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10 Best Places To Visit In Austria


Blessed by snowy peaks of the Alps, pristine crystal clear lakes and mesmerizing European architecture, Austria is one of the best central European countries. Cities like Vienna, recognized as the most livable city in the world and Salzburg- the birthplace of Mozart, Austria is much more than history and pretty architecture. Austria is a perfect example to showcase just how beautiful mountain scenery, valleys, and lakes can be. Here’s a list of top 10 best places to visit in Austria.

10 Best Places To Visit In Austria-1

1. Vienna

10 Best Places To Visit In Austria-2 Austria’s capital and the largest city, Vienna, one of the most travelled places in the country. Known for its eclectic mix of Baroque cityscape and cosmopolitanism, Vienna appeals to both history buffs and music lovers. Vienna is repeatedly ranked the city with the highest quality of life bursting with fascinating art, opera houses and palaces. The city is also known for its UNESCO protected Coffee House culture. For the Viennese, coffee is not just a morning drink, but an essential part of their local culture reflecting their laid back approach to life.

2. Salzburg

10 Best Places To Visit In Austria-3 Salzburg is arguably the most beautiful town in Central Europe. Situated near the German border, Salzburg is best known as as the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Austria’s fourth-largest city that inspired such unforgettable music. With horse carriage circling around the colourful streets, a well-preserved Old Town, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, for its mesmerising baroque architecture and majestic Hohensalzburg Castle with a backdrop of breath-taking Alpine scenery- Salzburg is a fairytale destination.

3. Zell am See

10 Best Places To Visit In Austria-4 Located south of the city of Salzburg, Zell am See is another popular tourist destination. The town fans out in a beautiful Alpine Zell lake, against the background of the snow-capped peak of Hohe Tauern Mountains. Blessed with majestic ski slopes, the town has hosted several international skiing competitions and is popular among the ski enthusiasts. The town also serves as the corridor for Grossglockner Alpine Road, one of the most visually stunning Alpine passes, attracting hundreds of thousands of people each year. Other than ski slopes and beautiful curves of the alpine road, one of its most famous attractions is the Romanesque St. Hippolyte’s Church, that dates back to early 16th century.

4. Hallstatt

10 Best Places To Visit In Austria-5 Hallstatt is a quaint mountain-town on Lake Hallstatt, where nature reigns with all her glory. Its mountains setting, tranquil waters reflecting the low hills and Alpine houses and beautiful architecture make Hallstatt a postcard-perfect destination. Hallstatt is so ridiculously picturesque that China has actually developed a full-scale replica of it! The town also has one of the best European examples of a lakeside castle, Schloss Ort. With a backdrop of the beautiful Alps and a pristine lake in front makes it probably the most romantic sights in Austria.

5. Innsbruck

10 Best Places To Visit In Austria-6 Surrounded by snowy mountains, Innsbruck is a picturesque city in the Alps, internationally known destination for winter sports, having hosted the Winter Olympics in 1964 and 1976. But this Tyrolean city offers more than just great skiing. The city is known for its Imperial and modern architecture such as Ambras Castle, Hofkirche cathedral and the futuristic stations of Nordkette Cable Car, that takes you to NOrdette from the city centre of Innsbruck, changing the scenery around you from bustling city to majestic alpine mountains of the Alps in just 20 minutes.

6. Alpbach

10 Best Places To Visit In Austria-7 Recognised as “the most beautiful village in Austria” in 1983 and named “the most beautiful floral village in Europe” in 1993, Alpbach is a small village well appreciated for its beauty. It is fairly isolated in the Alps still tourists flock there to enjoy its rustic charm thanks to its kaleidoscope of chalet houses scattered around the gorgeous Tyrolean valley. Indulging in winter sports, hiking the mountains trails or just relaxing in the small town, Alpbach promises a great holiday.

7. Graz

10 Best Places To Visit In Austria-8 Austria’s second largest city is known for its Renaissance architecture and vibrant arts. At its heart is Hauptplatz, the medieval old town’s square which reflects the culture of the nearby Balkan States and Italy. The city is filled with myriads of museums, ranging from art to armory. Living up to its reputation as a City of Culinary Delights, Graz offers a wide variety of international cuisines. The city of Graz has a youthful energy too, known as a city of students, with its six universities enrolling more than 44,000 students, it has some really modern building and student fuelled nightlife.

8. Bad Gastein

10 Best Places To Visit In Austria-9 Bad Gastein rose in prominence first as a gold rush town in the 16th century, and next as a popular spa and ski town in the 19th century. The natural spas with healing powers beckoned emperors and empresses to enjoy in the hot springs. To please the royal guests, the city was built up in the grandiose Belle Époque style, which you can still see in the buildings. You can visit the town and enjoy the same spa treatments that monarchs enjoyed more than a century ago, or you can come in the winter to enjoy skiing and plenty of other winter sports. Built entirely for relaxation and pleasure, there's a certain romance to spa towns, and Bad Gastein is one of the best in Austria.

9. Dürnstein

10 Best Places To Visit In Austria-10 Dürnstein is a small town on the River Danube and you’re very likely to pass through it during the Danube River Cruise. With its vibrant old town, beautiful vineyards, and a medieval castle looming over the river, dating back at least to the 10th century, the adorable town of Dürnstein is worth a visit. The town is UNESCO protected and there's plenty to marvel at in Dürnstein. Walking down is narrow alleys, sipping wine in local breweries and admiring the baroque architecture will make your day.

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10. Bregenz

10 Best Places To Visit In Austria-11 Bergenz lies on the southeastern shore of Lake Constance best known for its cultural and festivals attractions. Performing arts festival Bregenzer Festspiele, held every July and August, features a "floating" stage on the lake. One of the country's cultural hotspots, it boasts a wide selection of museums, galleries, festivals and theaters. Bregenz's historic core is filled with sights like St. Martin's Tower, which has the largest onion-shaped dome in Central Europe.

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