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10 Lesser Known Beaches In Goa worth visiting!


Inundating nightlife, free-flowing booze, daring water sports and appealing beaches, Goa has everything to make you feel young, energetic and alive. Quaint cafes and perfect nightlife pubs, churches and forts, volunteer for bike riding and parasailing, the list of things to do in Goa just seem to be endless. But if you are looking for some ample peace of mind with less crowd around you, we present you the list of 10 less known beaches in Goa worth visiting where you can experience the untouched, unspoiled, rather pristine version of this coastal beauty. Make sure you don’t miss out on any!

1. Cola Beach

10 Lesser Known Beaches In Goa worth visiting!-1 Located in the deep south of Goa lays this beautiful piece of paradise. A shoreline lined with swaying coconut trees and a freshwater lagoon, this makes for the perfect getaway. The beach has a few resorts that offer tent and beach huts to stay in. There are no buses or public transport to this beach and you can only reach here with your own transport. Hence, you will find this place more inhibited and perfect for indulging in private pleasures. The lagoon is a deep blue and is separated from the sea by a thin strip of sand. The Blue Lagoon Resort on Cola beach has an amazing restaurant which offers a delightful view of the lagoon and the sea, apart from Goan delicacies.

Location: 36km from Margao/ 5km from Agonda Beach (South Goa).

How to reach Cola Beach: It’s just 20mins drive from Palolem beach or 10mins drive from Agonda beach. It’s easily accessible from both the places by a scoote, bike or taxi.

2. Arambol Beach

10 Lesser Known Beaches In Goa worth visiting!-2 Opposite to the ocean, Paliem Lake at Arambol beach is the most beautiful lake in the region and is famous for its refreshing setting and environment. The water is clean and fresh and hence sees a lot of tourism all-round the year. So take a dip in this lake and go for an easy swim in the fresh waters that awaits you. Regarded as the best place for paragliding in Goa with many other water sports, Arambol beach is a must visit. Arambol has it all for you from Psy-Trance parties, reggae music, yoga and art shows.

Location: 60 km from Margao/ 20km from Anjuna (North Goa)

How to reach Arambol Beach: Rent a scooter, bike, car or hire a taxi. Take a bus to Mapusa, then use local autos to reach there.

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3. Querim Beach

10 Lesser Known Beaches In Goa worth visiting!-3

Also known as Keri Beach, Querim beach is a secluded and one of the most beautiful beaches in Goa. If you are seeking to spend some quality time with their loved ones? Querim is the perfect place for you. With the low tides and jellyfishes, starfishes and seashells all around, you get to experience a different version of Goa. Goa’s most northerly beach has few shacks to dig some beer and chill with your folks. Moreover, Querim Beach adds up the Goan culture to your trip with Portuguese style Goan houses, Ajoba temple and Keri fort.

Location: 80km from Margao/ 20km from Anjuna, near Goa-Maharashtra Border (North West Goa)

How to reach Querim Beach: Rent a bicycle or scooter in Goa. A faster way to get there is to take a bus or taxi from central Goa. Small signs point the way to the beach.

4. Butterfly Beach

10 Lesser Known Beaches In Goa worth visiting!-4

Butterfly beach is a small beach cove with white sands and crystal clear waters. You can’t reach this place except for a boat ride or a 2 hrs trek. No vehicles can make it to this beach because the trek takes you through brooks, dense forests, climbs and opens you to this undiscovered beauty of Goa. There are no places to stay on this beach, so that’s not an option unless you are carrying your own tent. Since the beach is so inaccessible, not many people visit it, and it remains a virgin beach.

Location: 37km from Margao/ 6km from Palolem Beach (South Goa)

How to reach Butterfly Beach: By boat from Agonda or Palolem beach.

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5. Galgibaga Beach

10 Lesser Known Beaches In Goa worth visiting!-5

Another gem in Goa, Galgibaga beach is the turtle nesting beach. So, this could leave you awestruck and for sure you will have a pleasant time. How would it feel watching thousands of sea turtles on the shore while you lie down on the clean sands of this beach? Amazing as it is one of kind experience. Its far off location is the reason it still remains hidden away from the spotlight but you should know a road less travelled usually leads to beautiful paths.

