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10 Best Hotels In The World To Have A Bizarre Experience


Luxurious, Lavish, Soothing, Comfortable… there’s an endless list of adjectives you might have seen or used for describing hotels. But the world has changed, and it’s time to add some adventure to your lodging dictionary. From whimsical to weird, these stays are all you need if you want to spend some time away from plush pillows, flat-screen televisions, lacquer furniture and continental breakfast. Here is the list of 10 whacky and eye-popping places to stay on earth if you want to veer away from the norm:

1. Langholmen Hotel, Sweden

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Playing a good guy all your life can be boring, Langholmen Hotel gives you a chance to be a prisoner for a day! The hotel is located on an island in the middle of Lake Malaren, Stockholm, and was originally converted from a large private house. In the next two and a half centuries, the complex evolved until the last prisoner left in 1975. But times changed and in 1989, Langholmen prison opened its doors, and now instead of dreading away, people were begging to be allowed to stay. Visitors can take part in prison-themed activities including jailbreaks and faux gang riots. The cool hostel and hotel accommodation suites to the pocket of every budget traveler. To add up to your experiences, you can head to the beach which is just at a 100 meters from the hotel.

2. Hotel Costa Verde, Costa Rica

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Nestled between Manuel Antonio National Park and breathtaking views of Pacific Ocean vistas in Costa Rica, Hotel Costa Verde is an experience unlike any you have imagined. Just three yards from the beach, Costa Verde features three cliff side pools with sundecks, making it a perfect destination for either a short stay or for those seeking a comfortable base camp for adventure travel. But its principal attraction is the salvaged 1965 Boeing 727 that has been turned into a two bedroom luxury guesthouse. The refurbished airframe’s interior is completely panelled with local teak and is meticulously detailed, offering bird’s eye view of the Park’s awe-inspiring coastline or rainforest canopy vistas dotted with toucans, sloths, and monkeys.

3. Kakslauttanen, Finland

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Imagine the clear skies glittering with millions of stars in the night suddenly taken over by a green veil. Isn’t it dreamy? Kakslauttanean Arctic Resort has mastered the art of transmuting this dream into reality. All you have to do is visit Saariselkä, Finland, stay in these cosily heated glass igloos and marvel at the zillion stars over your head. The Kakslauttanen first started as a little chalot and then converted into a café and now is one of the most exotic locations in the world for savouring your eyes to the unparalleled magnificence of Northern Lights. No amount of pictures are enough to describe the charm of this place, and there’s no doubt why dozens claim it to be in their ‘Places to see before you die’ list.

4. Creepy Catacombs, France

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Grand Vistas, budding writers in every café, the clatter of porcelain coffee cups, cobbled streets and romance in the air is what comes to our mind when we think of Paris. But if you’re fascinated with morbid and unusual places, then you must visit Creepy Catacombs once. “Stop! Here lies the empire of death” says an inscription on the wall when translated from French. This place is the world’s largest grave and a giant maze of tunnels which holds the remains of more than six million deceased Parisians. It is a cultural magnet for tourists, especially for those with unshrinking heart. But the thrill reached next level when the Catacombs was opened for Halloween Sleepover with the dead. It’s an eerily unforgettable experience, but that’s the perk of staying in one of the oldest cities of the world. Isn't it?

5. Hotel De Glace, Canada

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Will you believe if we say there’s a hotel which is built from scratch every year? Hotel De Glace is a magical world of ice and snow which is completely redesigned and built from the ground up every year. If you have what it takes to stay then you must spend a day or pause for a night in the ice room of your very own. The hotel is located in the town of Sainte-Catherine-de-la-Jacques-Cartier, a 30-minute drive from Québec, and is the only ice hotel in North America. During the day the rooms are opened for public tours and at night the guests have private access to their hotel rooms where they’ll provide you with winter-grade sleeping bags, warm hats, and plenty of reindeer pelts. From frozen glacial streams to mysterious underground rivers, the artistical carved rooms and suites of this Ice Hotel takes visitors on a frozen exploration. Be it the chandelier, doorway, pillars, or the ice sculptures in the Grand Hall, the level of detail is incredible.

