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Why wait at the airport when you could Fly direct to Bali?


In the realm of social media biz, people are after clicking photos and sharing it on their social media profiles. Although, this has been one case where people have been showing interest for quite some time now. But there is another thing which the people are getting intrigued about. What is that? What could be it other than travelling? Yes, the tourism industry is flourishing like never before as the Indians are having a significant inclination towards international destinations. One such destination which has been drenching the heart of Indians with its beauty and activity is no other than the tropical paradise of Indonesia, Bali. If we stroll through the internet, we will see multiple companies offering Bali 4 nights and 5 days package. But if the wanderlust bug has bitten anyone, we bet that person would question this travel plan offered for Bali. We are expecting the majority of the crowd is aware of the top destination of the world in 2017 as claimed by TripAdvisor, Bali and why is it awarded such fame. If anyhow you don’t know what it has to offer, stroll through the article where we give us more than enough reasons to why Bali is a dream come true. Have a look!

1. Blissful beaches

Why wait at the airport when you could Fly direct to Bali?-1 Whether it is white, golden, black, grey and even pink, Bali beaches have been shimmering with different colours giving the travellers one common thing, the bliss every beach has of its own. Being an island country, Bali is bombarded with blissful shorelines for couples, friends, family and kids. Which is the best one? It would be better to answer once we know what your taste for beaches is?

2. Tempting weather

Why wait at the airport when you could Fly direct to Bali?-2 Being eight degrees south of the equator, Bali weather is shimmering with sunny, tropical days and the nights are balmy. Mostly the temperature is 26-31 degrees Celsius throughout the year. To be precise, Bali sees the sunnier days from May to September while you can expect some precipitation to reach the highest during the rainy season(a rainy day at the beach is better than a sunny day in the city life).

3. Mystic yet beautiful temples

Why wait at the airport when you could Fly direct to Bali?-3 Flabbergasted with 10,000 temples and shrines, Bali is a place where you will feel like a home away from home as Bali people are huge believers in religion(just like our country). Moreover, these divine structures are stunning, rich in spiritual history and are called Pura. Each Pura has a story of its own which you get to know about when you visit these temples.

4. Adventure activities

Why wait at the airport when you could Fly direct to Bali?-4 If you feel like adrenaline rushes through the nerves just like your blood, Bali is the go-to place. From cycling to ATV rides, scuba diving to snorkelling, rafting to surfing, parasailing to the banana boat ride and much more, Bali has been offering a plethora of adventure activities one can think about. Already Bali getting into your mind and heart? Hold on; we have a few more reasons to reschedule your travel plans and let Bali top your bucket list.

5. Energetic Nightlife

Why wait at the airport when you could Fly direct to Bali?-5 When the sun goes down, the sound goes up in Bali. If you enter one of the clubs, you won’t come back as the person who entered it. Whether it is rooftop bars or underground clubbing cellars, Bali gives you so so so many options to embrace the groovy side in you.

What about the luxury accommodations, Balinese cuisine & SPA, active volcanoes and the currency value? You can go through our Blog 15 reasons why you should head to Bali. Although, we believe our Bali expert can answer these aspects better!

As you have read all the reasons, now ask yourselves Is it fair enough to say Bali deserves just 4 days and 5 nights to do all of this (when travelling time is accounted as well). Not a chance, 6 days and 7 nights would still be fair when talking about this Indonesian Gem.

Well, this was about Bali, now let’s talk about the best available flights options to travel there!

The three main airlines functioning from India to Bali are Malaysian Airlines, Garuda Airlines and Singapore Airlines. Let’s us share the stats which should be in your key interest to decide which flight is best (we know it but we want our customers to understand which airlines travel is best suitable in multiple aspects).

Why wait at the airport when you could Fly direct to Bali?-6 Above were the metric terms but there are few operational things which GARUDA AIRLINES a standout. Have a look!

Value of Garuda vs Malindo Malaysian and Other one-stop Flight

1. 5-star services - Skytrax Link giving the exact ranking and the awards Garuda has won.

2. Loss of time in layover - The first day of any trip is most important because that's the day you are most curious - With Garuda Airlines, you reach at 8 in the morning though the check-in time is 2 PM. You can leave your stuff at the locker area in the reception and head to pool/bar/beach/market area or Spa as you have a lot of options and you have the full day ahead to take care of things. Cheers!

3. Hassle of waking up in the middle of the journey getting down at an airport where you spend on an average 50 USD per person on unnecessary shopping and food  (we found this data from our previous client's experiences). So, extra spending is taken care of!

4. Chance of missing the onward flight in case your first flight gets delayed due to "technical reason" - Airline is not liable to provide you with any accommodation or compensation stating the technical fault. Garuda crosses down this issue too as it is a direct flight!

5. Chances of Baggage not getting on to the next flight. Many of us have faced this thing for sure. Another reason to love Garuda!!

6. Garuda takes responsibility  - Meals are served based on your demand

So on any parameter, you measure -

Cost - Garuda is a winner

Quality - Garuda

Timing - Garuda

Although Singapore Airlines is also a 5-star carrier with excellent services, it is costly as you can see above and moreover, Garuda is the only Direct Flight from India (Mumbai) to Bali.

We say that we work on experiences of the traveller and our homework for not just months but years has been helping to achieve our goal. If you still have any doubts, we’re just a call away.
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