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10 Adventure Destinations In Asia Where Your Adrenaline Will Keep Rushing


"Job fills your pocket; adventures fill your soul."

Jamie Lyn Beatty brought the language of heart into words perfectly.

What is an adventure? Well, it has different meanings for different minds but it one thing for sure. Adventure is all about raising the level of adrenaline in your blood, change in places, and of course giving a lifetime in a moment. Whether it is flying in the sky, diving in the sea, rafting in the river or hiking a mountain, our heart might beat faster, but it is ready for it. Although the whole world is full of surprises and beautiful experiences, the largest continent in the world - Asia has everything to satiate the adventure junkie in you. From the desert in Dubai to island in Indonesia, the Himalayas in India to the ocean around Maldives, Asia is the perfect amalgamation of landscapes and innovative minds offering opportunities to explore the wild and curious side of yours. If you are one of those minds who prefer activities over rest, we have come up 10 adventure destinations in Asia. Have a look!

1. Rafting In India

10 Adventure Destinations In Asia Where Your Adrenaline Will Keep Rushing-1 Whitewater rafting in India is all about picturesque scenery with exciting thrills and spills. Being one the most common adventure activity of India, every fun-seeking enthusiast starts their adventure tale by setting foot in the waters for a swift rafting experience. Which is the ultimate spot to do it? With no second thoughts, Rishikesh tops the list where you can raft down the holy Ganges by day and camp at pristine beaches by night. If you have a real adventure on your mind, there's nothing like the extra adrenaline rush from whitewater rafting or kayaking.

Although it is fun, the rapid force might dominate. To avoid, follow the instructions of your raft guide and in a couple of hours, you would relax in your hotel room with a happy heart.

2. Surfing In Sri Lanka

10 Adventure Destinations In Asia Where Your Adrenaline Will Keep Rushing-2 Get straight into the action and catch some waves from a standing position in the jewel of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka. Encompassed by water from all side, this tiny island has some of the best beaches in the world to ride the waves. Residing on the east coast, Arugam Bay is the surfing mecca. The scene in Arugam Bay beach is very captivating as you can look at the surfers with colourful boards riding on the gushing waves of Indian Ocean. The moments of adventure riding the ocean and the chill waves playing its symphony in your ears makes the experience a memorable one.

Rent a surfboard or take lessons at Arugam Bay Beach as there many surf schools and conquer the waves!

3. Scuba In Maldives

10 Adventure Destinations In Asia Where Your Adrenaline Will Keep Rushing-3 Want to have a look at the sunny side of life while swimming with fishes? There's no better option than Maldives. With one island, one resort concept, this island nation has multiple dive locations to witness the underwater world. Just imagine the endless ocean all around, then you take a dip and see a whole new world around you. Exciting, isn't it? The best part is that you get to make the most of every second passing by. If somehow, you get over the marine life which is highly doubting, you can also explore the shipwrecks of World War II like British Royalty.

Don't you worry about the scuba equipment, no matter where you go, every resort has equipment and guides with in-depth knowledge of this activity and location.

4. Volcano Trekking in Bali

10 Adventure Destinations In Asia Where Your Adrenaline Will Keep Rushing-4 Beat the crowd, get your boots dirty, and work those thigh muscles by trekking Mount Batur Volcano! The magical island of Bali offers not just a relaxing tropical paradise, but also an opportunity for a unique trekking experience on a volcano. You can start your trek early in the morning, get energy from the local Balinese breakfast before you begin your journey to enjoy the spectacular views of the surroundings. Located at an elevation of 1,717 meters, Mt Batur is a sunrise hike and also one of the most famous treks in Bali.

If you think, that's about it. Wait, because Mt. Batur is also home to the hot springs which would be such a treat after the tiring hiking trails.

