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5 Places in Ladakh where you can camp to your heart’s delight


Ladakh is like a paradise painted in nature’s best hues. Ladakh will leave you speechless, spellbound, awestruck and craving for more. If Ladakh doesn’t give you a serious case of wanderlust, I wonder what will.

Ladakh is a cold desert and yet so scenic that you will want to visit it again and again. Ladakh is an ideal place to camp because to experience its absolute wilderness and beauty you must see it at its natural best. What better than camping to experience Ladakh in its absolute glory?

While camping in Ladakh, you may carry your own camping gear or get in touch with the numerous Camping providers that can guarantee a wonderful experience. If you are camping on your own then always set up a camp somewhere near a settlement so that in the case of mishaps you aren’t left alone.

Here’s a list of places where you can camp in Ladakh to experience its surreal magic.

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1. Nubra Valley

5 Places in Ladakh where you can camp to your heart’s delight-1 Nubra Valley is probably one of the most picturesque places in Ladakh. Characterized by scenic slopes of the mountains, lush greenery, arid mountains, the beautiful Shyok and Nubra rivers, sand dunes and a rich culture, Nubra Valley is probably one of the best places to sleep under the star laden skies and wake up to a breathtaking view.

2. Pangong Tso

5 Places in Ladakh where you can camp to your heart’s delight-2 Remember the scene in 3 Idiots where Kareena rides a scooter to meet Amir and the whole reunion of the friends? Well, that’s Pangong Tso. This one movie has changed the whole geography of tourism in this region of Ladakh and some of the consequences have been grave. However, there is no doubt that Pangong Tso is still the most serene and breathtakingly beautiful view that Ladakh has to offer. Pangong Tso generally bustles with numerous such camping sites which guarantee you spellbinding views and an amazing experience under the clear starlit sky.

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3. Tso Moriri

5 Places in Ladakh where you can camp to your heart’s delight-3 Tso Moriri is another place which is abundant in camping sites. Blessed with a lake known by the same name this is another scenic location to experience nature at its best. The sight of clouds like cotton balls floating in the sky and sometimes just above the surface of the lake are just a few of the spectacular views that could leave you awestruck at this place. A perfect place to make those amazing time lapse videos or star trail pictures, Tso Moriri will definitely leave you baffled.

4. Sarchu

5 Places in Ladakh where you can camp to your heart’s delight-4 Sarchu is where you can experience the cold desert lands of Ladakh. Sarchhu can also be the starting point of the challenging Zanskar Trek. The adjacent passes to Sarchu are Baralacha La in the Zanskar Range and Lachulung La along the Leh-Manali Highway. Barren yet alluring this place is apt for an astounding camping experience.

5. Alchi

5 Places in Ladakh where you can camp to your heart’s delight-5 Alchi, a quaint village in Ladakh is a treasure trove of scenic beauty. Located on the banks of River Indus, this is no less than a utopia and camping under the stars here could feel like a dream come true. Apart from its scenic locales, Alchi is also famous for the Alchi Monastery, one of the oldest monasteries in Ladakh.

If you have not been to Ladakh then this is your chance to explore its rustic charm and scenic locales beyond hotels and resorts. For the ones who have already been to this paradise, do you even need another reason to revisit Ladakh? Camping in itself is a liberating experience. Living in tents under the sky, watching the hovering caravans of clouds, feeling lost in the tranquillity of nature and walking through untraveled routes are just some of the few ways to make memories of a lifetime in Ladakh. Go and pack your bags for this ultimate date with nature at its best in the most beautiful desert ever.
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