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10 Luxurious Experiences at Ayana Resorts in Bali


Talk about Bal I with anyone, and we're sure it will flood your mind with the images of picturesque paradise! From the beautiful resort in Bali Resorts in and cliff tops to the serene beaches, magnificent temples to cascading caves, authentic Ubud to energetic Seminyak, Bali is one of the best tropical destinations for all ages and tastes without a doubt. Renowned as the top travel destination of 2017 by TripAdvisor, Bali is attracting adventurers, party animals, love birds, nature lovers, and yes, the kids too. Even, it is claimed as one of the best places for destination weddings in the world!

Moreover, when it's about the luxurious experience, Bali is home to multiple 7 and 5-star resorts and hotels. But, if you want to experience the best of best and make most of your Bali holidays, AYANA Resort and Spa is a standout for not one but ten experiences.

1. Picturesque Location

10 Luxurious Experiences at Ayana Resorts in Bali-1

Spanning over an area of 222 acres, Ayana Resorts sits atop the cliff of Jimbaran Bay. Hardly 8 kilometres from Bali Airport, this exotic resort is a world of its own. Though the distance is not long from Bali Airport, at times it might take an hour to reach here due to the narrow roads. Being frank, once you see the pictures of Ayana Resort, every second is difficult to resist but once you arrive here, you will put everything aside and be a part of Ayana Universe.

Moreover, Ayana Resort has a sunset-facing location which makes every evening not just beautiful but magical too.

2. Elegant Rooms

10 Luxurious Experiences at Ayana Resorts in Bali-2

"I was in such utter bliss… I felt like I was on cloud nine!"

Such were the words of one of the happy guests of Ayana Resorts from a list big enough to go on and on. Well, that shows what magic this heavenly human-made beauty beholds.

Elegant rooms with batik touch, carved wooden furnishings, and bathrooms made up of marble with a jacuzzi and separate showers, altogether with balconies or terraces, and of course, the spectacular ocean view makes Ayana Resorts the perfect definition of Luxury blended with beauty. Being a 5-star, it has all the luxurious amenities.

Falling for it, already? Well, we are not even half way to describing Ayana, there’s more to come.

3. Superb Services & Facilities

10 Luxurious Experiences at Ayana Resorts in Bali-3

As the area of Ayana Resorts Bali is massive, it won’t come as a surprise to get lost. But with maps all around and friendly staff which is eager to help, makes the stay not just a comfortable one but a happy one too.

Take a long walk around this exotic resort in Bali(though gold cart is always an option); you’ll find a private white sand beach, 18 holed golf course, gym, two tennis courts, kids club, and Spa. Moreover, there’s also an impressive cooking school where you can show your culinary skills. Finding hard to resist this beautiful resort? Well, same feelings shared!!

4. Marvellous Style & Architecture

10 Luxurious Experiences at Ayana Resorts in Bali-4

Residing adjacently to its sister resort Rimba Jimabaran Bali, the resort has many large grounds on Bali such that the main entrance is over 1 km from the lobby. Yes, that’s the golf carts are provided to escort the customers back and forth. With an area of 222 acres, Ayana resorts is never too crowded even after it boasts 19 restaurants and bar including the famed Rock Bar, 12 swimming pools and other varied diversions. Ranging from traditional Balinese touch to European design amid the tropical beauty of nature, Ayana Resorts has almost everything for a laidback luxury vacation.

5. Delicious Food & Drinks

10 Luxurious Experiences at Ayana Resorts in Bali-5

As we mentioned above, it has 19 restaurants and bars, each having its charm. But Rock Bar, acclaimed with the best view for sunset in Bali is an open-air establishment, perfect for a sundowner. Moreover, it holds its name in the top bars in Asia where one can enjoy the live music and alfresco Mediterranean dining.

