaleshwar. A Monsoon road trip does not get any better than this!

Distance: 260 km

6. Kamshet

10 Roadtrips From Mumbai In The Monsoons-6 nestled in the western ghats, surrounded with beautiful scenery all around Kamshet is Coveted as ‘Paraglider’s Paradise’, Kamshet and a couple of neighbouring cities offer tourists an enthralling experience of paragliding over picturesque fields of paddy and sunflower, and the Pawna Lake. The road trip from Mumbai to Kamshet is along the Mumbai–Pune Expressway, an exquisite experience on its own. The hills surrounding the Kamshet village are also home to caves, colonial hill stations, and hill fortresses. Kamshet will entice the adventure junkie in you and if you are faint in the heart enjoy the breathtaking beauty of this place and immerse yourself in the village lifestyle of Kamshet. Kamshet has everything in store for every type of traveller.

Distance: 105 km

7. Matheran

10 Roadtrips From Mumbai In The Monsoons-7 Matheran, Asia’s only automobile-free hill station is just a little while away from Mumbai. A short road trip from Mumbai takes you the picturesque hinterlands of Matheran, meaning the ‘forest on the forehead’. The Karnala fort trek is one fun-filled adventure in Matheran that no tourist can afford to miss! The Nelar-Matheran toy train is also a great ride to enjoy the beautiful sunsets and sunrise along the way. The Louisa point will give you a glimpse of a paradise covered with high hills and vast swathes of greenery you can also enjoy the clear view of the Prabal fort, Vishalgarh and get soaked in the beauty with the prolonged serenity and not forgetting to mention the Echo point in Matheran will soothe your eyes with the profound beauty of the mountains as the clouds slowly pass by. During the monsoon season, you can enjoy a fantastical view of the waterfall profuse with rainwater.

Distance: 80.3 km


10 Roadtrips From Mumbai In The Monsoons-8 Sula Vineyards are a fantastic choice for a road trip from Mumbai. It can easily be traced in a one day trip to Mumbai. The place is a quiet while away from Mumbai and ideal for monsoons with the vines attributing their true colours. A Pleasant drive to an area that houses some of the best forms of wine has to be synonymous with "the perfect road trip ever ", and the road trip from Mumbai to Sula vineyards is nothing short of it. The wine tasting and the grape stomping at the end of this road trip are simply unforgettable.

Distance: 169.5 km from Mumbai,


10 Roadtrips From Mumbai In The Monsoons-9 This little road trip from Mumbai to a town near Nashik that goes by the name Igatpuri is sure to instil tranquillity and peace in your heart with its mesmerising views and the perfect balance that it holds with the weather. To the experience of this road trip, you can venture into a trek along the way and explore the nature from a further close point of view. The Camel Valley in Igatpuri is one of the places to visit in Igatpuri. It lies in close proximity of the great Bhatsa River Valley. The Prime fascination of this place that lures several tourists, is the amazing waterfall formed due to precipitation. It is a spellbinding experience to witness the enchanting view of a waterfall, which falls from a height of 1000 feet. Igatpuri is an exquisite destination to visit with your family and friends.

Distance: 120.9km

10. Pune

10 Roadtrips From Mumbai In The Monsoons-10 and yes the last but not the least! The city of Pune. Pune has a wide range of travel opportunities, loaded with picturesque and pristine destinations. Be it the mesmerizing Bhimashankar falls that are at their massive best in the monsoons or Parvati hill, a huge hillock that rises to 2100 feet above sea level. It holds Pune’s MSL that is located at a height of about 560 meters from sea level. Parvati temple located on the top is one of the primary reasons why the hill is quite famous among the tourists and the locals. The hillock offers the best view of the serenity lying down in the town and is the most scenic location in the whole of Pune It is an observation point that incredibly unveils the panoramic view of the lush greenery and flamboyant sky.

Distance: 149.4 km

With all these attractive destinations, Who can waste an opportunity sitting at home contemplating life and the density of traffic? These scenic destinations are enough of a reason to lift yourself off your couch. So pack your essentials, get rid of all your urgencies and safely escort yourself to a perfect road trip.
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