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18 Bollywood Movies That Stir The Traveller Inside You

Being an Indian, it is impossible not to be touched by movies. Bollywood has since long exerted a deep influence on different aspects of our lives. If you look carefully, you’ll see it all around you. From weddings to fashion and romance to family values, Bollywood is all around us. Since we consider our most prime duty to enlighten the world about travel, we present to you a list of Bollywood flicks that will inspire you to pack your bags and drive into the unknown.

1. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

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This movie took travel in movies to new horizons altogether. Three friends, each with their own baggage to deal with, decide to take a trip to Spain to celebrate the last few days of bachelorhood of one of them. Through her brilliant direction, Zoya Akhtar has captured the scenic beauty and the culture of Spain. The La Tomatina festival, adventure sports like scuba diving, sky diving and running with the bulls stirred a sense of craving among the audiences for the same experience. Watching the song 'Khaabon ke Parindey' gives you a feeling that you are right there in the car with the actors, drowning in the landscape of Spain not through some movie, but with your own eyes.

2. Queen

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This movie portrays the journey of a middle class, dependent and over protected Rajouri ki chhori to a confident and opinionated young woman as she decides to go on her 'honeymoon' alone after her fiancé dumps her on the day of her marriage. This movie is about breaking the shackles of tradition and finding yourself as an individual. Amidst all this, this Anurag Kashyap film takes you from the magnificent Eiffel tower in Paris to the red light areas in Amsterdam. With striking images and peculiar people that make you smile, this movie will urge you to travel alone and rediscover yourself.

3. Highway

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Yet another masterpiece from Imtiaz Ali, Highway takes viewers across Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh and Kashmir. Audiences get to see the dramatic sand dunes of Kuchaman Valley, and as the story progresses, shift to the scenic splendour of Pahalgam in Kashmir. This movie touches the viewer with the simplicity of travelling and the sense of freedom that travel can induce into one.

4. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

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This Karan Johar product is about nothing but travel. In this movie, the character of Ranbir Kapoor eats, breathes and lives for travel. He wants to see each and every corner of this world and maintains a cute journal listing down all the places he wants to see. By the time the movie ends, you’d either be left craving for a wedding destination or want to go backpacking to Manali. In a very exquisite yet intelligent way, Ayan Mukherji has brought forward the best of India's trekking culture in "Manali" and Land of Royals "Rajasthan" along with abroad destinations including France.

5. 3 Idiots

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One of the highest grossing movies of Bollywood, this movie brought back memories from college days for all of us. But apart from questioning the education system of our country, this movie showed how distance doesn’t matter when you need to see someone. Sometimes best of the memories come out of the impromptu decisions you take in your life. You don’t really need an extensive plan to take on a road trip. And a pair of pants for that matter. The movie provides glimpses of Shimla, Manali and finally towards the end of the film with Kareena Kapoor riding a bike lakeside, the director has beautifully captured the mesmerising beauty of Ladakh. Apart from Chatur Ramalingam's teacher's day speech, something that one takes home after watching the film is the strong desire to plan a road trip to 'The Broken Moon land'.

6. Rockstar

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For Indians, this was a whole new location shown in the movies. I mean yes, we were bored with only Switzerland or New York or London in the movies so Imtiaz Ali gives us a visual treat of the Czech Republic. The stunning locales of Prague and its blending in the fun song sequence of Hawa Hawa did make us drool. Guess that’s what an Imtiaz Ali’s movie does to u, first make you a hopeless romantic and then spark an unsettling wanderlust in your hearts?

7. Tamasha

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I bet many of us didn’t even know where Corsica is until Tamasha happened to us. Yet again, Imtiaz Ali gives us a reason to be awestruck with captivating locales of this little island in the Mediterranean Sea. From stunning peaks to beautiful coastlines Corsica is magical and the movie successfully depicts its beauty blended with romance, heartbreak and a great storyline to make a magical concoction called Tamasha.

8. Dil Dhadakne Do

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Dil Dhadakne Do is a drama genre movie which is shot at multiple locations while cruising in the Meditteranean. With one of the most super hit movie like Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara in her worklist, Zoya Akhtar didn't let the hopes down of the audience as she was able to showcase a great story line up where the twists and turns of the Mehra family relationships unfold on the cruise, we get a ringside view of the ship visiting exotic countries like Turkey, Spain, France and Italy. Mixed with many emotions and scenic locations in the backdrop to soothe the eyes and the movie gave major travel goals to the audience.

