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10 Best Nightclubs In Bali That You Must Visit


The tranquillity of the sea during the day and trance of the party during the night. Bali is one heck of a place to experience it all. Talking about the night clubs, the late night parties and the Bali nightlife, the experience is very different from ordinary in Bali. The clubs are accoutred with world-class sound systems, entrancing live music, great dance floors, underground clubs and renowned international DJs. The clubs serve the best of alcohol and sometimes the hard drugs too and the night clubs are theme based on the bizarre atmosphere. Here are some of the best night clubs in Bali to choose from for the best party experience.

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1. SkyDome Super Club

10 Best Nightclubs In Bali That You Must Visit-1 SkyDome Super Club or Sky Garden is not just any other party place in Bali. Pulling you out from the outer world, SkyDome will abduct you into its dazzling sphere. This place gives the exact meaning to the phrase “On Cloud 9”. With different level, each one with different party place and the rooftop is where you will find the party paradise. The interiors of the club are brightly lit with the millions of laser lights and beams that dazzle up according to the beats of the heart-throbbing music. The DJ will pull you out from the gloom and will make you party hard even if you aren’t one party animal. SkyDome houses terrific DJ, who has been selected as the best DJ and DJ of the year several times. The club itself is nominated as the best club of Bali and is at a very short distance from Kuta Beach.

Where? Kuta

USP Eight clubs and pubs under one roof.

2. Mirror Bali Lounge

10 Best Nightclubs In Bali That You Must Visit-2 If you have ever wondered what would it be like to party in the old gothic style, then make yourself home at Mirror Bali Lounge in Bali. The interiors that match with that of a cathedral are beautifully done with the intrigued copper and ironwork adorning the walls. Party in a church? I like that idea. The ceilings are carefully crafted and are lit by the laser lights and booming music. Being an affordable place altogether, you can enjoy the drinks here as a fish and booze keep on flowing for the avid drinkers. The music and DJ add to the whole party experience, and you can dance until the wee hours to see what it’s like to party in Bali. Since Seminyak is the hub for some illegal dopes, you too can get the trip here if you want to with the variety of poisons.

Where? Seminyak

USP Gothic theme with state-of-the-art interiors

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3. Potato Beach Club

10 Best Nightclubs In Bali That You Must Visit-3 With its massive edifice, it is not easy to miss this place located on the shores of the sea. There is a vast open garden sprawled over an area of 500 sq km where you can kill your time if you don’t feel like dancing. There is an infinity pool right outside the lawn where you can swim and enjoy the happy hours in pool parties as well. The lush green garden with the comfortable seating and lighting overlooks the beautiful sea and is the place to enjoy your drink. Once you get drunk and feel like exploding the energy somewhere, head inside for an entirely different world with the thumping music. It also hosts the Ultra Music Festival, which is a famous EDM festival of Bali.

Where? Seminyak

USP Open beach club with the sea view

4. Bounty Discotheque

10 Best Nightclubs In Bali That You Must Visit-4 The discotheque is designed in the form of a ship, the exteriors, and interiors as well. Just a look at the masterpiece architecture will call you to party all night long. Bounty Discotheque is the hub for the young crowd and junkies , and hence the ambience is one thing that you are gonna love if you are one party freak yourself. The music here features old school, hip hop, pop-rock, dance and disco tunes. Now, hear this, you might have heard of the beer mugs but beer buckets, that’s what you are gonna get here because the place makes sure nobody goes back sober. They serve their alcohol in nicely lit buckets starting from 50,000 IDR (approx 230 INR). Apart from this, the music is inspired from around the globe, and there is also a place for live entertainment session including the pole dance, live-band performances, and karaoke sessions. A lot to do here, don’t miss out!

Where? Legian

USP Ship like interiors and exteriors

5. Velvet and Hypnotized

10 Best Nightclubs In Bali That You Must Visit-5

Velvet and Hypnotized is a great rooftop bar which offers the perfect blend of good food, booze and party. This is one of the best rooftop bar in Bali. They have two seating area opposing each other with the different vibes that they have to offer. The outside seating is where you can enjoy a scrumptious plate of Pan-Asian cuisine or the authentic Balinese seafood along with few drinks of the lip-smacking cocktails. At night you can see this place turning colours and calling you to party hard. They feature the some of the best DJ’s of the world playing the vivid EDM to commercial music. The interiors of the place are blissful, and you can also enjoy the live dance and music performances on few occasions.

