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10 offbeat activities in Goa that might come as a surprise to you!

When somebody says Goa, the first thing that comes to everybody’s mind is a beach-side party. This is the image that Goa has created for itself and while respectfully giving the credits to the place and its happening environment, most of the people visit Goa looking for this only and therefore content themselves with a monotonous trip (no offense!). Meanwhile what they miss out on are other super-fun and adventurous activities in Goa. Here’s a list of the top 10 offbeat activities to do in Goa. Have a look!


Adventurous Treks

10 offbeat activities in Goa that might come as a surprise to you!-1 Who says that treks can only be done in the northern parts of the country have those humongous Himalayan mountains? You can undertake a picturesque trek that moves through wilderness and forests, giving you a view of Goa that cannot be witnessed from those fancy beaches. A beautiful waterfall is crossed in the way which will fill you with romance and amazement. One of the most offbeat place to visit in Goa is Dudhsagar waterfall. This Bollywood blockbuster "Chennai Express" famed waterfall is as surreal as it looks on the silver screen. One visit to this place and you will question whether you are in Goa or somewhere else!! Other than that, the treks of Udaan Dongor, Keri to Arambol and Ocean Trek to Neuti Beach are sure to fill you with some excitement.

Quad Biking

10 offbeat activities in Goa that might come as a surprise to you!-2 Quad Biking is an exceptional adrenaline pumping activity where you get the chance to ride an extremely powerful bike in various terrains of Goa. Interestingly, riding these monster bikes do not require you to be a pro-driver. You can choose any terrain to your liking, be it through mud, forests or slopes.
What you need to keep in mind is that you should be well above 14 years of age and should not have serious medical problems. More importantly, you need to book your ride in advance because availability is always an issue with this activity.

White Water Rafting

10 offbeat activities in Goa that might come as a surprise to you!-3 Rafting on Mandovi River is a perfect activity to please the adventure junkie in you. The rafting that starts from Valpoi district covers a distance of 10km and takes you to fight with the roaring white water of the river.  People from all age groups can enjoy this activity which is very safe. One safety Kayak and safety gears that will be provided to you at the beginning of the activity.

Dolphin Ride

10 offbeat activities in Goa that might come as a surprise to you!-4 Goa presents you one of the most lovable aquatic creatures in their natural habitats. You can go on a speedboat ride to spot these lovely creatures in the beautiful seas. Your speedboat will stop at a certain distance from the shore, where your guide will point you towards those dolphins which will be a treat to watch. Click as many pictures as you can of this beautiful creature and show a different Goa to your friends and family from your Goa trip album.


10 offbeat activities in Goa that might come as a surprise to you!-5 Snorkeling basically is diving underwater with a mask and tube for breathing (snorkel). This is one of the adventure activities in Goa which is carried out for specific periods during a year and is a relatively lesser known activity. Bogmalo beach, located in South Goa is one of the most popular beach-side destinations for snorkeling. The activity is carried out under expert supervision and thus, is very safe. You can enjoy underwater aquatic life forms (corals, lobsters fishes and much more).


10 offbeat activities in Goa that might come as a surprise to you!-6 This one is for the hard-core adventure lovers. In this sport, you will jump into a pool of water and will be carried downstream along the flow of the river. Before reaching the hilltop from where you’ll jump, you will pass through a dense forest amidst the cheerful sound of chirping of birds and palm trees of Netravali National Park. Canyoning will also require you to rappel through the hillsides harnessed by a rope harness. You can take as many turns as you wish and with every fall into the pool, you will reach a new high!

Learn Surfing

10 offbeat activities in Goa that might come as a surprise to you!-7 The best time to learn surfing in Goa is between April and May when the currents are favorable. The coastline between Arambol and Calangute is the best place to enjoy this sport. You can rent your boat at Calangute and surf to Arambol. If you are new at surfing, you can ask the local guides and practitioners to navigate you through the waves.

Go For Backwater Kayaking

10 offbeat activities in Goa that might come as a surprise to you!-8 Yes, you read that right! The water which escapes from rivers such as Zuari, Mandovi and Nerul form the backwaters which provide a beautiful opportunity for you to enjoy backwater kayaking in Goa. This activity can be enjoyed throughout the year and will bring you close to the vegetation and wildlife of the state. Rare birds, both local and migratory can be spotted and lush green trees of Mangroves and others behold the serenity of Goa.

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Party On A Luxury Yacht

10 offbeat activities in Goa that might come as a surprise to you!-9 And when it comes to Goa one just cannot stop talking about the party. You can rent a yacht which sails from Aguada Bay. Taking the party away from the mainland into the sea, you are in for a delightful time of your life (and a thing to boast off back home). You can also play a hand at various gambling clubs and antique lighthouses while passing through Panjim city. Doesn't that sound great?

Talking about party and not talking about beers sounds just so incomplete. Click here and satiate the beer lover in you.

Goa has always been top of the list of every traveler because of one reason or the other. If you are that adventure junkie who is getting bored of the hyped activities to do in Goa, try out these adventure activities in Goa and come back home with a happy mind and a happy heart. Want to know about the best party places in Goa? Click here.
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