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10 Adventure Activities In Europe: To Get A Kick Out Of Paradise



Europe-a murmur on lips and a pulse in the hearts, a beautiful epoch, an era in history, a place carved in beauty, a travel destination for millions across the globe. Whatever be Europe to you, it is unlikely that whenever Europe echoes in the faintest of sounds, your heart doesn't leap and revel in the joy and you are not at the behest of fantastical imagery. It's easy to lose yourself in the illusory slavish pursuit of new travel experiences but what you really need is a guide to dictate your journey and unveil the best of Europe to you. Although Europe is a medley of the arts, landscapes, history, and folktales we here have handpicked an assortment of hair-raising and spine-tingling activities that will reveal the other side of Europe to you. A compilation of the most adrenaline-rushing adventure activities has been listed down below that combine the two of the very best things in the world - Europe and Adventure. Don't forget to indulge in these activities while you are on your Europe vacation.

1. Kayaking in France

10 Adventure Activities In Europe: To Get A Kick Out Of Paradise-1 Turquoise trim water embroidered by Pale cliffs and Brazen Hilltops such is the scenic landscape of Pont Du Gard. Subsuming travelers into Pure bliss, Pont du Gard is the best of the best. Located in the south of France, Pont Du Gard is an ancient Roman aqueduct built around 60 AD. It straddles the Gardon River, and the area is famous for many outdoor pursuits, including kayaking where the waters are relatively smooth. You can rent a 2-person kayak in nearby Colias where you will be provided with life preservers and a big waterproof “barrel” for your belongings.

2. Hiker's Paradise in Germany

10 Adventure Activities In Europe: To Get A Kick Out Of Paradise-2 Located in the Central Western part of Europe, Germany is Home to Berchtesgaden, a picturesque German town or “a hiker’s paradise in the Bavarian Alps.” This mountainous region on the German-Austrian border is full of trails and has the amateur to the expert covered, i.e. Whatever be your level of expertise Berchtesgaden will cater to you exclusively.Königssee, a stunning glacial lake set between towering mountains exists in the proximity of the hiking phenomenon. If you are not feeling up for an adventure or if your knees are worn out from a day’s hike, the place offers cable cars that ferry travelers to some of the area’s best viewpoints which just so happens to be the favorite haunts of local hang gliders.

3. Surfing in Portugal

10 Adventure Activities In Europe: To Get A Kick Out Of Paradise-3 Portugal, a country resting on the Iberian peninsula- The most visited place in the whole of the earth. Madeira in Portugal is a fantastic adventure escape. This laid-back island isn’t just for the sun-worshipping traveler (although of course they are catered for by plenty of companies as well). With stunning natural landscapes, it’s quickly become an adventurer’s paradise. Aside from world-class surfing, visitors can climb one of the many peaks. Pico do Arieiro is the third highest, with a gentle route traversing eucalyptus forests and taking you high into the clouds. Madeira in Portugal echoes with beauty at every inch and delivers a perfect semblance of both Nature and adventure!

4. Snorkelling in Greece

10 Adventure Activities In Europe: To Get A Kick Out Of Paradise-4 You don’t get crystal clear waters like anywhere else other than a visit in Greece. And with clear waters come fantastic visibility and lots of beautifully colored little fishies and beautiful sea creatures. And all this translates to remarkable adventure amidst the Sea! Don your snorkel mask and fins as you hop between Mykonos, Santorini, and Paros – the perfect holiday/adventure balance. If you love getting your kicks from water sports, Corfu is your destination. This little Greek island is jam-packed with water-based adventures! Spend your day flying high above a speedboat, elegantly skiing behind a motorboat, or being pulled along on a long inflatable yellow banana behind a boat. You can even drive a speedboat.

5. Mountaineering in Switzerland

10 Adventure Activities In Europe: To Get A Kick Out Of Paradise-5 Loaded with surreal landscapes and pristine snow-capped mountains, Switzerland is an unmistakable Heaven on Earth but much to anyone's surprise it doubles up as an adrenaline guzzling destination in Overdrive. Engelberg an Alpine town located in central Switzerland is part adventure, part hair-raising thrill. Be under no illusions, Mt Pilatus is steep, but there’s no better way to ascend the mountain and view the stunning scenery than by cog railway ride. If you’re not up for rail travel, there’s also a cable car option with equally fascinating views. Interlaken, another one of Switzerland's treasures, is a UNESCO-recognized area of snowy peaks alpine lakes and is home to two of Europe’s most recognizable adventure destinations: Jungfrau and the Aletsch glacier, the biggest in the Alps. While the hiking and climbing are breathtaking quite literally, worn-out travelers can hop on the Jungfrau Bahn train to quickly access the mountains and glaciers.

