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10 Most Amazing Islands In Thailand For Every Kind Of Traveler In You


Turquoise blue seashores, blessed with glistening white sands and topped with beautiful pastel colours of the sunset, offers you some of the heart throbbing moments. With hundreds of islands that are stitched and scattered along its mesmerizing coastlines, there are plenty of islands that are either unheard or unexplored. But we have made an amazing list of some of the best islands in Thailand, that you can add on your next visit. Thailand

1. Similan Islands - Ever thought of island hopping?

10 Most Amazing Islands In Thailand For Every Kind Of Traveler In You-1 One of the most untouched islands, that are beautifully chained among the other nine islands. The Similan Islands are considered, some of the most amazing wonders of Thailand. Swim across the pristine turquoise waters and mesmerizing coral reefs, that will leave you breathless. Step your foot on Koh Tachai island, which has one of the softest sand, making it popular among the local crowd. Lunge into the sea and hop onto Koh Miang (known as number four) that will offer you white sandy beaches and it also consists of bungalows made from bamboo. The Similan Islands, consist of amazing small and large islands, also making it one of the best diving sites in the world and it also falls in the Andaman sea and very much close to the Burmese border. The perfect time to visit these islands is from November to April.

2. Koh Phi Phi Island - One of the best islands for solo travelers

10 Most Amazing Islands In Thailand For Every Kind Of Traveler In You-2 If you plan to go on a solo trip to Thailand, this should be the first island on your list. The Koh Phi Phi Island is a small archipelago that is quite famous, as the filming location of the movie Beach took place here. The island, pulls some of the best energetic and youthful crowd from all around the globe, it is a haven for some of the best water activities including snorkeling, cliff diving, underwater diving. If you prefer to go for a calm environment, you can simply relax near the beach and grab some amazing concoctions at one of the beach bars.

3. Koh Lipe - One of the most picturesque beaches in Thailand

10 Most Amazing Islands In Thailand For Every Kind Of Traveler In You-3 Koh Lipe is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand. The island includes two famous beaches. One of them is the Patai beach, which draws the limelight when it comes to the island’s nightlife.

Whereas The Sunset Beach does not draw many tourists and crowds, making it a perfect location to enjoy solitude and you can come across one of the most mesmerizing evening halos at The Sunset Beach. It is also one of the smallest islands, where you can explore and cover up on foot itself. All these distinct characteristics of  Koh Lipe makes it one of the best islands to visit in Thailand.

**4. Koh Lanta - When you prefer ‘everything to be slow’ as your motto**

10 Most Amazing Islands In Thailand For Every Kind Of Traveler In You-4

One of the most exotic islands in Thailand, Koh Lanta consist of 52 little islands, making it one of the largest islands and due to its remote location and uninhabited beaches, the island will offer you plenty of room to breathe. With mystical misty mountains in the backdrop, covered with lush green jungle on the sides and with alluring beaches in the front. If you are looking for that perfect beach holiday, Koh Lanta offers a perfect relaxing retreat for you and your loved ones.

5. Phuket - One of the best island for a luxury laidback

10 Most Amazing Islands In Thailand For Every Kind Of Traveler In You-5

Michelin star restaurant, world class resorts. If these thoughts are making a gamut in your mind, then Phuket is the place for you to be. One of the busiest islands is always thronged with travelers and tourists alike. It is also one of the most beautiful islands that bloom with fine white sands and sparkling seashores, making it an ideal island, for those who are looking for the perfect beach getaway. Don’t forget to explore the nightlife of Phuket, as you will come across some of the finest and exotic Thai delicacies.    .

6. Koh Tao - The perfect island for every diving enthusiast

10 Most Amazing Islands In Thailand For Every Kind Of Traveler In You-6

Koh Tao is known by the name Turtle Island, also a perfect haven for the divers. Surrounded by some of the most and exotic and rare coral reefs and abandoned ships, Koh Tao has placed itself among the ideal place in the globe to learn diving. With numerous and thriving competition among the diving schools and shops, you can explore various shops that offer short term as well as long term certification in diving. From night diving to shark diving, let the adrenaline junkie kid in you explore the deepest seas.

7. Koh Pha Ngan - Bring out your party animal in this one of a kind island

10 Most Amazing Islands In Thailand For Every Kind Of Traveler In You-7

Ready to pounce on those exotic concoctions with a backdrop of a full moon? If these images are revolving as the perfect beach holiday for you. Koh Pha Ngan is the place you should be heading to. One of the most exotic beaches, renowned for its monthly full moon party, takes place every month throughout the year. From dreadlock travelers to tropical beach bars, raise your hands and bring out your party animal on every full moon night. But don’t forget to hit some of the beautiful beaches, especially the Bottle beach and check yourself into a hammock under the nodding palm trees.

8. Koh Samui - The perfect island for honeymooners and families

10 Most Amazing Islands In Thailand For Every Kind Of Traveler In You-8

One of the first and original Thai islands. **Koh Samui* is well surrounded by rainforest. It is home to some of the best luxury beach resorts, beautiful beach hotels and also known for its world class spas all around the world. If you want to experience luxury, along the lines of a beach holiday, Koh Samui is the place you need to be. From Michelin star restaurants such as Chez Francois that will offer you exquisite seafood to ultra luxury resorts like Kamalya that has been holding the number one position when it comes to perfect spa destination, Koh Samui hosts to some of the best family friendly resorts and hotels, making it an ideal destination among honeymooners and families who are exploring the serene side of Thailand with their children.

9. Koh Chang - Explore the traditional side of Thailand

10 Most Amazing Islands In Thailand For Every Kind Of Traveler In You-9

One of the untouched islands, surrounded by the National park, Koh Chang is an ideal destination for a small jungle trek with mesmerizing views of exotic beaches. It is also home to some of the rare indigenous fishing communities. The beach shores are also home to some of the best traditional restaurants and cafes that serve, the finest Thai homemade cuisine. Some of the beach bungalows have been designed by local craftsmen, giving the ultra luxury bungalows with a touch of traditional Thai style. If you’re looking to experience some of the conventional Thai moments, Koh Chang should be the first on your list.

**10. Koh Si Chang - A quick escape from Bangkok’s city life**

10 Most Amazing Islands In Thailand For Every Kind Of Traveler In You-10

If you get the chance to visit Bangkok for a few days. It will be a major challenge for you to visit distant islands. A two hour boat ride from the Bangkok city will make you reach at one of the closest beaches from the city lands, Koh Si Chang will offer you some of the best exotic seafood dishes. Home to some of the best and renowned fishing villages and communities, gaze at the crimson sunset, while you sip some of the scintillating drinks.

Thailand offers you not just beautiful beaches and white soft sands, but there is much to it. From exotic Thai delicacies to ultra luxury beach resorts. Thailand offers everything for everyone. Experience Thailand like never before with Shoes On Loose.
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