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10 Best Things To Do In The Middle Eastern Paradise- Dubai


A journey from a small fishing village to a metropolitan teeming with mighty skyscrapers, Dubai has come a long way and now has become the most talked-about travel destination in the world. The transformation began just a few decades ago, yet Dubai now houses the world's tallest building, the second-largest shopping mall, and some of the planet's most luxurious resorts, hotels, and shopping opportunities. Activities offered in Dubai ranges from indoor skiing slopes and adventure parks to camel safaris and sandblasting in the red dunes. There’s a lot to see and do in Dubai and here’s a list of things to do in Dubai that you must add to your next Dubai vacation.

1. Admire the modern architecture and towering skyscrapers

10 Best Things To Do In The Middle Eastern Paradise- Dubai-1 Not long ago, Dubai was just a small fish village and now has turned into a hub of modern architecture. The sky-touching skyscrapers shimmer like a mirage of the desert and dominate Dubai’s skyline. The world’s tallest building, the second-largest mall, one of the most luxurious hotels, and more skyscrapers than any other city besides Hong Kong and New York, Dubai has the world’s most diverse architectural scenes. Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world at 830 meters, is home to the luxurious three-floor The Lounge, cocktail bar and a cafe, two observation decks, the world’s fastest elevator and offers a mesmerizing panoramic bird’s-eye view of Dubai skyline. Dubai Holiday Packages On Shoesonloose include a visit to Burj Kahlifa and a city tour that will let you admire every architectural marvel of this futuristic city.

10 Best Things To Do In The Middle Eastern Paradise- Dubai-2 You can also find many other architectural marvels while wandering through the DIFC district such as a replica of Big Ben, Dubai’s Frame- the arch-shaped Gate Building and the twin double-gherkin glass skyscrapers. While relaxing on the Jumeriah open beach you can admire the world-famous sail-shaped Burj Al Arab Jumeirah hotel, or you can stay there if you’re willing to spend a hell lot of amount of money.

10 Best Things To Do In The Middle Eastern Paradise- Dubai-3 Another architectural marvel is the world’s largest choreographed water, light and sound show, the Dubai Fountain. It is one of Dubai’s most impressive feasts and a must-see. Located behind the Dubai Mall, the show takes place every 30 minutes between 1 pm and 2 pm and from 6 pm to 11 pm on weekdays. The watering dancing and glittering in the lights, changing color with every beat of the music, while the mighty towers surround it like crown gathered to see a local artist perform is a true sight to behold.

2. Witness the Dubai’s religious scene

10 Best Things To Do In The Middle Eastern Paradise- Dubai-4 Dubai is already in the future when it comes to modern architecture and luxury, but still, the city has held to its past and culture. There are many mosques in Dubai, with one of the most impressive being the Grand Mosque and The twin-minaret Jumeirah Mosque. The Grand Mosque was reconstructed in 1998 and is an exact replica of original that was built in 1900. Its beautiful building and minarets are built-in traditional Islamic style. Entry is not permitted to non-Muslims, except on guided tours and in the minaret.

10 Best Things To Do In The Middle Eastern Paradise- Dubai-5 Jumeirah Mosque is sacred to Sunni Islam in the emirate. It is one of the only two mosques open to non-muslims. The mosque is built entirely from white stone in the medieval Fatimid style architecture. There are guided tours six days a week at 10 am organized by Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding which offers tourists to learn about the Emirati way of life. Visit during the dusk, when the mosque is all lit up and its true beauty is highlighted.

3. Feast on cuisines from all around the world

10 Best Things To Do In The Middle Eastern Paradise- Dubai-6 In the last few decades, Dubai has become a hub of opportunities and millions of people have migrated to Dubai for seeking jobs and a better life. The UAE represents more than 200 nationalities, and each nationality has brought their own food and cuisines to the Emirates. Most of the workers are from India and Southeast and you’ll find Indian Sub-continent food in almost every street of Dubai. The fast-growing cosmopolitan has also introduced the middle-eastern cuisine to the world. The camel milk and camel meat is something you must try in Dubai. For a taste of Middle Eastern street food, mouthwatering shawarma, shish tawouk (skewers) or manakkish (cheese- or meat-topped dough) for just a few dirhams each, is something to look out for.

4. Leave the bustling city for a while to explore the natural wonders of Dubai

10 Best Things To Do In The Middle Eastern Paradise- Dubai-7 If you ever get tired of this charming city, bustling with skyscrapers and tons of activities, head out to explore some tranquil natural attractions as Dubai is more than just luxury hotels and opulent malls. Visit the majestic sand dunes of Dubai, where the sand is so red that it feels like walking on the planet Mars. It’s popular among locals and tourists alike, the high dunes provide a perfect spot for sandboarding, dune bashing, and other adventure activities. Another place is Hatta, which is a popular hideout for locals when the heat gets unbearable. Amidst the rocky mountains, you’ll find the Hatta Dam, where calm turquoise waters await. Other than offering cool respite, Hatta is also great for outdoor activities including mountain biking, hiking, camping, and kayaking through Hatta Lake.