Kampoeng Bali is another outdoor restaurant with a marketplace where one can enjoy an extensive buffet with Balinese dishes such as Bali Guling while enjoying the live Kecak performances. These two being the highlights of Ayana’s dining places, other 17 eating and drinking venues have their own identity. Well, if you don’t agree, we are always options for reviews, but it's the numbers which speak for these two spots.

6. Perfect Sundowner Spot: Rock Bar

10 Luxurious Experiences at Ayana Resorts in Bali-6

Unlike the other top bars in Asia, Rock Bar may not be atop a skyscraper, but it has its own of making fall for it.

Perched atop the cliff of Jimbaran Bay, this bar can only be accessed via cable car. Being 46 feet above the Indian Ocean’s splashing waves, Rock Bar is the perfect spot to witness the magical sunset while satiating your taste buds with signature popcorn-fried chicken and a fizzy cocktail. With the colour of the sky changing to black with twinkling stars, this place transforms into a nightclub with a roster of DJ’s making the crowd dancing on their pumping beats while standing on a booth which is on a rock.

7. Private Kubu Beach

10 Luxurious Experiences at Ayana Resorts in Bali-7

197 steps down from the resort, Kubu beach is a secluded and one of the most beautiful beaches to enjoy the perfect quality time with your loved ones or dig some beer with your folks, both ways it is going to be great. If hunger strikes, you don’t need to worry about the steps again as there is a dining area at the entrance of the beach- Warung Kubu.

Being a private beach and its unique location keeps Kubu Beach hidden away from the spotlight, but you should know a road less travelled usually leads to beautiful paths.

8. Rimba Jimbaran Bali

10 Luxurious Experiences at Ayana Resorts in Bali-8

Being the sister resort to Ayana, Rimba Jimbaran Bali is within the grounds of AYANA. Looking to immerse in an authentic Balinese experience? This 403 rooms 5-star hotel will be the perfect getaway matched by sunset views to soothe not just eyes but soul too. Someone who finds the nature touch more fascinating than the ocean view can choose Rimba as 20 acres hotel gives you access to the all the amenities and sections of Ayana Resort such as private Kubu beach, Rock Bar and much more.

Moreover, the rates of rooms and villas here are comparatively lower than Ayana's with same facilities. Is it just me or you're are also finding it irresistible?

9. Rejuvenate Yourself With Spa

10 Luxurious Experiences at Ayana Resorts in Bali-9

Acclaimed by World Spa Awards as Indonesia’s Best Hotel Spa in 2015, you will experience the best of best spa services at Ayana. With the powerful combination of anti-oxidants of seawater and seaweed, Thalassotherapy treatments are one of a kind. Dive into their private Aqua-tonic pool where there are over 60 therapeutic jet streams to cleanse your body.

Other spa services you can avail are: Underwater Massage, Balinese Massage, Hot Shell Massage, Seven Chakra Dhara, or Lava Stone Reflexology

Isn't it the perfect way of rejuvenating in the Island of Gods?

10. Value for Money

10 Luxurious Experiences at Ayana Resorts in Bali-10

Ranging from $253 in low season to $700 in high for double rooms, Ayana Resort and Spa Hotel offer the best value for money. Moreover, the breakfast is for $28, and wifi is complimentary.

Access for disabled guests?

There are accessible rooms, and golf carts are always there to assist in transportation between amenities.

Is it a family-friendly resort?

10 Luxurious Experiences at Ayana Resorts in Bali-11 Yes, surely it is as there are spacious interconnecting rooms available. Moreover, the colourful kids club offer a playground, a trampoline and a Wii console. They also have free baby cots in which you can carry your baby boo while strolling the beautiful gardens across the property!

10 Luxurious Experiences at Ayana Resorts in Bali-12 Ayana has gained a lot of popularity across the globe and guests come in huge numbers every year to pamper themselves with luxury. Even the celebrities like Alia Bhatt couldn't stop praising this resort on their Insta stories. I guess there is no space for more better reasons left. Right?

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