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10 Best Monsoon destinations of India you must visit


Is anyone here a lover of rains. The romantic weather that makes you feel sad for not having a date. The smell of the earth after sky pours its shower. The plants and trees look happier in their green attire. Everything is beautiful. Who doesn’t wish for a holiday during the monsoon season? Here is the list of some amazing monsoon destinations in India that you must keep in mind if you are planning to pack your bags this monsoon. These destinations are sure to make your monsoon holidays worthwhile. So get drenched in the rain and watch the most scenic of places get soaked in the downpour!

1.Munnar, Kerala

10 Best Monsoon destinations of India you must visit-1 South India is filled with places perfect for a monsoon visit. Munnar is a beautiful hill station in the Western Ghats dotted with the largest tea plantation of India. The endless lush greenery of the green tea looks utterly beautiful after the few drops of rain add the element of freshness to it. With silvery mist covering the sky incredibly, lush green hills, romantic atmosphere and pleasant climate, this hill station is genuinely one of the favourite tourist places in India during monsoons. Best time to visit this monsoon beauty would be August where you can enjoy your holiday in absolute peace without much rush. The sight of the drenched tea gardens is so refreshing, it won't let you move forward without having a good look at it. Monsoons in Kerela usually begin by the first week of June; it is the time when Kerela receives the heaviest rainfall. You can also visit the Eravikulam National Park and watch the wildlife amidst the rain.

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2.Andaman and Nicobar Islands

10 Best Monsoon destinations of India you must visit-2 Who doesn't love the sound of rain when it makes its way into the sea creating a beautiful melody? Andaman and Nicobar Islands are one of the best monsoon destinations of India. The place wears a new look altogether in the monsoon season. August is the right time to enjoy the beauty of its pristine islands. The benefit that you will gain here at this time would be a vacation at dirt cheap rates, as this is off-season time. The beauty of sea and beaches are just a cherry on top. Everyone goes for the sun-kissed beaches but try out something different this time. Get the feels of the heavy rains filling up the beaches. Moreover, there are a total of nine national parks in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands where you can see different birds and animals relish the monsoon.

Imagine taking a walk over the gorgeous Havelock beach while it is drizzling over the white sands of one of the best beaches in India. Heavenly, isn't it? The face of this island changes completely when the monsoon arrives and only for the better. As you take a walk at the Radha Nagar Beach at Andaman islands while it is pouring heavily, you will know why this beach earns its place as one of the best beaches of Asia.


10 Best Monsoon destinations of India you must visit-3 This French city looks evergreen than ever when the rain cleans the streets and washes off the dirt from the plants. One of the major attractions of this place is the sprawling vast land of coffee plantations which leaves a distinct fragrance of coffee in the air. And the beaches of Pondicherry  narrate an everlasting story of beauty. The monsoon in Pondicherry usually starts from the month of July and extends till September. Pondicherry receives heavy to light rainfall usually. August is considered to be the best time to visit Pondicherry. The city which is bordered by the southeastern Tamil Nadu state is just breathtaking during the monsoons.

The Promenade beach, Serenity beach and the Auro beach turn even more pristine than they already are as the rains wash the beaches anew and they are one of the best places to visit in Pondicherry.

4. Mount Abu, Rajasthan

10 Best Monsoon destinations of India you must visit-4 Although the only hill station of Rajasthan is a treat to enjoy through the year. But, when the misty could cover the hilltop and the rain droplets leaves a petrichor in the surroundings the beauty is unbeatable. The place does not receive a high amount of rainfall. Just the required to make it look fresh and beautiful. The right amount of rain also saves you from dangers of landslide cloudburst in the mountains. The best time to visit Mount Abu would be monsoon since you can see the natural beauty and greenery laced with the rain droplets.

Although Mount Abu does not receive heavy downpouring but the rainfall is just enough to turn the surroundings green and the mountains shroud in mist. Nature lovers are going to absolutely cherish the sight of Mount Abu during the monsoons as the desert land turns lush green. There is no better time to visit this place other than when the monsoon hits. The sights of vegetation dripping with water droplets and the misty mountains make Mount Abu the perfect destination for the monsoons.