9. Anjana Anjaani

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Another movie in which traveling and beautiful locations are a part of the plot and not merely there to make up for the lack of acting skill of the actors. Shot in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco and New York (some parts also shot in Thailand and Malaysia), this movie is a must watch if you are just fed-up of the daily grind and want a refreshing change by traveling to your dream destination.

10. Bang Bang

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With pretty faces on the silver screen, action-packed scenes, beautiful dresses and breathtaking locations… Bang Bang was shot around Mumbai, Shimla, New Delhi, Phuket, Prague, Abu Dhabi and Greece. With the most thrilling scenes of flyboarding, skydiving and fast-track racing Formula 1, the movie presents many goals in life. All you got to do is call up your best buddies and take the next ticket out of your city to the adventure that awaits you.

11. Befikre

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Starring Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor, Befikre is a romantic flick about a young Indian couple who meet at Paris and has a fling by let going all their inhibitions without falling in love. Aditya Chopra’s return to direction after a hiatus of eight years has again got the temperatures soaring with the movie story line with quirky niche and by the looks of the movie, the film is totally shot in France. Pack your bags to France right away with friends and enjoy vacations over there being Befikre.

12. Jab We Met

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Through this modern day classic rom-com, Imtiaz Ali, who is quite a master of the travel movie genre himself, showcased various parts of India in the prettiest way possible. Right from the not so popular Ratlam ki Galiyan and Kota, to the most famous Manali -Leh highway, this movie is all about train journeys, bus drive and road trips. Jab We Met takes the viewers to admire the Indian landscape more than anything else.

13. Barfi

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The East of India has always be considered beautiful by the Indians as well as people from around the world too. But the adorable, deaf and mute Barfi, fueled our wanderlust to explore the exquisite beauty of nature in Darjeeling. From misty mornings to muddy slopes to toy train in Darjeeling, you won't be able to hold your horses but travel to this scenic beauty. The clock tower, the famous Glenary's Cafe and the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway—Barfi presents the hill town at its best.

14. Fanaa

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A journey from the capital of India "Delhi" to the crown of India "Kashmir", Fanaa features with some very beautiful and exotic destinations in India. Kunal Kohli has done a good job of capturing beautiful destinations. The first half of the movie is in Delhi around the heritage sites like Qutub Minar, Humayun's Tomb and the second half is in Kashmir in the arms of The Great Himalayas, consisting of vivacious valleys garnished with snow all over it.

15. Chalte Chalte

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'Tauba Tumhare Yeh Ishare' had us all drooling at the sight of the immaculate windmills or the beautiful Church of Panagia Paraportiani in the Mykonos Island. The song Suno Na Suno Na also showed us some breathtaking locations such as the Athens Academy and the Vouliagmeni Lake in Athens. Greece truly exudes a utopian charm and allures us to its breathtaking locations. Let’s pack our bags to Greece right away. Who’s with me?

16. Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaenge

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It was Yash Johar who brought the world to Indian televisions and cinema halls when he started his era of love stories either based in foreign countries or by beautifully teleporting the protagonists to some exotic location abroad in dreamy song sequences. Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge was like a portrait painted in the surreal moors of Switzerland and enchanting streets of London. Can we ever forget the scene where Amrish Puri feeds pigeons at the Trafalgar Square or the beautiful roads Shahrukh and Kajol are driving through? No.

17. Dil Chahta Hai

18 Bollywood Movies That Stir The Traveller Inside You-17

This movie will leave you with a longing to pack your bags and head to Goa with your closest of friends on the next weekend. The movie showcases how the relationships can grow close and apart during the course of a trip. It also shows that life is not about rainbows and butterflies and at the same time it is not that sad either, it depends on how you deal with what comes your way. In the end, it will just make you want to visit the beach destinations of India with a new spirit.

18. London Paris New York

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From the name of the movie, one can definitely expect the movie scenes to have been shot across the three most popular and beautiful cities in the world: London, Paris, and New York and it does. The storyline of this movie may not be applauded, but the famous tourist destinations in all three cities are shown very romantically. After watching the movie, it will be really hard to resist and all you could think about will be, to travel these three majestic cities.

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