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Why Traveling To Ladakh In Winters Is A Great Idea


'Life is either a daring adventure or nothing' - Helen Keller

The true meaning of Helen’s words can be understood, if you visit Ladakh during winters. Ladakh in winters? No, we are not kidding! Come to winters and Ladakh usually down its shutters, putting tourism in deep freeze as it dons a forbidden life costume. We all have seen numerous breathtaking pictures of Ladakh in winters, but nothing can level up to what a person feels when there. Trust us, one trip to Ladakh in winters will turn out to be one of the best travel memories you will ever make.

Here we have listed the reasons for why traveling to Ladakh during winters is a great idea.

1. Best Time for Photography

Why Traveling To Ladakh In Winters Is A Great Idea-1 During the hot period of the year, Ladakh is jam-packed with tourists from every place in the world but in winter crowds thin out, you are the only soul and no one is around for miles. Guess what? You don’t have to do all the hustle to click good pictures because the roads, valleys and monasteries are empty or very less crowded. You can spend as much time as you would need to click that perfect picture with the perfect backdrop. In a nutshell, you have the entire of Ladakh to yourself.

2. Spend time with locals

Why Traveling To Ladakh In Winters Is A Great Idea-2 Most of the locals earn their annual living from tourism, so they are very busy during the on the season as they are managing various businesses. Finding any Ladakhi at ease is not an easy task as they all are working during the summer season but during the chilly season, locals are quite chilled out and are more open to chat with the tourists. Strike up a conversation with locals and get to know the culture first hand. Choose homestays in Ladakh over hotels to get the genuine feel of Ladakh. So visit Ladakh in winters to meet locals at their natural selves and make the most out of your Ladakh Trip.

3. Attend Ladakhi Festivals

Why Traveling To Ladakh In Winters Is A Great Idea-3 Do you know Ladakh has many winter festivals which you can be a part? Yes, it’s true. Locals have very little to do during winter months, so free time is turned into celebration time. Ladakhi Losar, Spituk Gustor, Thiksay Gustor and Stok Monastery Festival are few of the most prominent winter festivals in the rooftop of India. What better way to understand the authenticity of a place than attending festivals, right?

4. Chadar Trek

Why Traveling To Ladakh In Winters Is A Great Idea-4 Being considered as one of the most challenging treks on earth with the spectacular view all around, Chadar trek is one of a kind trek. Have you seen viral videos of people jumping in the frozen river? If yes, that is Chadar trek’s one of the many adventures offers. You get to stay in caves and camps in -30 deg C. Trust us, it is not easy and surely not for faint-hearted but if you complete it, you come back with what very few people claim to have done on earth.

Want to know more about Chadar Trek? Click here.

5. Walk the frozen Pangong Lake

Why Traveling To Ladakh In Winters Is A Great Idea-5 Remember the last scene of the famous Bollywood blockbuster ‘3 Idiots’? Yes, we are talking about Pangong Lake. This serene natural lake changes colour every hour of the day with ice sheet becoming many feet thick in many areas on which you can play cricket, drive your car or even do a somersault. The temperature is around -30 degrees Celsius even during the day, therefore, nobody spends more than half an hour there.

6. Spot the Ghost of the Mountains, Snow Leopard

Why Traveling To Ladakh In Winters Is A Great Idea-6 If you want to spot the “Ghost of the Mountains”, the Snow Leopard? Ladakh will be the perfect place for you. As the temperature falls down, most of the animals tend to come down to lower altitudes, making it easier to spot them, so you so get your DSLR’s ready to capture this majestic animal. The snow leopard can be spotted throughout the Hemis National Park, and in Sham area west of Leh, the famous spots are Ney Phu, Ule Phu, and hills of Skindyang village.

7. It's Cheap, Cheap, Cheap

Why Traveling To Ladakh In Winters Is A Great Idea-7 Compared to the hot season, Ladakh is considerably very cheap in the cold season. Guess what? You can get a Delhi-Leh return flight for as little as INR 5000 if you book well in advance. Same flight costs as high as INR 35,000 in summers. Some of the hotels which remain open during the winters even their rates drop too, prices go down everywhere and you are pretty much guaranteed a deal wherever you go. Moreover, taxis are available at a very reasonable rate. So what are you waiting for?

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