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10 Best Nightclubs In Goa To Unleash The Party Animal In You


Brimming with colourful streets, spectacular beaches, chilled air, beautiful shacks and serene beaches, all defines Goa very accurately. Wait! Is something missing in the definition of Goa? Yes, you guessed that right, the nightlife. Goa is called the party capital of India for having one of the best nightclubs in India. If you are planning to visit Goa anytime soon, we are sharing a list of best nightclubs in Goa where you won’t be able to stop your feet from moving.

1. Club Cubana

10 Best Nightclubs In Goa To Unleash The Party Animal In You-1 There is no better way to start with the list of best nightclubs in Goa and Club Cubana doesn’t top the list. This place is like a fortress with various sections such as pool area, bar, dance floor. All sections are divided into different elevation levels, which gives this place a different look with enough space for the customers to have the time of their life. How to reach this place? If in North Goa, don’t ask anyone about Arpora Hills. Just follow the laser light you see in the sky when it gets dark. The laser light will guide you itself to the right place.

Location: Arpora Hills

Average cost: 2000 INR (for two people)

2. LPK: Love Passion Karma

10 Best Nightclubs In Goa To Unleash The Party Animal In You-2 Residing amidst the backwaters of Candolim river, LPK has a rock carved theme decor, spacious courtyards, relaxing lounges and huge dance floor. It is another secluded nightclub which has made way for itself in famed nightclubs of Goa in such a short span of time with its success story. The waterfront location and Indo-Portuguese in the backdrop make it one of the nightclubs with perfect scenic views all around.

Location: Nerul

Average Cost: INR 1500 (for two people)

3. SinQ

10 Best Nightclubs In Goa To Unleash The Party Animal In You-3 Another happening nightclub of Goa where can party hard, SinQ can give you the best time of your life. It is more or less, a lounge resort with a contemporary decor multi-entertainment zones, bar with a huge variety and DJ dropping swaying beats which makes it hard to resist and eventually lose yourself free to the electrifying music. Disco lights have their charm but dancing under the sky of full of stars is something more intriguing. You can feel that in SinQ as it has an outdoor dance space too.

Location: Candolim

Average Cost: INR 1800 (for two people)

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4. Shiva Valley

10 Best Nightclubs In Goa To Unleash The Party Animal In You-4 With the change in the direction of the sun, the atmosphere of the Shiva Valley changes from a shack atmosphere to a trance heaven in no time on Tuesdays. This Goan Trance Heaven has huge popularity among foreigners as well as Indians who have an appetite for the rave. This place lures a huge number of people every year which is increasing every year.

Location: Anjuna

Average Cost: INR 2000 (for two people)

5. Tito’s

10 Best Nightclubs In Goa To Unleash The Party Animal In You-5 It is difficult to digest if someone tells they have been to Goa and they don’t know what Tito is! Tito’s is one the most famous nightclubs in Goa which was opened in 1971.

Designed with an open restaurant, and two popular nightclubs, The Retro Bar and the Club Bollywood, Tito’s opens door to all the Bollywood music fans as well classic rock, hip-hop and pop music fans. Tito's can make you shift your night plans to next night as you won’t be able to move away from its ambience.

Location: Baga

Average Cost: INR 1500 (for two people)

6. Cafe Mambos

10 Best Nightclubs In Goa To Unleash The Party Animal In You-6 If you have the stamina to dance whole night, Cafe Mambos is the perfect place. With tasty foods, drinks at cheap rates and super energetic music played by international and domestic DJs, Cafe Mambos is the spot to unwind yourself and just go with the flow. Its popularity has made its follow up so strong that you might find it difficult to find enough space on weekends at it is jam-packed. But that doesn’t change the fact that the place is surely worth a shot or two or three….why don't you go there and decide yourself!

Location: Baga

Average Cost: INR 1500 (for two people)

7. Silent Noise Club

10 Best Nightclubs In Goa To Unleash The Party Animal In You-7 Majority of the nightclubs which have gained fame with time are in North Goa. But there is one of a kind club in South Goa, where at one place, one can hear different songs at once with just a click. Confused? Don’t be. As the name says it all, it is a silent club where you have to put on your wireless headphones and surrender yourself to the different genre music spanning from funky and electro punk to trance, techno, EDM, Indian and pop. Moreover, the view of feetbeach with grooving beats will give you a different experience at Silent Noise Cafe which may arise as the reason to visit Goa again.

Location: Palolem

Average Cost: INR 2000 (for two people)

8. Club M

10 Best Nightclubs In Goa To Unleash The Party Animal In You-8 Club M at Marbela Beach Resort is one of the top clubs in Goa where you must stop by through your club-hopping. It has a great chill-out lounge area and a Champagne Terrace with a cool vibe to accompany your texting and tweeting while your friends heat up Club M’s flashy indoor dance floor next door with their rave moves. With great live performances as well as international DJs, you’ll find it hard to resist joining your friends for some fabulous party-fun.

Location: Arambol

Average Cost: INR 1200 (for two people)

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9. UV Bar

10 Best Nightclubs In Goa To Unleash The Party Animal In You-9 Located on the beachside, the UV Bar hosts crazy dance parties even through the monsoons and is considered as one the most famous party spots in North Goa. They also have special Psychedelic Trance Parties on Mondays and Sundays along with the Techno party on Wednesdays. There is fire shows to look forward to as well. The live performances by DJs from across the globe are something you can look forward too.

Location: Anjuna

Average Cost: INR 1500 (for two people)

10. Cape Town Cafe

10 Best Nightclubs In Goa To Unleash The Party Animal In You-10 Although Goa is blessed with numerous nightclubs in all directions but not adding Cape Town Cafe in the list wouldn’t be fair as it another happening dance and music spot worth checking out. It’s both a nightclub and a bar with an outdoor space, grooving sound system, fully-stocked bar and a lip-smacking food menu boasting Goan and continental cuisines. And, if you have a love for football, you’re in for a treat as it has a large screen showing football matches every night. So, in between dancing, you can probably slink away and watch your favorite game.

Location: Baga

Average Cost: INR 1000 (for two people)

Now that you have a list of the most happening nightclubs in the party capital of India, what are you waiting for? Go make your way to a frolicking time at these places where you can move rhythmically to music.
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