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10 Most Enchanting Christmas Markets in Europe To Witness the Festive Vibes


Christmas is truly the most magical time of the year to visit Europe. With trees covered in snow and streets shimmering with glitter and glamour, enchantment envelops every corner of the continent. What makes this season even more special is the gorgeous and charming Christmas markets glowing with Christmas lights. With the festive kiosks, beautiful decorations and mouthwatering desserts everywhere, these markets will make you feel like you have entered a world of wonder. Enjoy the different traditions and cultures around Christmas and experience the best of the festive season in the most spectacular way. Here is a list of our top 10 Christmas markets in Europe to dive deep into the festive glore. Book your flights now for a memorable experience.

10 Most Enchanting Christmas Markets in Europe To Witness the Festive Vibes-1

1. Magic Christmas in Colmar, France

10 Most Enchanting Christmas Markets in Europe To Witness the Festive Vibes-2 Essentially a pedestrian town, Colmar is dotted with a number of historic architecture and charming alleys which turn into an even more happening avenue during the setting up of the Christmas markets. The city hosts six Christmas markets in total and all of them have their own unique appeal. Dominating the market, the Christmas stalls at the historic Église des Dominicains offer one of the most picturesque experience. The market in Place Jeanne d’Arc is dedicated to natural products and you will find a variety of Alsatian specialties, foie gras, charcuterie, and wines, freshly produced in the village premises. The other markets offer an array of delicious biscuits, gingerbread, authentic wine, and lots of Christmas decorations.

2. Christmas Markets, Prague

10 Most Enchanting Christmas Markets in Europe To Witness the Festive Vibes-3 The Bohemian city of Prague looks no less than a fairytale town during Christmas. The whole city is shimmering with Christmas lights, but the heart of all the action is the Old Town Square, where a humungous Christmas tree is draped in lights and the locals, as well as the tourists, are gathered to celebrate at the Christmas market. Don’t miss the trdelník, a hot, rolled pastry rolled in cinnamon and sugar and cooked over a grill and also opt for a mulled wine, which will keep you warm at night.

3. Rovaniemi Christmas Market, Finland

10 Most Enchanting Christmas Markets in Europe To Witness the Festive Vibes-4 Known for being the “official” home of Santa Claus, Rovaniemi is a city in Finland that draws thousands of Finnish and international visitors each year to its giant Christmas market. The Santa Claus Village as it is called is technically not a market, as the city celebrates Christmas the whole year and serves as a year-long Christmas Market, which means it possible to meet Santa in Rovaniemi every day of the year! While you're in Rovaniemi, don't forget to witness the magical Nothern Lights. The vibrant views of hues of green, blue and pink dancing across the clear sky are surreal and can be seen in Rovaniemi from mid-August and till early April.

4. Advent Feast at the Basilica, Budapest, Hungary

10 Most Enchanting Christmas Markets in Europe To Witness the Festive Vibes-5 Situated around the arena of St. Stephen’s Basilica in Hungary, Advent Feast at the Basilica has won the title of the most beautiful Christmas market in Europe quite a few times. Skate on the massive ice ring in the market and surround yourself with the warmth of gingerbread and mulled beer. It is undoubtedly one of the best winter activities to do in Europe. The market also hosts a variety of folk dance shows on the weekend which will keep you entertained while you sip on a delicious hot chocolate and enjoy the beautiful lighting all around the basilica. Choose a few of the most unique and captivating gifts for your loved once from an impressive variety of festive ceramics, cute knit animals, straw bags and bohemian art.

5. Winter Wonderland Christmas Market, London

10 Most Enchanting Christmas Markets in Europe To Witness the Festive Vibes-6 The Christmas lights of the funfair can be noticed from a long distance. During Christmas, Hyde Park in London hosts the city’s most exciting Christmas market, The Winter Wonderland. Many cities in Europe host such festivals but none come close to this one. It’s one of the biggest Christmas celebrations in the world and lasts for six weeks. From Christmas markets with more than 100 wooden stalls overflowing with festive gifts, including handmade crafts and beautiful pieces of jewelry to thrilling funfair ride and rollercoasters and amazing VR shows. The entry to Hyde Park is free and you can always buy tickets from the payment booths for the rides and attractions.

6. Brussels Winter Wonders, Belgium

10 Most Enchanting Christmas Markets in Europe To Witness the Festive Vibes-7 The majestic beauty of the Brussels city center is amplified even more when the Christmas markets spread the joy and festive vibes. Adorned with 250 stunning wood chalets and shimmering Christmas lights, the market will make your heart warm up with its exuberance. At the center of the market is a massive Christmas tree wich dominates the look of the city center. Look out for the ice rick and the Ferris wheel which will make your visit to the market an exciting experience. With numerous stalls selling unique beers, artesian decorations, sumptuous treats and a whole load of Belgian chocolates, winter wonders will give you a truly exceptional glimpse of the European Christmas.

7. Salzburg Christkindlmarkt, Austria

10 Most Enchanting Christmas Markets in Europe To Witness the Festive Vibes-8 Located at the foot of the Hohensalzburg fortress, Salzburg Christmas market is one of the oldest Christmas markets of entire Europe. First mentioned in the 15th century, the market is famous for its enticing events such as the choral singing in front of the cathedral of Salzburg and programs with the native wind instruments. Take in the massive courtyard and enjoy the very famous Austrian delicacy ‘bauernkrapfen’ amidst the gorgeous structures and landscapes of Salzburg. Shop for snug knitwear, roasted chestnuts, and almonds, gingerbread figures, and heartwarming Christmas decorations, all while gawking at the majesty and glamour of the fortress and cathedral.

8. Jul i Vinterland, Oslo, Norway

10 Most Enchanting Christmas Markets in Europe To Witness the Festive Vibes-9 Located in Oslo’s city center, the Christmas celebration in Jul i Vinterland lasts for well over one month. From decorated stalls and ice skating rink to high-quality crafts and a Ferris wheel, you’ll find everything that you expect from a classic European Christmas Market but the major attraction here is the food. Feast on chocolate-covered waffles and traditional Norwegian cakes and biscuits, coconut cupcakes and caramel apples, gløgg, and warm porridge, currywurst, and many more delicious delights. Stroll around the Oslo’s famous Karl Johan street, exploring the arts and crafts while sipping mulled wine.

9. Basler Weihnachtsmarkt, Basel, Switzerland

10 Most Enchanting Christmas Markets in Europe To Witness the Festive Vibes-10 One of the largest Christmas markets in Switzerland, The Basel Christmas market is organized at Barfüsserplatz and Münsterplatz. Dotted with gorgeous rustic wooden chalets and beautiful Christmas decorations and lightings, the market adds to the wonder which Switzerland already holds. Showcasing an endless variety of handmade jewelry and knit toys, it is one of the best Christmas markets for taking your little once along with you. Witness the stunning display of Christmas trees, a few specially decorated by swiz artists, and admire their beauty along the streets of Basel.

10. Cologne Christmas Market, Germany

10 Most Enchanting Christmas Markets in Europe To Witness the Festive Vibes-11 The mulled wine, the crafts, the twinkling lights, hundreds of wooden stands and a large Chrismas tree decorated with lights, red ribbons, and ornaments with a backdrop of Cologne’s most impressive architecture, the Gothic Cathedral. Cologne’s Christmas market is the biggest festival in the whole Rhineland. The biggest attraction is the live music, during the whole festival more than 100 stage performances are held, including Christmas swing music and gospel. You’ll find stalls selling regional specialties like currywurst along with glühwein to keep you warm.

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