10 Best Trekking Experiences In Bali


The beauty of Bali is unquestionable. Is there anything that you can’t find in Bali? It’s my only question. The beaches are bright and brilliant with all the warm sunlight hitting the grains of white sand. The green paddy fields covering your view as far as you can see. The culture is extravagant and the architecture is a delight to look at and know about. The land of active volcanoes which are in itself is the nature’s wonders and the numerable mountain peaks with the scenic beauty. There are not just one but different types of sceneries to behold in Bali. This large variety of nature’s diversity is what you get if you decide to go for out for a trek in Bali. Trekking in Bali is definitely an exquisite experience and here are some of the suggestions to consider for an enthralling trek in Bali.

1. Mount Batur Sunrise Trek

10 Best Trekking Experiences In Bali-1 If you have space for only one trek in Bali, then this should be it. This one is definitely a must do in Bali and makes way on everyone’s itinerary who is visiting Bali. The Mount Batur is a sacred mountain if Hindu traditions are to be believed. Located at an elevation of 1717 m above the sea level, the sacred mountain is surrounded by a lake and other peaks to beautify the landscape. The best suited time for the trek is early in the morning, possibly at 3-4 in the morning so that you can climb up just in time to witness the most spectacular sunrise ever. The mountain is surrounded by the pixie dust of clouds and the temperature takes a drop while the sun rises from behind the peaks leaving the hues of colours in the sky.

2. Mount Agung Trek

10 Best Trekking Experiences In Bali-2 Another marvelous location to witness the sunrise is the Mount Agung Trek located in the vicinity of Mount Batur Lake. This trek is also known for its scenic sunrise and sunset. Mount Agung is the highest mountain peak in Bali elevated at an altitude of 3,142 meters above the sea level. It is often called as the home of the gods and is considered extremely pious and sacred by the Indonesian people. The trek begins from the Pasar Agung Temple and takes 4-5 hours for a fit person to complete. The difficulty level of the trek is a bit higher than that of Mount Batur due to its height but the panoramic views make it all worth it. You can also see the Mount Rinjani from the top located on Lombok island in Bali.

3. Batur Caldera Trek

10 Best Trekking Experiences In Bali-3 Paving your way through the green trails and reaching amidst the clouds, every part of this trek is scenic and fill in nature’s colors. Batur Caldera trek is often trailed by the trekkers looking for some offbeat adventure and the landscapes of sunset and sunrise. From the top of the peak, you can witness the long coastline of Lombok Island, the vistas of volcanoes, the Twin Lake and the green valleys. If you want, you can go a step ahead and camp on the top for the rest of the night and wake up with the eye-pleasing view of the sunrise before you head down to the base point.

4. Penebel to Jatiluwih

10 Best Trekking Experiences In Bali-4 A trip to Bali is incomplete without trekking amidst the paddy fields of the island. This trek takes you to the Tabanan region of Bali, which has seen history being unfurled right in front of its eyes. From the wars of the kings and Dutch invasion, the trek will offer the memoirs of the past. You will also spot the Besi Kalung temple, the sacred temple for Balinese people where they offer rice to the Gods for prosperity. The end point of the trek is Jatiluwih. The terrace fields of paddy are listed on the UNESCO world heritage site.

5. West Bali National Park Hiking

10 Best Trekking Experiences In Bali-5 Strolling amidst the national park of Bali, you have a chance to spot the exquisite variety of wildlife that Bali has to offer. Among them, monkeys are found in abundance in this national park and they are considered sacred by the Balinese people. They would surround you because they are most friendly monkeys you would ever see. The national park houses close to 300 varieties of fauna, 200 varieties of different bird species and also a number of endangered and vulnerable species of wildlife. The most common animals you would witness here are Bali starling, the black macaque, wild pigs, iguanas, snakes, leaf monkeys, munkac (barking deer), sambar, and mice. The forest in itself is a treasure for nature lovers. There are several water bodies on the way, the canopy of trees, the dive sites and some hidden beaches. There is a lot to see in here.

6. Sambangan

10 Best Trekking Experiences In Bali-6 How would you like trekking combined with the pinch of adventure sports? Sambangan trek takes you along to show you the hidden side of jungles of Bali. Trekking amid the dense woods of Sambangan, you get to witness a variety of nature’s beauty. The place is full of secretive spots so much so that it is called the ‘Secret Garden’ of Bali. The waterfall of Aling Aling is the highlight of the trek where you can take a dip in the waterfall and also enjoy the adventure sports of rappelling and canoeing. The trek is rated difficult and requires all your strength to put in one place. The trek takes you through the Tiying Tali Dam, Muara rice fields and numerous waterfalls such as Canging Waterfall, Dedari Waterfall, and Cemara Waterfall.

7. Mount Batukaru Jungle Tour

10 Best Trekking Experiences In Bali-7 Batukaru is the second highest peak of Bali situated at an elevation of 2,275 m. The highest point of the trek is Bedugul volcanic area which is also the end point of the trek. The volcano is encompassed by the rainforests of Batukaru which offers a unique trekking experience in Bali. This trail is highly unexplored and only a limited number of people are allowed for this trek at a time after obtaining their special passes. So if offbeat trekking is on your mind, do make little extra efforts for this trek which is full of blissful views and nature’s elements. From volcano to the mountains crowded by clouds, the dense rainforests and a number of wildlife species.

8. Mount Rinjani

10 Best Trekking Experiences In Bali-8 The land of volcanoes has yet another scenic spot to offer to the trekkers. The Mount Rinjani volcano is one of the volcanoes situated in the vicinity of Mount Batur which offers the great view sunset and sunrise. This is not a day trek so get closest to nature while trekking up this mountain peak in Bali while you camp underneath the sky and wake up the magical sunrise. There is also a Blue Crater Lake where you can make a stop for a while and take a dip in the lake to relax your nerves.

9. Munduk Bali Hiking

10 Best Trekking Experiences In Bali-9 A serene village located in the north of Bali, Munduk is a small hamlet perched at an altitude of 1,000 meters. Surrounded by the mountain ranges, valleys and rice fields Munduk is an extremely heavenly place for the nature seekers. The whole region has a number of treks to choose from. There are about 12 short treks in the hamlet for you to trek. The village was once occupied by the Dutch and hence you will find a touch of Dutch buildings and culture. The trail is filled with a number of waterfalls where you can take a bath to rejuvenate your body. The water here is believed to have healing properties.

10. Twin Lake Jungle trek

10 Best Trekking Experiences In Bali-10 Twin lake is Bali is one of the most visited spots in Bali which is considered highly sacred by the local people in Bali. Tamblingan Lake and Buyan Lake are the two lakes surrounded by the lush green hills. The end point of the trek offers a great panoramic view of the two lakes encompassed by the mountain peaks and volcanoes and separated by a trail of the jungle. This trek takes you through the dense forests of the Bali which has a huge variety of flora and fauna and the plants which locals grow here for medicinal purposes.


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