6. Natura Vive Skylodge, Peru

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Want to feel what dangling from a mountain feels like? Try Natura Vive’s Skylodge Adventure Suites. Hanging from a mountainside 130 meters above Urubamba Valley in Peru, these transparent luxury capsules promise you to give the thrill of a lifetime. Each capsule hangs over the edge of a cliff, and can only be reached by a vigorous hike with zip lines or a climb through Via Ferrata (a protected climbing routes found in the Alps) is required to reach these lofty accommodations. You’ll love the spectacular scenery from the Skylodge which is crafted from aerospace grade Aluminium and weather resistant polycarbonate. Each suite has four beds, solar powered lights, a dining area, and a separate bathroom equipped with a sink and an ecological toilet. Natura Vive Skylodge perfectly defines what living life at the edge would be.

7. Sarova Salt Lick Lodge, Kenya

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Sarova Salt Lick Lodge is not just a lodge it’s an experience. Sarova Salt is a treetop hotel located in the heart of Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary overlooking the vast Tsavo Plains in Kenya. Just Imagine waking up to sunrises that have flushed all the stretch of land in front of you in gold, and a 360-degree view of the surrounding to make sure every sight is within reach. What sets it apart from other lodgings is its architectural design; all the rooms are elevated on structures to allow animals to wander freely underneath them. Its lavish ninety-six rooms provide excellent views and photographic opportunities of the wild wild west, and the waterhole hosts a perfect meeting place for impalas, baboons, giraffes, jackals, vultures and buffalos to satiate their thirst and just chill. There is an underground viewing tunnel that is only a few feet from the waterhole where you can get even closer, or sit in reception where you can almost touch the animals drinking. With so much to offer, Sarova Salt is an apt destination for every safari lover.

8. Propeller Island City Lodge, Germany

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Propeller Island City Lodge is a hotel cum work of art designed by artist Lars Storschen in the most avante-garde city in the world, Berlin. The artist named the lodge based on the pseudonym he had adapted from the Jules Verne novel of the same name. There’s so much about this hotel that it deserves a blog just to itself. Where would you find thirty themed rooms with thirty different themes, and everyone is mind-blowing and totally different from each other. Everything here is hand-made, whether it is the floating bed or the white coffins in which you get to sleep, or the weird door handles which will open the gates of this insane world to you. Whatever it is, Propeller gives you an opportunity to stay in a real life work of art. From the elegantly chic to the mind-bogglingly intense, you will certainly appreciate every last detail that is completely original, un-copied and cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

9. Henn na Hotel, Japan

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Our ears perk up whenever we hear the word ’first ever’, and to perk up your lodging experience here’s Henn na, the first ever robot staffed hotel in the world. Located in the town of Sasebo, Nagasaki within a theme park called Huis Ten Bosch, Henn na has given life to your science fiction movies. You will be amazed by being greeted and helped with check in and check out by the robots who speak your language. Your room opens up with facial recognition, a mechanical arm picks up your luggage, a robot tells you about the breakfast timing and a list of all things robotic goes on. The ‘Henn Na’ hotel – which translates to ‘strange hotel’, is pushing the envelop of hospitality with robots at the front desk, porter and locker services and information room. The smart hotel aims to realise an entirely new low cost intuitive that provides a comfortable stay and world-class productivity.

10. Das Park Hotel, Austria

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Who would have thought that sewage pipes too can be converted into hotels? The Das Park Hotel has renovated six feet concrete structures with mellow rooms, which includes double beds, luggage space and power points. Doesn’t it sound like… concrete comfy? These quirky structures are located on the lovely green grass of Rodlpark, Ottensheim, Austria. The most unique part of this hotel is you can spend up to three nights in a room free of charge, or you can pay whatever you can afford to support the project. Restaurants are for breakfast are just a short walk away, and for toilets and showers, guests can visit a nearby petrol station to settle their sanitary necessities.
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