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10 Best Beaches In Sri Lanka Which Are Hard To Resist


A speck dotted in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is a country which lacks in size but is contains 10 best beaches in sri lanka. Offering a tropical climate where you can enjoy sunshine and warm weather all year round, Sri Lanka has been tempting the tourist from all over the globe. The warm blue waters, surrounded by sandy shores and fresh greenery of coconut and palm trees is a sight to behold. Moreover, it's not the scenic views of the Indian Ocean but also multiple water activities which make Sri Lanka the perfect place for beach therapy.

It's like if you ask ten people in Sri Lanka about their favourite beach, you will get ten different answers. The only thing they will agree on is that the island offers a fantastic choice of sandy shorelines to explore.

With numerous beaches in its abode, it can be a little difficult to choose, so we thought it was a good time to take a look at the ten best beaches in Sri Lanka where beach bums can head to.

1. Bentota Beach

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Bentota beach is a perfect place to relax, breathe in the wild air and wash your feet with salty water of the Indian Ocean. Not only the scenic views, you can also enjoy various water sports activities here. Numerous water sports agencies actively promote water sports such as water skiing, jet skiing, mono-skiing, wakeboarding, windsurfing, kite surfing, boogie boarding, canoeing and to a leisurely banana boat ride for the family & kids. No matter what you do, Bentota Beach is going to be in your "best beaches I have been to" list.

2. Hikkaduwa Beach

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One of the most popular destination not only among the locals but international tourists, Hikkaduwa beach is the place where you can have your perfect 'Sea and Surf' thing. Moreover, it also has options like surfing, board surfing, scuba diving and snorkelling to enjoy solo and even with your loved ones. Famed as the coral garden of Sri Lanka, visitors can explore the underwater fantasies on a rented glass-bottomed boat.

Hikkaduwa is also well famous for its neverending nightlife and delicious food serving cafes which presents a fusion of Sri Lankan and western food. The extraordinarily attractive beach of Hikkaduwa is a place of fun and excitement and always has something for everyone.

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3. Mirissa Beach

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One of the key highlights of any trip to Sri Lanka is having the chance to see the biggest mammal of the world- Blue whale. Moreover, other stunning sea life calls the warm waters along the southern coast of the island home. Mirissa beach is not only an intimate, family-friendly beach but is also the best beach in Sri Lanka to go for whale watching.

Not just whale watching but it is an ideal spot on the south coast for sunbathing in the sand while adoring the spectacular views out over the Indian Ocean. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it is what it is!

4. Arugam Bay Beach

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Regarded as the number 1 surfing beach in Sri Lanka, Arugam Bay Beach draws surfers not only from Sri Lanka but around the globe too. So whether you’re a beginner or an international veteran, this is the place to get out on a board and ride with the big boys. There are plenty of places to hire boards from in town. You can get 4 hours of Arugam Bay surfing at just 500 rupees. Moreover, it is an everyday thing to meet many travellers from all over the world who came to Arugam Bay to have a weekend off but fell in love with the golden beach and decided to extend there vacation. You might fall for it too!

5. Unawatuna Beach

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Wrapped with white sand lined with an array of beachside cafes and restaurants that go on all night, Unawatuna Beach is one of the most famous destinations in Sri Lanka’s sunny south. Shaped like a banana, Unawatuna Beach spans over a bustling bay that makes for a perfect beach walk during any time of day. Whether it is for exquisite seafood, chocolate rottis, or even just a beachside margarita, the eateries here are not going to disappoint you.

Formerly known as the best beach in the world, Unawatuna has more than enough in its store to give you the perfect beach holiday you are craving!

6. Negombo Beach

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Located close to Colombo on the west coast, Negombo beach is home to many large beach resorts that are famous among the travellers. As the beach is just an hour away from the main airport, it is also an ideal place for travellers to get the perfect tan on the golden sand before the travellers back fly home. For those who are looking for a reasonable beach getaway, Negombo will provide you everything! With are plenty of activities like visiting national parks, famous churches nearby to strolling the fish market, Negombo knows how to keep families busy and if that isn't enough the golden beach will provide a great place to relax and soak up the sun. Fair enough?

7. Polhena Beach

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The Polhena beach is situated about 2 km away from the city of Matara. With a stretch of coral reef barrier extending for over 4 km makes this beach a unique one. The reef barricades more massive waves and only the softer ripples come rolling over to the shores thereby creating a vast span of shallow waters ideal for swimming. Shops which sell bathing suits and swimming gear throng the coastline of the beaches making it more comfortable if you come here unprepared on a spontaneous vacation. The beach is one of the safest for kids to have a good time. Moreover, you can snorkel with turtles here. Sounds fun, right?

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8. Kalpitiya Beach

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Located in the North Western region of Sri Lanka, Kalpitiya Beach is one of the ideal places for dolphin watching and kitesurfing in Sri Lanka. Do you know that during the season, travellers can witness Dolphin pods up to 1000 to 1500. Moreover, this beach is also famous for snorkelling and diving which lures hoteliers to organise snorkelling and diving trips.

It highly doubts to get over the water activities especially kite surfing and to watch dolphins here. Somehow if that happens, one also can visit the Dutch fort, Dutch church as well as walk around the city to explore the lifestyle of the people in the Kalpitiya area.

9. Induruwa Beach

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Residing on the western coast of Sri Lanka, Induruwa Beach was once a sleepy fishing village. However, today it has turned into a significant hotspot for tourists looking for white sandy beaches with perfect surf to relax in. Induruwa beach feels like a welcome oasis amidst the packed coastal towns. It lets you enjoy your holiday in a serene village setting while providing easy access to the surrounding attractions. For travellers who are specific about spending their vacation indulging in privacy, staying here and exploring the neighbourhood places like Bentota, Beruwala and Balapitya is a convenient and comfortable option. Not all beaches need activity, some are meant for relaxation and Induruwa is one such beach.

10. Dickwella Beach

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For those who don’t like to be bothered by big crowds, Dickwella is ideal. Dickwella beach is very secluded and perfect for a calming and relaxing beach experience. The water is crystal blue, and the seaside is surrounded with fresh greenery of palm trees. While swimming in this sea, you can enjoy the company of turtles swimming beside you. If you wish to spend time enjoying water activities like surfing and snorkelling, walk a few distances away from Dickwella beach and find Hiriketiya bay, which is also known as Paradise. There you will have many beach huts offering surfing equipment and lessons and even small restaurants that serve fruit juices and pancakes. Am I am the only one falling for it?

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So, take a break from life, plan your Sri Lanka Vacations and add good times to your memories.

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