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11 Bollywood Celebrities Who Are Giving Us Major Travel Goals


Every once in a while when they need to escape from their glamours lives, they find themselves travelling in the farthest of places. Why not? Travelling is one thing that puts your heart to rest and soul to peace no matter how tiring the works get. Bollywood has been giving us the inspiration to travel for a long time now with its hit flicks. How can we forget Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and ‘Dil Dhadakne Do’. It’s time you go off the screen to come across the real life of the stars and see them travelling the world. And trust us when we say this, their Instagram stories and feed is no less than that of a wanderer soul. Here are few Bollywood celebrities who are giving us major travel goals with their wanderlust.

1. Alia Bhatt

11 Bollywood Celebrities Who Are Giving Us Major Travel Goals-1 We have seen her exploring the different genres of movies and now see her exploring the various corners of the world. As much as she likes to experiment with her roles she likes to experiment with her travel destinations as well. From snow-covered streets of Bulgaria to the blue waters of Maldives. From travel for work to travel with her girl gang, Alia Bhatt at the age of 25 she has seen the most beautiful parts of the world and her life is indeed an inspiration to quench our wanderlust. Alia Bhatt is often captured in the streets of Europe, but she likes island life more (her Instagram feed is proof of that). She was recently seen having a gala time on the beaches of Bali with her girl gang. Her island pictures and girl gang is making us envious so badly.

2. Malaika Arora

11 Bollywood Celebrities Who Are Giving Us Major Travel Goals-2 The fitness freak and as we can call her a travel freak as well. Malaika loves to travel across the globe sometimes with her family and sometimes with her girlfriends. Her body is meant for the beaches, and she is often seen flaunting it at some of the most beautiful coastal destinations of the world. She is seen beach vacationing in Maldives and Mallorca in Spain. She loves Europe and is often plans her trip to the most beautiful places on the continent such as Amsterdam, Italy, Spain to name a few. But, the actor says Los Angeles is her all-time favourite destination for the blend of fitness, fashion and food that the city is known for. She loves the place so much that has recently shot a video by Discover LA where she is seen talking and enjoying at her favourite corners of the city. She is totally sparking a wanderlust in us.

3. Milind Soman

11 Bollywood Celebrities Who Are Giving Us Major Travel Goals-3 Isn't trekking the best way to stay fit? Milind Soman knows this too well and probably this is his favourite form of exercise. The Marathon man of Bollywood is fond of travelling to the mountains especially to the higher Himalayas. He has proven that age is just a number by trekking to the Everest base camp at the age of 50. He is known for his marathons across the most beautiful cities of India. He is seen in Gujarat, Pune, Bangalore, Lucknow and even to the foreign cities of Berlin, Zurich and Florida. Now, that's a new way to travel.

4. Gul Panag

11 Bollywood Celebrities Who Are Giving Us Major Travel Goals-4 Her adventurous soul will surely urge you to make a move and will get you on your wheels. Former Miss India who is following her passion on roads. She is seen taking her wheels to the far-off corners of the world. From Kayaking in the Mandovi river of Goa to the rugged hills of Ladakh she has tried her hands on everything. Gul Panag’s life and her adventure tales is truly an inspiration for the adventure seekers especially for the female travellers who are scared to explore the world on their terms. If she can, you can too!

5. Lisa Hayden

11 Bollywood Celebrities Who Are Giving Us Major Travel Goals-5 The classy girl with a hippie's heart has an undying love for beaches and sea. Her Instagram feed is full of beautiful beaches and seashores. That’s just not it because as much as she likes to laze around on the beaches, she is an adventurer by heart. See her hot photos of cycling in Goa, scuba diving in Amalfi, surfing in Thailand, paddle boarding in Ibiza, and cruise tours in Thailand. Then move ahead to watch her ski in snow and explore the streets of London and Hong Kong. She has done it all and her photographs allure her fans to travel as well. We know she is a traveller because she didn’t stop her adventures even after giving birth to her son Zack. You would see the hot mommy carrying around her son to the different corners of the world and making the best of both of her love for travel and her son. Now that is indeed an inspiration that if you want to travel there shouldn't be any stopping you.

6. Ranvir Singh

11 Bollywood Celebrities Who Are Giving Us Major Travel Goals-6 The super energetic star knows where to put his energy to rest. He is often seen in the streets of Europe and often with his beloved vacationing in the most beautiful corners of the continent. His Switzerland trip was so much in the news, and his photographs inspired everyone around to visit the European beauty. His love for Switzerland is evident. We know so because the Swiss have named a train after him which is called ‘Ranveer of Tour’ because he has given so much tourism to the country. Now, that is something inspirational. The best thing about his travel style is that he likes to keep it raw by travelling around the local transport.

7. Nargis Fakhri

11 Bollywood Celebrities Who Are Giving Us Major Travel Goals-7 Following her wanderlusting soul, she travels around the world and enjoys history, architecture, adventure and laid-back vacations as well. Apparently, she wanted to become a Bollywood star so that she could travel while working. And, see how her love for travelling has made her one of the most famous actresses of the film industry. The actress not only loves to travel but is seen promoting and talking about the importance of travelling. At one point she is seen adorning the architecture in Athens and another moment you would find her hiking the Runyon Canyon in Los Angeles. She admires art and culture and her Instagram is an album of all the beautiful places she travels to.

8. Kalki Kochelin

11 Bollywood Celebrities Who Are Giving Us Major Travel Goals-8 Kalki Kochelin is one of the daredevils of the industry when it comes to travelling. And mind it, she doesn’t like to travel in comfort and luxury. She has a braveheart and her love for adventure which takes her to take the adventurous tour everytime her heart craves travelling. She is an avid biker and was recently seen taking 4000 km bike road trip with her father. Now that’s some father-daughter goal apart from travelling goals that she is giving us. Kalki has also done her travel show called Kalki’s great escape which is a diary full of her travel tales and adventures. She also has a beach house in Pondicherry and loves to spend time by the sea and in the famous Auroville ashram. Now that’s a blend of beach and mountain person and how great is that!

9. Sonakshi Sinha

11 Bollywood Celebrities Who Are Giving Us Major Travel Goals-9 She loves travelling, and we know so because she has promised herself that she would be travelling to new destinations on her birthdays. That’s a travel promise that we all should make to ourselves. Don’t you just love the idea of growing older with a new destination? The Lootera star is seen travelling in New York, San Franciso, Budapest, Maldives, London, New York, Kerala, Goa and trust us, there is no end to this list. She also went backpacking in Europe exploring the historic towns and cities of the continent. So much to extract from her travel diaries!

10. Kareena and Saif

11 Bollywood Celebrities Who Are Giving Us Major Travel Goals-10 They say couples who travel together stay together. Could that be the reason they bond so together? Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan are fond of travelling to the most exotic destinations of the world. They are often seen vacationing in the Alps in Switzerland. And, they love the place so much that they have brought a house there to spend the romantic vacations there from time to time. Recently, they were seen in Maldives with their family enjoying the island life. They are giving us big time couple goals!

11. Shehnaz Treasurywala

11 Bollywood Celebrities Who Are Giving Us Major Travel Goals-11 The Indian- American actor has become a travel junkie and a blogger telling her travel tales to the world. Known for her roles in Ishq Vishk and Delly Belly her Instagram feed will make you jealous of the places she travels to. She is seen vacationing in the exotic locations in Bali and shopping in the vibrant streets of Istanbul. You will see exploring Europe and the mountains of the Himalayas. For her passion, she has now turned into a travel influencer.
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