6. Hiking in Slovensky National Park

10 Adventure Activities In Europe: To Get A Kick Out Of Paradise-6 One of the most unexpected outdoor adventures is, hiking hut to hut on the High Tatras of Slovakia. It’s not a footpath, but just a chain bolted into the rock. You have to haul yourself up the cliff using a string. No safety harnesses to tame the adventure, so place your feet well and grab on safely. Hiking in Slovensky Raj National Park is an out of the world experience; it Encompasses an extremely lush forest. You can feel the tickle walking through raspberry bushes taller than your head. Some particularly fun features in Slovensky Raj are the ladders through the waterfalls, and the metal platform steps bolted into the rock face flanking the river. It’s a delightful way to walk directly through the forest rather than plodding circuitous paths around the water obstacles. You can climb straight up the waterfalls and walk right on top of the river.

7. Hot Air Ballooning in Turkey

10 Adventure Activities In Europe: To Get A Kick Out Of Paradise-7 Situated at the confluence of culture, tradition, and arts, Turkey also hosts the beautiful Cappadocia. Nestled in Central Anatolia, Turkey, the entire area of Cappadocia is a geological phenomenon. The fairy chimneys and the unique kaleidoscopic formations are the central features of Cappadocia, where it is best seen from the air, via a hot air balloon. These hot air balloon rides tend to go up at dawn allowing you to see the light dance on the metamorphosed shapes of rocks; in an inexplicable dream-like stance, The local village of Goreme is where people live in caves as troglodytes and is the starting point to see this ethereal landscape by hot air balloon.

8. Glacial hiking in Iceland

10 Adventure Activities In Europe: To Get A Kick Out Of Paradise-8 There are almost 300 glaciers across Iceland. Hiking in one of these glaciers only seems fitting when visiting this incredible country. Hiking a glacier in Skaftafell National Park is a fantastic and unforgettable experience. Trekking through these crevasses and ice ridges will surely send your adrenaline levels into overdrive and cause a surge in your dopamine levels. It could be a little strenuous as expected but the fun is guaranteed! It is imperative that glacier hiking is done with a knowledgeable tour guide and with the right equipment. Use crampons on shoes for ice traction and ice axes for a seamless hiking experience. Glacier hiking is available all year.

9. Snowmobiling in Sweden

10 Adventure Activities In Europe: To Get A Kick Out Of Paradise-9 One of the main reasons to travel to Swedish Lapland in winter is to see and photograph the Northern Lights. However the view of the Northern Lights is not guaranteed, so it is best to add a little outdoor adventure in case the Northern Lights don’t show themselves. One way is to take a nighttime snowmobile ride. Riding through the snow at night at high speeds with nothing but a headlight illuminating the road provides an adrenaline rush which is amplified even more when the Greenlights emanate the skies.

10. Glacial walking in Norway

10 Adventure Activities In Europe: To Get A Kick Out Of Paradise-10 The celestial ice escape in Scandinavia - Norway, is the perfect spot for Glacial walking. The fjords are a majestic outline of Norway. The western part of the country features two of the country's most spectacular examples: Geirangerfjord and Nærøyfjord. These UNESCO-listed wonders are marked by steep crystalline rock walls and rugged mountains, and landscapes dotted with waterfalls, glacial lakes, and forests. There's nothing quite like sailing up and down the Norwegian coast, soaking in the views and hospitality of near Bergen. Traversing the Folgefonna Glacier in Norway remains a spectacle. Once you clear the view of the cabin, you feel like you are transported in an entirely different world, with nothing but ice surrounding you.

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While you will expect just to get a glimpse of the alpine cascades or spend your time gazing at the mesmerising landscapes, this list of adventure activities will keep you up on your feet squirming with delight and screaming with excitement even after you have exhausted your list of Europe's to-dos.

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