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Why You Need To Know About Rajasthan International Folk Festival!

Desert lounge, a full moonlight acoustic midnight gala up till the wee hours, a magical fusion of prominent folk and international artists, rocking jazzy night, startling global dance grooves greeting the dawn along with daytime soulful Kathputali, Jugglery, Bahurupiya and enthralling Jaadugar shows. Does this excite you? If yes then this October has got a blast in store for you at the Rajasthan International Folk Festival (RIFF).

First started in the year 2007, RIFF brings hundreds of musicians and performing artists from India and overseas under one roof of the magical Mehrangarh Fort to celebrate Rajasthan’s folk culture. Also, the festival coincides with the brightest full moon of North India ‘Sharad Purnima’ adding to the beauty of the fort! The magnificent fort, moonlight and the music, what else one can need? So believe me if you are a music lover then RIFF can give you some real quality time where you can let your heart sway with the folk music and have a memorable experience!

Just in case you need any further reason to join the festival, please go through the following:

Dance Delight

Why You Need To Know About Rajasthan International Folk Festival!-1 You will be delighted to watch the vibrant extravaganza of Rajasthani dance that includes Algoza party with male dancers of Kalbeliya, Fire dancers, Terah Talli dancers, Gair dancers etc. It is extremely beautiful to watch the dancers dancing on the local music and in their traditional colorful costumes!

Never Ending Musical Gala

Why You Need To Know About Rajasthan International Folk Festival!-2 Jodhpur during this time can be a paradise for those who love folk music! RIFF offers you a vibrant flavor of Rajasthani music and attracts a plethora of top-notch musicians and singers from around the world who perform here from dawn to dusk. Several traditional instruments like sinshi sarangi, khartal, flutes, and drums are played along with modern instruments and the fusion of ancient and modern instruments is a thing to look out for!

Storytelling - Straight From the Custodians of Culture!

Why You Need To Know About Rajasthan International Folk Festival!-3 Storytelling has been a part of India’s rural culture. RIFF tries to keep this tradition alive and so it organizes a storytelling session where different folklores are narrated in front of a vivid audience.

Lives of the Living Legends

Why You Need To Know About Rajasthan International Folk Festival!-4 This festival is an amalgamation of the various cultures which have grown in Rajasthan over a period of time. The artists who perform here have mastered themselves in their own field and you can watch these legends in front of you.

The Majestic Fort of Mehrangarh

Why You Need To Know About Rajasthan International Folk Festival!-5 Mehrangarh fort in itself is a must visit fort if you are in Rajasthan as it was voted Asia ‘best fortress’ by Time Magazine and from years it has stood for its architectural grandeur and beauty. The festival in the month of October (from 5th – 9th this year) makes it look more royal and rich in appearance. So, exploring the fort can be fun in itself.

The Authentic ‘Rajasthani’ Food

Why You Need To Know About Rajasthan International Folk Festival!-6 Yes! The memories of the food which you will have in this festival will leave you mouthwatering. From the spicy meals to some of the tastiest deserts you can have it all. As a popular traveler said get into the flavors of the region you travel, only then you can understand the people and their culture better. So, I would definitely recommend you to have the Rajasthani cuisine if you are going for this festival.

The Rajasthani ‘Kawa Circus’

Why You Need To Know About Rajasthan International Folk Festival!-7 Kawa Circus is India’s first Rajasthani circus, featuring the traditional artists of Rajasthan. Young artists from Langa and Manganiyar community perform in this circus which you will definitely not want to miss!

The Desert Town of Osian

Why You Need To Know About Rajasthan International Folk Festival!-8 Once the festival is over you can go and explore the nearby desert town of Osian to enhance your experience! Known as ‘Khajuraho’ of Rajasthan the ancient town is blessed with some incredible temples dating back to 8th century AD. Also, experience the beautiful desert by taking a camel safari across the desert expanse in the evening and make your journey beautiful by watching the sun go down! So yeah! For a delighting sight of dance, music, art and culture Rajasthan International Food Festival is one platform where you can get it all. October being the best time to visit Rajasthan makes this festival more soothing and you want more and more of it. So join the musical journey this October and help us to keep the Rajasthani traditional culture alive!
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