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10 Reasons Why Udaipur Is The Most Romantic Destination In India


When it is about impressing the one you love, why not skip the roses and chocolates and instead plan a trip you’ll always remember? Nowadays for the couple, a simple romantic trip is a healthy way to spice up the relationship while enjoying the leisure time away from the reality and escape the stress our busy careers give us. Living the work life, we all understand the value of having a lovely time off from everything an essential part of life. But the big question is where? With little hard work, some recommendations and destination's self-speaking beauty, it wasn't such a difficult task. Yes, you guessed it right, we are talking about none other than Udaipur.

10 Reasons Why Udaipur Is The Most Romantic Destination In India-1 Enriched with beautiful palaces and forts, nourished with the shimmering lakes and built with the humble heart, the charm of Udaipur is impeccable. Also known as the Venice of East, it is a prominent tourist place where you and your partner can sway in the soothing aura it has to offer. Moreover, Udaipur plays a vital role in Rajasthan Tourism as it is considered one of the most romantic destinations in India as well as around the globe. If you are planning to spend some romantic time in royalty and beauty, you will get everything during your Udaipur holidays. Although Udaipur's pictures speak a lot about it, we have listed down 10 reasons Why Udaipur Is The Most Romantic Destination In India. Have a look!

1. Luxurious Palaces

10 Reasons Why Udaipur Is The Most Romantic Destination In India-2 Everyone adores the royal touch; you can have your own Mewar royal touch by visiting the grand palaces built by the late rulers of the city. Palaces in Udaipur include City Palace, Monsoon Palace, Fateh Prakash Palace and Lake Palace. City Palace and Monsoon Palace (Sajjangarh) are transformed into a public tourist location whereas Lake Palace and Fateh Prakash Palace are converted into 5-star hotels by the present Mewar Custodian. With so many luxurious palaces all around, you are sure to get lost in the royalty of Venice of East with your partner or stumble upon something unexpected while walking on the cobblestone streets of this romantic destination in Rajasthan.

2. Tempting Weather

10 Reasons Why Udaipur Is The Most Romantic Destination In India-3 It is never too hot, cold, humid or rainy in the city of lakes as Udaipur is blessed with the moderate weather. Whereas, the Monsoons of Udaipur serve as ideal weather for romancing with your loved one; you can watch the monsoon clouds together and adore the monsoon beauty of the city. Talking about winters, it is considered as the on-season, and Udaipur experiences the most number of tourist visitors in the chilly season; whereas summers are regarded as an off-season and cheap for tourists. No matter what time you plan a trip to Udaipur, it will turn out to be one of the best decisions of your life, and your partner will love it.

3. Shopping Haven

10 Reasons Why Udaipur Is The Most Romantic Destination In India-4 If you and your partner enjoy shopping, Udaipur has a lot to offer. You can find all the international brands in the city from the malls like Celebration Mall, Lakecity Mall etc. Whereas, if you want to do the handcrafted shopping, there are numerous places near the City Palace in the old town region. It doesn't matter where you hop, Shopping in Udaipur is going to be the perfect turn on your romantic venture.

Do make sure to activate the bargaining mode inside you as things are always overpriced at the street shops but it would be pretty generous if you don't go over bargain as many families survive on it too.

4. Serene Lakes

10 Reasons Why Udaipur Is The Most Romantic Destination In India-5

A place known as the city of Lakes is more of an answer to the lovebirds for the perfect ambience and beauty at the same time. Some of the lakes that deserve a visit are- Fateh Sagar Lake (a popular one among the artificial lakes), Pichola Lake (one of the beautiful and oldest lakes in Udaipur offering excellent boat ride experiences) & Saheliyon-Ki-Baari (best-known for green lawns and brilliantly carved pavilions). Merely take a romantic walk holding hands at any of the lakes or sail in it, you're sure to boost your romance to the next level as each one of these imparts a distinct beauty to the place as well as individual's heart.

5. Cultural Evenings

10 Reasons Why Udaipur Is The Most Romantic Destination In India-6

Are you looking for an exotic experience? How about spending time like kings and queens of ancient times who used to call performers to the court to entertain them with dance, music and other cultural activities? Guess what? You can see the live performances of the locals dancing in the colourful traditional dress with mud pots piled up on the head in Udaipur. Not just enjoying these performances and you can even join them with your dancing partner and enjoy the feel of the authentic music. Usually, Cultural shows in Udaipur are conducted in City Palace, Bagore Ki Haveli, Bhartiya Lok Kala Mandal and Shilpgram. Make sure you and your beloved don't miss this thing to do in Udaipur.