5. Sky Diving In Dubai

10 Adventure Destinations In Asia Where Your Adrenaline Will Keep Rushing-5 As soon as you jump from the plane, you'll feel as free and lightless as a bird. You will be floating on air, and the experience will be surreal. Yes, it's true. Skydiving in Dubai is next big thing which you should give a try if you haven't done it. Also, even if you have done it, do it again here as you get to witness Dubai from thousand feet above and cross this activity off your bucket list. For the first timers, it is super safe and is of top quality. You can even take a GoPro on rent to make a video or click pictures of your experience. A coach will be with you at all times to ensure that you don't get hurt up there.

Is it us or you can also imagine the desert landscape from thousand feet above?

6. Bungee Jumping in Nepal

10 Adventure Destinations In Asia Where Your Adrenaline Will Keep Rushing-6 Imagine yourself jumping from a 25-storey building (about 76 m high) or jumping off the 92-meter Statue of Liberty. Sound ludicrous, right? Well, there’s more when bungee jumping in Nepal. You’ll be jumping from a 160-meter-high bridge into a gorge over the swirling rapids of a wild mountain river; that’s what you’ll be doing when bungee jumping in Nepal. If you are an adventurer who seeks a bit of excitement in your otherwise monotonous lives, come and do bungee jumping in Nepal.

It could well be one of the highlights of your life, and something that you can crow about forever more, something to show the kids what mettle their dad/mom is made of.

7. Canyoning in Vietnam

10 Adventure Destinations In Asia Where Your Adrenaline Will Keep Rushing-7 What better way to get over your fear of water than going canyoning? Yes, that’s precisely what Vietnam has to offer. To be precise, Dalat is the place to go canyoning. Though Dalat is famous as a former French colonial hill station in the central highlands, it uprising as the extreme sports capital of Vietnam. Moreover, the rugged, mountainous terrain, forested hillside overdose with a dozen waterfalls when it rains creating the perfect atmosphere for canyoning.

The great thing about canyoning is that you don’t need much experience, as you are guided through every step, you need a little bit of courage. And if you are in a group, that bit of courage comes quickly with the support of your team.

8. Hot Air Ballooning in Turkey

10 Adventure Destinations In Asia Where Your Adrenaline Will Keep Rushing-8 Have you ever seen photos of hundreds of hot air balloons hovering over an alien landscape? That's Cappadocia in Turkey. It is one of the few places in the world where the real-life version looks better than the photos. What makes it so impressive? Well, close your eyes and think of a sunrise while floating in the clouds with multiple hot air balloon and even eagle around you. We guess you have your answer!

When does the hot air balloon festival occur? It would pleasantly surprise you that the photos of hot air balloons aren’t from any particular festival. If the weather permits, it goes on every day in Turkey!

9. Skiing in Japan

10 Adventure Destinations In Asia Where Your Adrenaline Will Keep Rushing-9 Japan is high up on the bucket list for so many of us, and for a good reason. Think tiny karaoke bars, to the Shibuya crossing, not to mention the fabulous food culture embraces both tradition and incredible modernism at the same time. But Japan has one more treat you probably didn't know about: the skiing. The thing with Japan is that it snows more than any other country around the globe. For amateurs, it's much easier to learn than on hard ice as it has the softest slopes you can imagine. And if you fall, trust us it will be a soft landing.

Which is the best place to go skiing in Japan? Hakuba and Niseko are amongst the ideal place to enjoy this enthralling sports. So, just go, give it a try and come back home with beautiful memories.

10. Biking in Thailand

10 Adventure Destinations In Asia Where Your Adrenaline Will Keep Rushing-10 If you have been abstinent from Biking but considering trying it, Thailand is the ideal place to extend your adventure horizon. With its luxuriant forests, Thailand has built many such tracks all around the country, attracting the likes of many people and making it a biking tourist destination. The dirt roads here are designed for crossing streams and creeks to bouncing off dunes to narrow jungle tracks; it will never get boring. Every track will have a different set of challenges to offer encouraging you from within to conquer the hurdles. If you think biking is for the youth only, we guess you haven't worked out in a while. If you are fit enough, fuel your zeal with this another adventurous activity!

No matter which sport you have done or plan to do, you won't get over it for sure. So, add these sports to your bucket list and tick them off to tell your friends and family about all the adventure-filled tale you have made.

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