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10 Perfect Reasons to Visit Sri Lanka


Planning an international trip? Sri Lanka is a small island for a fun packed and relaxing vacation. From the lush green tea plantations of the hill country to the serene and peaceful beaches of the south with old forts, wildlife safaris, world heritage sites, adventure activities and rich traditions thrown in, this jewel shaped country will never disappoint you. Formerly known as Ceylon, Sri Lanka is an ideal recipe for fun and leisure. Located in the majestic Indian Ocean, it has become a popular tourist country owing to the dynamic and versatile nature of the activities and experiences it has to offer. Here are not one but 13 top and good reasons why you should start looking for a good Sri Lanka holiday package now.


10 Perfect Reasons to Visit Sri Lanka-1 With beautiful beaches with golden sand stretches dotted with coconut trees scattered around the coastal belt, Sri Lanka is a destination perfect for beach lovers to get some natural tanning. Whether you are seeking a peaceful hideaway to enjoy a perfect escape or a loud and fun beach experience filled with partying and adventure sports Sri Lanka has an option for you.

You can head to Arugam Bay beach on the east coast for a surfing adventure, Mirrisa Beach for whale watching and Hikkaduwa to witness the beautiful corals and party vibes. Nilaveli, Pigeon island and Tangalle are some of the most popular beach spots to promise you a beach for yourself.

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10 Perfect Reasons to Visit Sri Lanka-2 Owning a fabulous cultural diversity rich in values Sri Lanka amazes travellers around the world with its culture alone. The vibrant and unique culture of Sri Lanka is a beautiful mingle of several cultures including Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim and Christians. The 2500-year-old history and influence of several religions, invasions and colonization of three different nations have strengthened the identity of Sri Lanka’s culture. Festivals such as Kandy Esala Perahera and New year festival will add a unique experience to your holiday in Sri Lanka.

Train Travel

10 Perfect Reasons to Visit Sri Lanka-3 Who doesn’t love to sit on a train and watch the world sweep by to the rhythm and clatter of the wheels? Sri Lankan trains retain their old-world charm even though most have been modernized enough to be comfy for our spoiled modern bums.

Some claim the train journey from Kandy to Ella is one of the world’s most scenic train rides and also the best way to see the stunning mountains and valleys in Sri Lanka’s interior.

Adam’s Peak

10 Perfect Reasons to Visit Sri Lanka-4

10 Perfect Reasons to Visit Sri Lanka-5 Sri Lanka is known around the world for its strong religious historical sites and visiting the stunning country is not complete without discovering the heritage. At the top of Adam’s Peak is considered holy by many religions including Buddhists, Christians, Muslims, Hindus and the Veddas. There is a large rock with a large imprinted foot that is believed by many religions to have belonged to a very important person which makes this place a must-see for the religious.

Take Tea Tour in Nurweya Eliya

10 Perfect Reasons to Visit Sri Lanka-6 Famous for Ceylon Tea, Nurweya Eliya is a landscape of undulating green fields in which pickers deftly harvest the tea leaves, tossing them into sacks hanging back from the crowns of their heads. Learn about the tea industry whilst enjoying the fresh, highland air and beautiful scenery, staying in the countryside resorts.


10 Perfect Reasons to Visit Sri Lanka-7 The pearl of India Ocean is known to be the best place to spot Elephant, Leopard, Wild boar, Sperm Whale and Blue Whale, the big 5 of Sri Lanka in the world. Acting as a hub for migrating birds with the location advantage, Sri Lanka offers you sights of magnificent birds.

A safari to the Yala national park is the best to spot leopards while a boat ride in Mirissa and Kalpitiya is ideal for watching whales and Wilpattu National Park for Sri Lankan sloth bears.

Amiable people

10 Perfect Reasons to Visit Sri Lanka-8 Beautiful people with a smiling face, happy heart and warm welcoming gestures are exactly the hospitality everyone looks for. Moreover, People in Sri Lanka know how to live and enjoy a full life. Days are spent with carefree abandon.

If you are thinking to plan your trip to Sri Lanka, you are going to be super happy meeting the people of Sri Lanka as the positivity they have and they share, brings the best of a person.


10 Perfect Reasons to Visit Sri Lanka-9 Ayurveda is not only a stress-relieving spa treatment but an ancient form of medication which has been practiced across the Indian subcontinent for over a very long period and is believed to be the world’s oldest healthcare system. As more people become health conscious these days and searching for alternatives to chemical medicine (and high prices), Ayurveda is the perfect example that you don’t need to rely on modern medicine.

About 75% of Sri Lanka’s population is nowadays using natural resources for a better well-being. Oh, Sri Lanka has even a Department of Ayurveda which is a subdivision of the ‘Ministry of Health and Indigenous Medicine’.

Diving & Snorkelling

10 Perfect Reasons to Visit Sri Lanka-10 Often referred to as “Pearl of the Indian Ocean”, Sri Lanka first got noticed a diving destination when blue whales were regularly sighted of the coasts. The country has become a popular destination among international divers and is a serious competitor to its neighbour, the Maldives. The water temperatures are constant between 25°C to 30°C while best time for diving on the western and southern coasts is from November to April and the eastern and northern coasts offer the best diving conditions from April to September.

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Sri Lankan cuisines

10 Perfect Reasons to Visit Sri Lanka-11 Yes, we know that Thai cuisine is world-renowned but Sri Lanka is about to overtake this in the near future. Why? Sri Lankan cuisine is truly a reflection of its people – it features a unique blend of Indian curries, oriental spices and European herbs. How about Dhal Curry, Egg Kottu, Ulundhu Vadai or delicious Samosas?

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Hot Air Baloon Ride In Dambulla

10 Perfect Reasons to Visit Sri Lanka-12 Soar above the clouds and gently float above the island as you gaze down at the natural beauty of Sri Lanka in Dambulla. Flying over the jungle you may see elephants roaming freely, a variety of birds, wildlife, water buffaloes standing in the paddy fields and monkeys swinging from the trees. Hot air ballooning over the island will prove to be one of the most memorable experiences when exploring the Jewel of Indian Ocean.

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Shopping in Colombo

10 Perfect Reasons to Visit Sri Lanka-13 The Capital of Sri Lanka has many shopping options for all types of travelers. With ultra-modern malls to marketplaces, from street side shops to established handicraft centres, you will never be able to get over the shopping spree the capital has to offer. Handcrafted elephants, sea turtles, demon masks, treasure boxes, clothes with Batik prints, wooden items, bags, footwear, mats, wall hangings, to souvenirs, Colombo has everything to satisfy the shopaholic in you!

Nightlife in Hikkaduwa

10 Perfect Reasons to Visit Sri Lanka-14 One of the most preferred place for a vibrant nightlife in Sri Lanka, Hikkaduwa is enriched with infinite parties, incredible music, superior beaches and frothy ocean waves perfectly made for surfing. In terms of music which will get deep inside your bones and parties lasting till dawn, there are numerous places where you can enjoy an electric nightlife in Hikkaduwa. All of those will surely make your holiday an unforgettable and infinite party experience.

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