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10 Famous Foods of Ladakh To Smack Your Taste Buds on Himalaya Top


Ladakh! One fantasy destination which can actually make any traveller pop out of bed and run straight into the world of imagination where roads hover above clouds and peace is all around. This place has so much to offer that you may visit it over and over again but still discover Ladakh like never before. After all, there is a reason why Ladakh trip is one hell of an experience in every way possible be it nature, people or food. Yes! Food. The Himalayan factor that always end up being overshadowed by the exquisite views hailed by nature.

If Ladakh is next on your list of vacations (why in the world shouldn’t it be), you just cannot afford to miss out the delicious food that the Land of Lamas has to offer. Local food of Ladakh is not just about treat to taste buds but it also adds to healthy diet while introducing you to the lip smacking delicacies of Tibetan and Kashmiri culture. Check out these 10 food items that will give you just another reason to fall in love with the simplicity and charm of Ladakh.

1. Tigmo

10 Famous Foods of Ladakh To Smack Your Taste Buds on Himalaya Top-1 One of the most famous dishes of Ladakh, Tigmo (pronounced as Teemo) is one food that you can eat at anytime of day as snack or meal. It is a vegetable stew that is served with fermented bread. On asking to serve the best local food in any restaurant in Ladakh, you will hear the option of Tigmo on the first place. The stew can also be cooked with chicken in it, making it a non-veg dish too. The fermented bread made of white flour is soft and compliments the stew and the simplicity of local people in an apt way.

2. Thukpa

10 Famous Foods of Ladakh To Smack Your Taste Buds on Himalaya Top-2 If you have ever visited a place influenced by Tibetan culture, Thukpa won’t be an alien name to you. A traditional and beloved Tibetan dish, Thukpa is delectable soup with vegetables, chicken or both in it along with noodles. It is the Ladakhi modification of noodles and is served hot and spicy, making it a perfect food choice amid the chilled air of Ladakh. Imagine sitting on a bench on the edge of mountain peak, overlooking the snow clad valleys and hills with a hot bowl of thukpa in hands while the chilled air of Ladakh gently caress your face. Fantasising already? Wait for the list to end.

3. Butter Tea

10 Famous Foods of Ladakh To Smack Your Taste Buds on Himalaya Top-3 Craving a hilltop food without a hot cup of chai is like partying without beer. The experience always remains incomplete. And how does Ladakh makes this experience unmatchable? By serving you a tea that is nowhere near to the basic tea. Butter tea is made with butter and it tastes salty. Not just it makes your tea experience exclusive but it also gives you a healthy edge over the freezing weather of Himalayan state. Butter keeps the lips moisturised amid the cold wind of mountains while salt shields the body from altitude sickness. However, you won’t find butter tea in restaurants or cafes of the area. It is mostly made by locals in their home and this sounds even better. Tasting local food while interacting with natives and even visiting their homes. This is how food makes the travel experience fulfilled.

4. Thenktuk

10 Famous Foods of Ladakh To Smack Your Taste Buds on Himalaya Top-4 This Ladakhi delicacy is quite similar to Thukpa. The only difference is that it also has fragments of flour dough along with noodles & vegetables and is less spicy than Thukpa. Another dish that introduce you to the Tibetan taste, Thenktuk is quite famous in all the Himalayan regions. It sometimes even include yak meat in it giving it a total Ladakhi twist.

5. Mokthuk

10 Famous Foods of Ladakh To Smack Your Taste Buds on Himalaya Top-5

Ladakh knows how to bring the favourites of everyone together. From highest passes to deep valleys and from soup to momos. And if you are someone who just cannot decide between soup and momos while travelling on mountains, go for Mokthuk. This Ladakhi dish is basically spicy vegetable soup with momos in it. Undoubtedly, a combination that cannot be disliked. Pick your choice of veg or non-veg momos and savour on the succulent taste of Ladakh.

6. Khambir

10 Famous Foods of Ladakh To Smack Your Taste Buds on Himalaya Top-6

Somewhat identical to tortilla or roti, Khambir is a local bread of Ladakh that is pan shaped and a little harder than the basic tortillas. It is an evening snack that is salty in taste and is eaten with tea. Khambir is easily found in the local market of Ladakh and is a must try snack to savour with a cup of hot butter tea.

7. Qahwa

10 Famous Foods of Ladakh To Smack Your Taste Buds on Himalaya Top-7

Anyone who is aware of Kashmiri cuisines knows that Qahwa is the signature tea of Kashmir that is profoundly rich in taste. Ladakh too isn’t left untouched with the love for the delicious tea. Qahwa is boiled with saffron, cinnamon, cardamom and dry fruits and should definitely rest on your taste buds if you are planning to rest your foot in Ladakh. The rich ingredients of the tea provides it with the health benefits that helps to lower blood pressure and reduces cancer cells in body. Experience the exotic tea of Ladakh and buy some of it to take back to your home. The tea powder can be made on demand at some shops.

8. Chhupri or Yak Cheese

10 Famous Foods of Ladakh To Smack Your Taste Buds on Himalaya Top-8 Made by adding citric acid to the yak milk, Chhupri or yak cheese is one Ladakhi food that you won’t find anywhere else. It is comparatively harder than the basic cheese and therefore, buy it in smaller quantity. Try a raw bite of the cheese or simply ask at the restaurants to shred it over your food.

9. Sea Buckthorn Juice

10 Famous Foods of Ladakh To Smack Your Taste Buds on Himalaya Top-9

Sea Buckthorn, popularly called Leh berries are found only in Ladakh hence catering an experience for your taste buds that can only the Himalayan state can offer you. This bush was primarily used only for fencing but with the discovery of its health benefits and luscious taste, it is now used to make juices that can leave you drooling for more. Sea buckthorn has omega 3 fatty acid which nourishes and moisturises your skin. A must try on the list of exclusive foods of Ladakh.

10. Chhang

10 Famous Foods of Ladakh To Smack Your Taste Buds on Himalaya Top-10

This local brew made by fermenting miller with yeast makes up for a perfect drink to complement the freezing weather of Ladakh. Prepared in a traditional porcelain pot and served steaming hot in a brass kettle, Chhang is every local’s recommendation to the travelers. Once prepared, it is first tasted by the eldest woman of the family to check whether the drink is upto the mark or not.

The delicacies offered by Ladakh are yet another reason why the Himalayan state will make a home in your heart. And if these foods and many other reasons beckon you to pack your bag and visit the Roof of The World, step out of your bed and get on the flight.

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