6. Lakeside Sunset RestroBars

10 Reasons Why Udaipur Is The Most Romantic Destination In India-7 Renowned as ‘The City of Lakes’, Udaipur has multiple restaurants situated near the lakes offering the perfect date location. Moreover, we all have heard a lot about the beauty of the sunset view and if you think it is overrated then my dear you should visit Sunset Terrace at Fateh Prakash Palace once in that case. Surrounded by the glorious Aravalli Ranges, this palace overlooks the shimmering Lake Pichola, and sunset view here is irresistible. If you want to enjoy the fiesta of colours in the skies, order two drinks here, and somehow you'll see Udaipur making your conversations go deeper and deeper every moment with the atmosphere it offers.

7. Exemplary Heritage

10 Reasons Why Udaipur Is The Most Romantic Destination In India-8

Udaipur is all about the vibrant traditions and rich culture. From exploring the antique stuff used by the Rajputs of this royal city at Bagore Ki Haveli to attending the light and sound show in the beautiful grand City Palace Complex, experiencing divinity at Jag Mandir to enjoying the panoramic view of the city from the Monsoon Palace, Udaipur has many fantastic tourist attractions in its abode where you can stroll together and get close to heritage as well. Even if you lovebirds are not much of heritage lover, Udaipur will make you one with its charming and regal architecture of the monuments.

8. A Riding Date

10 Reasons Why Udaipur Is The Most Romantic Destination In India-9

In Udaipur, love is not just in the air but everywhere. If you don't agree to it, the Venice of East will make that happen as it offers several date ideas. You can hire a motorbike or a car and drive on the smooth lakeside roads with your better half and this no secret that long drives have always proven to be one of the best romantic dates. Coming to the waterways, how about merely enjoying a boat ride in the lakes. Once you are done strolling the roads and lakes of this beautiful city, you take the bird view of the town via helicopters too. If you want a slow-motion aerial view, you can take Hot Balloon ride and propose your better half in the air. Even if you are married, you can do it again as there is no such thing as getting enough of love. Right?

9. Picture Perfect Backdrop Everywhere

10 Reasons Why Udaipur Is The Most Romantic Destination In India-10

Udaipur is the best place to enjoy photogenic spots. The ghats, fresh lake shores, natural spots, Aravalli backdrop and others will make your romantic photos stand out from the crowd. It might be called a picture but for us it more of like memories which we bring with us in hard copy. You can also hire a professional photographer in Udaipur to get some exclusive photographs.

We know you are waiting to know which are the perfect spots where you can do so. Although, the whole city is beautiful, but if we have to be specific, Ambrai Ghat, Rani Road, Peepliya Ji, Fateh Sagar Lake, Gangaur Ghat, Moti Magri, Sajjangarh (Monsoon Palace), City Palace and Badi Lake are the ideal places. No matter how shy your partner, everyone craves for cute couple pictures!

Being one of the most known places for destination weddings, Udaipur has hosted marriage of Bollywood stars like Neil Nitin Mukesh, Raveena Tandon, and much more. Even the wedding of Jodhpur Maharaja’s son took place in Udaipur. Is Udaipur rolling over your mind, already? Hold on, there's one more reason to go!

10. Special Arrangements For Couples by Hotels

10 Reasons Why Udaipur Is The Most Romantic Destination In India-11

Not just the scenic landscapes & exciting activities, hotels in Udaipur provide special arrangements to make the evening more beautiful for the couples with a lovely candlelight dinner and even specially customised packages for the lovebirds. Many hotels also arrange camel or elephant rides for the couple to explore this spectacular gem of Rajasthan. Our picks for the best hotels in Udaipur are Hotel Raj Kuber, Spectrum Hotel & Residencies, juSTa Rajputana, The Ananta and The Oberoi Udaivilas.

Note: Make sure you make the bookings in advance, or you might have to pay more for the same room later.

Are we the only one or you also can't stop agreeing that Udaipur is one of the most romantic destinations in India as well as around the globe. Planning for a romantic escape to the Venice of East? Shoes On Loose has got some fantastic deals on our Rajasthan Tour Packages so that you enjoy your Udaipur holidays with fun and no hassle!

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