Location: 53km from Margao/ 7 km from famous Palolem Beach (South Goa)

How to reach Galgibaga Beach: You can reach it from Rajbag through a bridge across the river, but only pedestrians or two-wheelers can cross this bridge which brings us to another interesting thing to do in Goa. Hire a bike and explore!

6. Palolem Beach

10 Lesser Known Beaches In Goa worth visiting!-6

With white sands stretching over a mile, Palolem Beach will soothe your eyes and heart with its beauty. Famous for its spectacular crescent shape, it is possible to see both the ends from the center of the beach. It has its own flavor in Goa’s neighborhood, with activities like yoga, kayaking, swim in the blue water, enjoying traditional Indian cuisine and partying at Silent Night Disco. If you love watching sunsets, it's definitely one of the places to be in.

Moreover, it is the location where Matt Damon's Hollywood Movie 'The Bourne Supremacy' scenes were shot.

Location: 38km from Margaon/9km from Agonda (South Goa)

How to reach Palolem Beach: Rent a scooty, bike, car or hire a taxi. Nearest bus station is Canacona bus station(3km from Palolem), so you can use local transport.

7. Benaulim Beach

10 Lesser Known Beaches In Goa worth visiting!-7

Named as by the Portuguese, Benaulim Beach is a quiet and beautiful beach less known by the domestic tourists who further add to its charm. It gets fairly crowded in the evenings and on weekends as it is a fishing beach. Don’t you worry as the sea is safe for swimming and being generally jellyfish-free! Further South of Benaulim, you can find the soft white sands, the black lava rocks of the Cavelossim Beach which is equally secluded and stunning.

Location: 7km from Margao, near Colva beach (Central Goa)

How to reach Benaulim Beach: Rent a scooty, bike, car or hire a taxi. Nearest bus station is Margao station from where you can take an auto to reach there.

8. Kakolem Beach

10 Lesser Known Beaches In Goa worth visiting!-8

Kakolem is a small but beautiful beach cove that is located on the bay. Regarded as one of the most secluded beaches of Goa, Kakolem beach boasts serene beauty of Goa as the sands are pretty clean. Want to have the best view of the surroundings? You can get such a view up above of the cliff.

From the rock, which is set ideally one the Beach, a cool stream flows down to the sea. This beautiful beach will be a perfect place for the newly married couple for honeymoons.

Location: 30km from Margao/ Near south of Cabo de Rama Beach(South Goa)

How to reach Kakolem beach: There is no proper road and only a small path off the main road leads to the beach. To get to the beach one needs to climb down a series of steps which takes a considerable amount of time. Rent a scooty or a bike to reach there.

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9. Agonda Beach

10 Lesser Known Beaches In Goa worth visiting!-9

A gorgeous 3km stretch of relatively pristine beach, Agonda Beach lies in southern Goa. A typical scene at this beach while on your walk includes fishermen hauling in their often plentiful catches, tourists jogging, yogis practicing their asanas(yoga acts) and others going for long swims in the Arabian sea. Moreover, the pristine, huge, serene and stunning Agonda beach has a turtle center in its middle where Olive Ridley eggs are protected. The waters of this beach are not for surfing and swimming but can enjoy memorable sunset walk here and I think that is not a problem for anyone seeking out of the box.

Location: 40km from Margao/9km from Palolem(South Goa)

How to reach Agonda beach: Rent a scooty, bike, car or hire a taxi. Nearest bus station is Canacona bus station, from where you can take an auto to reach there.

10. Siridao Beach

10 Lesser Known Beaches In Goa worth visiting!-10

Situated just a few kilometers away from Panjim, Siridao Beach is the best place for imaginative souls and the passionate explorers. This beach is blessed with a rocky topography making this place a very picturesque and therefore a favorite with experimenting photographers. The oyster and pearl shells that get washed ashore magnify the beauty of the beach to a whole new level. If you are an adventure freak, there are a number of mystery caves too nearby. A shell collector’s haven, this beach is a lovely place. This beach is an amazing place for honeymooning couple and seclusion seekers.

Location: 36km from Margao/ 10km from Panjim (Central Goa)

How to reach Siridao Beach: Rent a scooty, bike, car or hire a taxi. You can take an auto from Panjim to reach there.

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