Where? Kuta

USP Blend of outdoor and indoor

6. Paddy’s Pub

10 Best Nightclubs In Bali That You Must Visit-6

Paddy’s Club is the sister of Bounty Discotheque, and hence the authenticity of the place cannot be doubted. They host the theme parties from time to time so you can be a part of the crazy crowd when you are in Bali. Moreover, their drinks are reasonably priced, and they also have a special menu of buy one get one free drinks. They keep their visitors happy with the magicians performing cool tricks, the bartenders serving you alcohol in style and pretty ladies of Bali to serve you. Cool ambiance, check. Cheap cooze, check. Music, check. Party animals, check. What’s keeping you waiting then?

Where? Kuta

USP Theme parties and affordable drinks

7. OPIVM Nightclub

10 Best Nightclubs In Bali That You Must Visit-7

Just to keep it less controversial, the name is OPIVM, but they pronounce it as Opium. Don’t get the name wrong while looking for it. OPIVM is one of the VIP nightclubs in Bali where the service and class are what matters the most. The theme of the club is ‘seduction’, and they do complete justice to it. In the interiors, you will find a number of poles and human cages, for obvious reasons. You would find here the hot girls from around the world dancing on seductive numbers, performing the pole dances and aerial performances to entertain the crowd. The DJ is impeccable playing the international hits, EDM music and the heart throbbing beats to keep you up until the wee hours.

Where? Seminyak

USP The ‘seduction’ theme

8. Motel Mexicola

10 Best Nightclubs In Bali That You Must Visit-8

Go by its name and make a guess, Motel Mexicola brings to you Mexico to Bali with its unique theme. It is the land of tequilas and tacos in Bali, and you can have both as much as you please. With the quirky theme, the place is nicely lit with bang-on music playing in the background all the time. A unique feature of this bar remains the variety of alcoholic drinks that their menu has to offer. From margaritas to tequilas, to Cuban cocktails the taste of the drinks is very authentic and would make you dizzy after the first sip. They play Latin music to make you dance on rumba or the famous hat dance from Mexico. This one has an entirely different vibe to offer to its visitors.

Where? Seminyak

USP The mexican culture and vibe

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9. Ku De Ta

10 Best Nightclubs In Bali That You Must Visit-9

The name, if you are wondering what it means, has been derived and adopted in Bali language from French. It’s Coup d’etat in French which changes to Ku De Ta in Bali. The club is best known for its sunset views and often referred to as sunset bar where you can enjoy your drinks while you witness the sun setting down in the sea. Just like its name, the cocktails and menu are highly inspired by the French cookbook, and you can enjoy an elegant and delicious meal in the lounge till you set out to party in the open lawn matching the footsteps of the music. Ku De Ta is also home to Mejekawi, a modern restaurant offering locally-influenced haute cuisine. It is one of the best clubs in Bali offering the lavish nightlife experience on the shores of the sea.

Where? Seminyak

USP The upscale party experience in Bali

10. Frankenstein’s Laboratory

10 Best Nightclubs In Bali That You Must Visit-10

This spooky themed bar and club in Bali are like none other. While others might try to impress you with its lavishness, this one will impress you with its freak show. The club is so prevalent in Bali that you have to make your bookings much in advance to get in. They have two sessions- one from 4:30-8:30 PM suitable for families and the party begins after 10 PM and continues until next morning. They have zombie face painting session in-house where you can get yourself painted to feel more like home here. There are other theme based stellar restaurants in Seminayak, Bali, like La Favela which is a jungle inspired restaurant and club, and always lingers on the lips of Bali's hospitality experts.

Where? Seminyak

USP Halloween theme

11. Jenja

10 Best Nightclubs In Bali That You Must Visit-11 Spread over two floors, Jenja is a combination of six lounges and one VIP Lounge and gives you ample space to party. It is known for its lavish interiors with distinctive designs like the mosaic wall and the stained glass. But, they are most popular for their DJ nights. They host international DJ's from all around the world playing techno and EDM. To complement it they have the state of the art sound and light system that makes it just more fun to party. Don't forget to try their signature cocktails because they are too good to get drunk on.

Where? Seminyak

USP: Different longes and party space

12. Boshe VVIP

10 Best Nightclubs In Bali That You Must Visit-12 They have the maddest light system that you would ever see in your life and that's what defines Boshe VVIP Club the best. That's not all, they have karaoke system with 13 private karaoke rooms, a VVIP balcony with tremendous views connecting to the club, live band performances, and an international in-house DJ to make you groove all night. The club is also famous for its fashion statement, hosting various fashion shows with models and sensual dance performances by dancers. You will definitely have the time of your life here.

Where? Kuta

USP: Laser light and sound system

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