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10 Reasons to Visit the Pushkar Mela


From the story of Lord Brahma dropping a lotus in the Pushkar Lake making it 'Holy' to the magnificent camel fair, the ancient town has a vivid tale to tell. And the best time to experience this tale is now.

This November watch the calm and serene town of Pushkar come alive as it host's the largest camel and livestock fair - The Pushkar Fair. The fair is the biggest gathering of Rajasthan and tourist from all around the world come in huge numbers to experience it's beauty. So, if you have not yet been to the grand fair make a plan this year because it is once in a lifetime experience!

And if you are still not sure, just go through the list of 10 reason's why you should visit Pushkar Mela, and i assure you will be compelled to plan a trip!


1. For the picture perfect view of the fair in 'Hot air balloon'

10 Reasons to Visit the Pushkar Mela-1 The little dots of different colors of Pushkar Fair looks only better when you witness them in a Hot air balloon. Hot Air Balloon is one of the most interesting activities that you must try at the Pushkar Fair. The colorful camps, the in numerous livestock looks stunning as you enjoy the view floating high in the sky. Also, the service is spectacular and is a changing activity.

2. Because it is one of the largest livestock's fair in the world!

10 Reasons to Visit the Pushkar Mela-2 Be a part of the pride of India! Hundreds and thousands of herders and nomads gather in the area around the Pushkar Lake to buy and sell their livestock. It is the best chance to witness the centuries old practice of camel trading. Maybe, you could try your hand as well!

3. For the free 'Fusion Band' Performances - Desert & Music!

10 Reasons to Visit the Pushkar Mela-3 Enjoy the heart-warming performances by world renowned 'Fusion Bands' that too for free! Watch the desert come alive by mesmerizing performances from finest artists in the world. Enjoy bonfire underneath the starlit sky and amazing music - The perfect blend of the pandora music FYI: Bands performing in the Pushkar Fair 2016 1. Prem Joshua & Band 2. Advaita and much more!

4. The 'Bizarre' competitions!

10 Reasons to Visit the Pushkar Mela-4 The fair is not only known for its livestock market but also for extremely out of the box competitions that are organized here. The longest mustache competition is one the world-famous competition where you can enjoy all those hunks of Rajasthan donning mustaches as long as a rope. Apart from this, there are a bride-groom contest, matka phod contest, tug-of-war, turban tying. Don't back down from being a part of these amazing contests.

5. Camel & Desert - The perfect ride!

10 Reasons to Visit the Pushkar Mela-5 The great deserts of Rajasthan await the avid travelers from around the globe. When you are at Pushkar, you do not have to just sit and watch all these horses and camel being sold- you can also ride them. It is a marvelous experience to ride on the humpy back of a camel across the sandy desert of Rajasthan to enjoy a bit of camel safari experience!

6. To shop till you drop!

10 Reasons to Visit the Pushkar Mela-6 This festival is an absolute delight for the shopaholics out there. You just cannot stop yourself from filling your bag with those eye-catching souvenirs of Rajasthan. Beautiful mirrored Rajasthani dresses, lak bangles, handmade bags and other knick-knacks are available at an arm’s length. And since it is a festive season, it is just the right reason to shop till you drop!

7. To enjoy the true flavors of Rajasthani cuisine.

10 Reasons to Visit the Pushkar Mela-7 Souvenirs check. Camel-ride check. Music check. Then, how can we possibly miss out on the royal treat of Rajasthani cuisine? People whose prime interest is food, Pushkar is a foodie’s paradise. This is definitely your one chance to savor the rich taste of Rajasthan and get familiar with their cuisine. The little stalls offering the scrumptious Rajasthani meals will definitely get your taste buds going with their finger-licking dishes.

8. For the 'Desert camping'

10 Reasons to Visit the Pushkar Mela-8 The fun of Pushkar doesn't fade away as the sun sets down. It only takes a step up with a whole new bunch of activities awaiting you under the star-lit sky. Colorful tents spread across the length and breadth of the Pushkar fields, you get to enjoy the chilly nights under an open sky. That is one way to experience the lives of the nomads and tribal. Bonfire and Music will just make your experience better!

9. You get to capture the true colors of Rajasthan!

10 Reasons to Visit the Pushkar Mela-9 An absolute heaven for the shutterbugs. The beauty of nature and culture is in its best attire at Pushkar Fair. The colorful stalls, the decorated camels, the beautiful people and the divine Pushkar Lake. With so many photogenic scenes all around you will never rest that camera of yours. 

10. To satisfy your inner wanderlust.

10 Reasons to Visit the Pushkar Mela-10 The culture is undoubtedly the highlight of the Pushkar Fair. But apart from that, you get to witness the surreal beauty of Pushkar Rajasthan that will definitely satisfy the traveler inside you. Trek Savitri temple and Tilla nearby to get a wonderful view of the whole fair. You can also catch the beautiful landscape of sunrise and sunsets from this point. If you want to add a religious dimension to this excursion, be a part of the religious event where people from all across India come to take a dip in the waters of Lake Pushkar to redeem themselves!

The media covers the Pushkar Fair on a large scale and is given a lot of preference. If you haven’t visited it yet, set out right now and if you have, well, then go there again because it gets better and better with each passing year. Do you agree with our list? Please add your thoughts in the comments. We are organizing an event for Pushkar Mela this year

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