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Let's Gets Tipsy On These 10 Popular Beers Across The World


Let's Gets Tipsy On These 10 Popular Beers Across The World-1 “Beer isn’t a drink, it’s an emotion”.

Whether you want to enjoy a football match, a chilled out night with your colleagues or a drunk night with your friends. There’s one thing that is common among them all. A glass of mug in every hand. From Lager, wheat, ale, malts, amber, stouts, porters, brown, blonde, cream, lime, Pilsner, we know we got you. There’s so much variety of this drink that it’s stupid if you think beer ain’t made for you. Take a tour of the world and help yourself with a glass of mug in every corner of the world. We are all set to make you tipsy with the most famous and best beers across the world and bookmark them because trust us, you don’t want to miss these on your trip.

1.Desperados, France

Let's Gets Tipsy On These 10 Popular Beers Across The World-2 If you cannot choose between tequila and beer, choose Desperados

Desperados is the world’s first tequila flavoured beer originally produced by France. It’s a full-bodied lager beer with a hint of tequila. With 5.9% of alcohol, it won’t get you drunk but decently tipsy with a bottle or two. It has a certain lime flavour to it which will make you forget the number of bottles you have had because the taste is impeccable. The beer is now distributed by the Heineken and produced in Karlovačko Brewery in Croatia.

2. Cerveza Quilmes, Argentina

Let's Gets Tipsy On These 10 Popular Beers Across The World-3 When Germany meets Argentina, you get Quilmes.

A perfect blend of softness, bitterness and colour, Quilmes was started by a German immigrant who came to Argentina in 1890 and with him came the German taste. It has a tinge of corn, caramel and straw which gives it a pleasant taste. Quilmes is a beer best suited to enjoy a beach, by the sea, or when you are not looking forward to getting dead drunk. It is Latin’s favourite and is very famous in Europe and North America as well.

3. Pilsner Urquell beer, Czech Republic

Let's Gets Tipsy On These 10 Popular Beers Across The World-4 World’s first blonde beer, there’s something authentic about Pilsner you don’t want to miss

Pilsner Urquell blessed the world with blonde ale in 1842 and we can’t thank them enough for it. Drinking Pilsner is a three-tier experience. While most lagers leave the taste on your tongue, Pilsner will first hit you with its light flavour, which develops later in your mouth and leaves a sweet and refreshing taste afterwards. I am already dying to have it. With 4.40% of alcohol, this 150-yr old Czech beer makes the best out of creamy and soft beer.

4. Brahma, Brazil

Let's Gets Tipsy On These 10 Popular Beers Across The World-5 It’s a Brahma voodoo

Coming straight from Brazil is the famous beer known for its sweet taste and better high. The beer was originally started and brewed in the year 1888 and now it’s a famous name all around the world. Brahma is the beer manufacturing house and they make close to 20 varieties of beer ranging from lager, chopp, Malzbier, porter and stout.

5. Bintang, Indonesia

Let's Gets Tipsy On These 10 Popular Beers Across The World-6 It’s getting the island drunk for 80 years, join the squad

Bintang is like the national beer of Indonesia, you would find everyone getting drunk on the taste of it. It was started by a Dutch brewery Surabaya in 1929 when the island was under the Dutch colonization. It’s the best replacement for Heineken in Bali and goes well with the Indonesian delicacies too.

6. Sculpin IPA, California

Let's Gets Tipsy On These 10 Popular Beers Across The World-7 What do peach, mango and lemon make together? Sculpin.

Can you imagine a beer made out of a peach, mango and lemon? Can you imagine how great would it taste? If you can’t you gotta try Sculpin IPA. It comes from Ballast brewing company in San Diego,California . It’s 7% alcohol content and the blissful taste is sure to hit you hard and get you out of your senses. Isn’t that what you look for in a beer?

7. The Abyss- Deschutes, Oregon, USA

Let's Gets Tipsy On These 10 Popular Beers Across The World-8 If bourbon were a beer, it would be the Abyss

Since beer couldn’t survive in Russia cold temperature they showed their creativity to make a beer which is basically a bourbon. They are very strict about ageing their alcohol and even their beer is aged in a oak barrel for 12 months to add the bourbon flavour to it. It is hard, bitter and hits you straight, everything that a drinker looks for in alcohol. It has molasses, liquorice with a hint of vanilla and cherry. With 11% alcohol content it is meant for the hardcore drinkers.

8. Milk Stout Nitro, Colorado

Let's Gets Tipsy On These 10 Popular Beers Across The World-9 Adults do not drink milk but when they do it is milk stout Nitro

When we got too old for the milk, we found another way to drink it. This is a new way of stout with added milk sugar in it. It has a creamy taste to it which is so sweet and has a beer effect as well. Once you drink it, it is hard to find a replacement for it because it’s like drinking milk chocolate and once you get drunk you realised it wasn’t. It has hints of brown sugar, vanilla cream and roasted coffee. And you wouldn’t mind drinking it for your breakfast.

9. Weihenstephaner, Germany

Let's Gets Tipsy On These 10 Popular Beers Across The World-10 What’s gold in Germany? It’s Weihenstephaner

Weihenstephaner is the most famous beer company in Germany. There wheat beer or as they call it Hefe Weissbier is gold, foamy, creamy and gives you the right amount of hit. They have the oldest beer brewery in Germany and their variety of wheat beers will leave you perplexed all in a good way. It has a hint of cloves and banana and its strong taste is extracted from the barrels infused with yeast and allowed to age.

10. Heineken, Netherlands

Let's Gets Tipsy On These 10 Popular Beers Across The World-11 If there’s an icon among beers, then it’s none other than Heineken

There are very few in this world who haven’t seen a green bottle with a lone red star. Yes, it’s Heineken! (For those who are among the very few.) Heineken is the world’s most premium lager which is brewed under the supervision of Heineken Brouwerijen B.V Amsterdam, Holland. The lager tastes stronger placed side by side to internationally mass-produced lagers. And the best part; it goes down smoothly when it’s ice cold. So it would be completely okay if you beckon the bartender to bring on another one.

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