5. Get familiar with Dubai’s history by visiting the Bastakiya Quarter

10 Best Things To Do In The Middle Eastern Paradise- Dubai-8 Al Fahidi (also commonly called Bastakiya) is a historical district amidst the towering skyscrapers of Dubai and it gives a glimpse of the past before this village turned into a hub of mighty skyscrapers. Dubai has become ultra-modern today, but traders have lived along the waterways of the emirate for centuries, especially in the Bastakiya Quarter. Sand-colored houses lie on either side of the narrow walking lanes. Topped with wind towers to provide natural air-conditioning. The neighborhood originally was about twice its current size but was demolished for new infrastructure, what remains is 50 buildings containing museums, craft shops, courtyard cafes, art galleries, and two boutique hotels.

6. Experience the vibrant nightlife

10 Best Things To Do In The Middle Eastern Paradise- Dubai-9 Without a doubt, Dubai has the best nightlife in the middle east. Dubai’s nightlife is far from ordinary and the city host world-renowned DJs including Solomun, David Guetta, Carl Cox or 50 Cent as well as the more underground artists that visit Dubai on a weekly basis. While most of the clubs are located in the vicinity of Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Beach, nowhere is quite like Cirque Le Soir, a nightclub combined with a circus. Snake charmers, sword swallowers, acrobats and contortionists join the likes of Lady Gaga, Usher and Rihanna on the main stage, while the entertainment pushed all boundaries. While the majority of clubs such as White Dubai, Industrial Avenue, and Blue Marlin Ibiza are at their busiest on Thursdays and Fridays which is a weekend in Dubai, some of them also host ladies’ nights on Wednesdays, where the women’s get free entry and offered free drinks as well. Just keep in mind, the drinking age is 21 in Dubai and nightclubs always adhere to it.

7. Shop till you drop

10 Best Things To Do In The Middle Eastern Paradise- Dubai-10 Dubai Mall is the second-largest mall in the world and a tourist attraction on its own. With more than 1200 shops spread over 502,000 square meters, there’s no shortage of places to spend some dirhams. Other than the shops, the mall houses a 250-room hotel, 120 cafés and restaurants serving food from around the world, 22 cinema screens, an Olympic-size ice rink, a 250-ton aquarium, an indoor amusement park, and even an A380 aircraft simulator. Shopping in Dubai is not limited to the lavish malls, there are plenty of traditional souks (markets) to get lost in, including the sprawling gold souk, spice souk, textile souk, and perfume souk.

8. Visit an adventure park

10 Best Things To Do In The Middle Eastern Paradise- Dubai-11 As if housing the world’s tallest building, a palm-shaped island, the world’s 2nd largest mall, an indoor ski slope was not enough, Dubai is also excelling in providing the best water and theme parks. From ghost-busting and snapping pictures with dinosaurs to plunging into a shark lagoon and teaming up with superheroes, you can have an entire holiday dedicated to theme parks. Visit Bollywood Park, which is the only theme park in the world based on Indian Cinema. It offers a plethora of action-packed 3D and 4D motion rides including ‘Don: The Chase’, where you hunt down mafia boss in a race around Dubai, and ‘Sholay: The Hunt for Gabbar Singh’, an adventurous ride where you shoot villains with laser guns. The Wild Wadi Park, Aquaventure Waterpark, and Legoland Dubai are also famous among tourists for their unique and thrilling rides.

9. Explore the beaches and relax in the luxurious beach resorts

10 Best Things To Do In The Middle Eastern Paradise- Dubai-12 Jumeriah Beach is a white sand beach within a walking distance of Burj Al Arab and it is arguably the best strip of sand in Dubai. It is home to some of Dubai's most opulent hotels and guests spend a lot of money to relax on soft sands of the nearby beach. While the beach is owned privately by most of these hotels, there's a public portion of the beach that does not require a five-star hotel stay. Jumeirah Beach Park is free for the public and a great place to relax, enjoy a picnic or a barbecue. The beach is bustling with water sports as well, you can try your hands at jet skiing, kite surfing, parasailing, and many other extreme sports.

10. Discover Dubai’s Museum

10 Best Things To Do In The Middle Eastern Paradise- Dubai-13 Located near the Bastakiya Quarter, the Dubai Museum offers visitors a glimpse of the past of this city which was once an ordinary fishing village and where it has come since then. The museum occupies the Al Fahidi Fort. built around 1800, it is the oldest building in Dubai. The Dubai Museum gets you acquainted with Dubai’s cultural, historical and geographical landscape. From goods sold in the 1950s to the information and facts about the marine life of the Arabian Gulf, you’ll find everything under different wings of the Museum.

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