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10 Must Do Trips in March

The season of colors is here, and there is a lot to explore in this month. March is a gift for travelers of all kinds, from festival lovers to trekking enthusiasts and for those who are just looking for peace and serenity at off-beat destinations.

Here are a few places that one can visit in this month.

1. Pondicherry

10 Must Do Trips in March-1

March in South India especially in Tamilnadu region signs begining of summer season that is a sign as the last month to explore this destination. For those who are looking for peace and tranquility have no better destination to cover than Pondicherry. Clean beaches, beautiful French Villas and amazing continental food. What else can one wish for?

1.Holi at Vrindavan

10 Must Do Trips in March-2

Holi at Vrindavan is so popular that it attracts tourists from all places, far and near. An opportunity for culture seekers and photography enthusiasts you can truly witness Indian culture at its best. Holi is such a delight here that the celebrations start 40 days in advance and what can be a better opportunity than knowing the fact that this place is only 4 hours away from Delhi.

3. Basant Utsav at Shanti Niketan

10 Must Do Trips in March-3

For those who are living far away from Delhi and cannot make it to Vindavan can also visit Shanti Niketan where Holi is celebrated as Basant Utsav. The traditional holi that is celebrated here is today an essential part of Bengali culture and attracts visitors from all places.

4. International Yoga Festival

10 Must Do Trips in March-4

Every year Parmarath Yoga at Rishikesh organizes Yoga Festival that attracts Yoga lovers from all parts of the world. This year the dates for the event are from 1st to 7th of March.

5. Ratnagiri

10 Must Do Trips in March-5

March is the month when endangered Olive Ridley Turtles start hatching at protected beaches of Konkan. These tiny turtle then slowly move towards sea for their further journey.

6. Ajanta Ellora Dance Festival

Starting from 15th of March the widely popular Dance festival of Ajanta Ellora will start. For those living near Mumbai and are not able to make it to Vrindavan or Rishikesh have a chance to spend some time discovering the classical Indian art forms.

7. Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh

10 Must Do Trips in March-6

People of North East celebrate all the time. March sees a lot of festivals but the most notable one will be Myoko festival that is celebrated by Apatani tribe of Ziro in ;Arunachal Pradesh. Located at 17 hour drive from Guwahati the road passes through beautiful waterfalls and water streams with scenic display that a traveler can only wish for.

8. Kasol – Malana Trek

10 Must Do Trips in March-7

Malana known as little Greece is one of the most beautiful and untouched locations in Himachal Pradesh. One can trek from Kasol to here via Tosh or go straight by 5 kilometer trek to observe the scenic beauty of this place. Malan is a perfect trekking destination for beginners.

9. Prashar Lake

10 Must Do Trips in March-8

Prashar Lake is a paradise for weekend trekkers, one of the off-beat destinations near Manali Prashar Lake is 14 kilometer trek that one can start on Saturday morning and you’ll be home by Monday morning.

10. Bhangarh

10 Must Do Trips in March-9

Last but not the least; March is the best time to visit Rajasthan if you haven’t done in in the winters. When summers start in April, traveling in Rajasthan becomes very tiring and exhausting. If you are looking for a short and memorable journey then nothing can be a better choice than exploring the haunted ruins of Bhangarh. May be your offbeat destination ends up giving you offbeat memories too.

Look out for calendar and start pin pointing at your next destinations.

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