5.Coorg, Karnataka

10 Best Monsoon destinations of India you must visit-5 Coorg is a popular hill town located in the Kodagu district in Karnataka. It is also termed as the Scotland of India, credit goes to the picturesque scenery of hills and variety of flora and fauna. The vast green biodiversity looks mesmerizing with the enchanting waterfalls, lakes and coffee plantation leaving a light essence in the environment. Explore the wildlife at Pushpagiri wildlife sanctuary. Enjoy an adventurous  hike at Kotebetta and visit the Jog falls in Karnataka which is the second highest in India. To watch the paddy fields and rich green plantation dripping with water is one of the best ways to relish the monsoons!

There's no dearth of beauty in Coorg during the monsoons. The numerous breathtaking waterfalls like Irbu, Abbi and Mallalli are a treat to the eyes during the monsoon season. Your monsoon will be more breathtaking as you take a stroll through the coffee plantations while it drizzles.


10 Best Monsoon destinations of India you must visit-6 The rains of Mumbai are beautiful but at times force you to stay inside your houses in your couch. For such  times, you should head to Lonavala for a weekend holiday. Lonavala is one of the popular monsoon destinations of Maharashtra. It draws in many youngsters owing to its favourable distance from the cities of Pune and Maharashtra. The Sahyadri mountain ranges come to life in August. You can enjoy some treks, the scenic beauty of green meadows and the everlasting romantic sky. A trip to Lonavala in the month of August can give you a getaway from the bustling life of Mumbai.

During your monsoon vacation at Lonavala you can visit the Bhushi Dam which becomes more scenic. In fact, Lonavala doesn't fall short of locations that you can see especially in monsoons. To get a good glimpse of the monsoons at Lonavala, don't forget to stop at the Lion's Point. It is a popular trekking point and your Lonavala visit cannot be complete unless you see the Lion's Point.

7.Cherrapunji, Meghalaya

10 Best Monsoon destinations of India you must visit-7 If monsoon is your favourite time of the year, then a trip to Cherrapunji is highly recommended in the monsoon season. Cherrapunji receives good amount of rainfall throughout the year. It is also coined as the second most wettest place on earth and the most wettest place in India. The place is covered with beautiful landscapes of hills and greenery offering a number of trekking trails to the adventure souls. Another one of  a kind experience that you can have here is the beauty of root bridges. The root of the trees in the areas makes the beautiful bridges which looks no less than wonder on Earth. This is one of the best offbeat monsoon destinations in India. The Nohkalikai and the Mawsmai Falls are the best sights to see during monsoon. You can even relish the

8. Goa

10 Best Monsoon destinations of India you must visit-8 Sun bathing in the bright sunny weather and enjoying the picturesque scenery in the rains. Adventure sports when the sea is calm and going for a trek when you see clouds in the sky. Party in the beach shacks with the loud music and the rain dance parties when the rain pours in. That’s Goa for you. If you think a vacation to Goa could only be enjoyed in the sunny days, then get your facts cleared. Goa is a popular tourist destination especially one of the happening monsoon destinations of India. Also, there can be nothing better than enjoying those thrilling water sports while it is drizzling, make sure you experience this in Goa! It has since long remained a popular tourist destination.

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9. Ranikhet, Uttarakhand

10 Best Monsoon destinations of India you must visit-9 If you think monsoon is the time when you struck off trip to mountains from your list, then you are mistaken. Ranikhet is amongst the best monsoon destinations in India to visit in the month of August. The vast green fields and the spectacular view of the hills after the rain clears off the clouds from the sky is something to look out for. You can enjoy the clear view of the great Himalayan ranges. And, yeah look out for the rainbow. If lucky you can spot two rainbows at a time.

10.Valley of flowers, Uttarakhand

10 Best Monsoon destinations of India you must visit-10 Endless treat of different flowers popping up in the shades of blue, pink and yellow is surely a delight to watch. Valley of flowers offers the trek in the West Himalayas  offering the majestic view of the great Himalayan ranges. During the month of July and August these fields wears the new look of freshness. The flowers look bright and happier, the fields looks serene in shades of green and the scenery of clear mountains is sure to take your breath away. The icing on the cake is the soothing essence of flowers in the air. Valley of flower is surely the monsoon destination that is not to be missed in the rainy season.

Dance in the drizzles, enjoy the rains and don't let monsoons slip by without having some fun! To make the most of your rainy days venture out to these breathtaking monsoon destinations of India. Every single place in this list makes for a great monsoon getaway!

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