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Why You Must Visit Gili Islands In Bali ?


When I say Gili Islands will carry you back in time, don’t doubt that even for a moment. Gili Islands in Bali Indonesia is located on the Northwest coast of Lombok Island, it is the group of three small islets Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air, each one of them extremely beautiful and tranquil in their very own way. The beauty of the islands is carefully crafted and it has been very well kept alive by Indonesia which doesn’t fail to leave a mark on its tourists and travelers who love to travel the world.

Owing to its distant location from the main island, Gili is not at all overcrowded and is visited by the only few looking for a peaceful, romantic and luxurious getaway. And to keep the romance intact, the island offers the perfect blend of vintage charm along with the modern amenities.

How to reach Gili Islands?

From Lombok: If Gili island is the first place on your itinerary in Indonesia then you go straight to your destination from the Lombok itself. From Lombok Island,

you can take a fast boat to Gili which takes hardly 35 minutes for one way ride.

You can take a speedboat or public ferry. Both are easily available. The cost of speed boat to Gili is 28,000 while the public boats around 10,000.


Back in time

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Did you know, there are no cars, buses or taxis on the Gili island? The moment you step out of your boat and you bid it goodbye, you also bid farewell to the modern day motorized vehicles as long as you stay on the island. The only means of transportation here is Cidomo, a horse cart on which you can stroll around the island hand-in-hand with your beloved. Isn’t it perfect to avoid the roaring sound of the motors for a while and escape into a complete state of tranquility? The horse carts ride will definitely take you back in the time of the chariots and fairytales where they had only this as their means of transport to travel from one place to another. Also, the carts here aren’t in abundance. Since, the island is very small they don’t need it in abundance. There are only 40 horse carts on the island and people generally prefer to walk around to gaze the beauty of the island without much disturbance and pollution. Like they say here, no cars, no motorbikes, no worries…

The Luxury Redefined

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It is a wonder to see how Gili has carefully chosen the elements to blend the luxury and vintage charm. The hotels around the Gili island are very selective but impeccable when it comes to services. You can choose for yourself the place that suits you best, the one with the exclusive suits with the view of the beautiful sea. The best part is the island is extremely affordable and even the 5 stars would fall in your budget. The setting of infinity pool facing the sea and the view of the sunset is enough to blossom the love between the two of you.

Few of the places to stay in Gili are : Oceano Jambuluwuk Resort, Gili Eco Villas, Seri resort, Pandok Santi’s Estate, Wilson’s retreat, Kokomo resort, Vila Ombak. The Beach resorts here are undoubtedly very beautiful. Moreover, some of the Gili Island hotels are also doing justice to the beauty of Gili Island.

Dance with your partner under the stars

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The best thing about Gili Island is it will keep on surprising you with its element and monotony is not something that goes with the party island. The day offers a perfect romantic set-up for the lovebirds where you can walk around the island witnessing the shimmering white sand beaches and the clear blue waters of the sea but as the sun sets, you will see Gili turn into a party island destination full of vibrant and party vibes. Out of the three island, Gili Trawangan's nightlife is bizarre with the lit up beaches, music and booze you can’t get enough of it.

If partying is your piece of cake, just head to Trawangan Dive Resort where you can easily spot the beach shacks with music, alcohol and appealing atmosphere. Moreover, you can also try the various water sports like snorkelling, scuba diving and much more here.

You can also visit some of the best pubs of Gili Island like Sama Sama Reggae bar, Rudy’s pub, Tir Na Nog, Scallywags bar, Blue Marlin to party.

Indian Food is a luxury on tour

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We all love to try different cuisines but our hunger settles down when we eat, what we love. Usually, lack of Indian food outlets make it difficult to do so but you don't have to worry about Indian food in Gili Island as Pesona Beach Resort is the perfect place in Gili Trawangan where one can enjoy the delicious Indian cuisine as it has an Indian food restaurant inbuilt in it.

Why You Must Visit Gili Islands In Bali ?-5

You can treat your taste buds with Indian dishes like Samosa, Paneer Tikka, Chicken Curry and much more. What could be better than enjoying the tasty Indian meal with exotic views of a foreign land?

Plan an ideal date

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If you have ever wondered what a perfect date would be like, you can experience that right here in Gili. You can book for yourself a table at your resort for a candlelight dinner overlooking the sea. But do you fancy a dinner date at the beach itself? If yes, Jambuluwuk Oceano Resort will be the perfect place for you where you can get yourself a romantic setup on the beach amidst the water of the sea on the shore. A bottle of wine and some delicious seafood and you are all done to woo your partner with the perfect romantic date.

Why You Must Visit Gili Islands In Bali ?-7

Have a look at the map to Gili Island guide yourself to the wonderful places we told you about and have the moments of a lifetime.

Nusa Penida Islands to add beautiful moments to your Bali trip.

The underwater world at a glance

Why You Must Visit Gili Islands In Bali ?-8

Don’t just stop at sightseeing around the island when you can do much more here. The Gili island is as famous for its underwater adventure sports as it is for its nightlife, beauty and romance. The little islets are full of coral reefs with the vivid aquatic life. The adventure sports come at a very reasonable price compared to other places and to what it has to offer.

Also, the Gili islands are known as the Turtle Island, so there is a huge variety of sea turtles and tortoise that can spot on the beach and under the water as well. Do not miss the experience of scuba diving here. You can also choose to snorkel, sea walk, underwater diving and cave diving to experience the new world of adventure under the surface of the sea.

Enjoy the scenic views all around

Why You Must Visit Gili Islands In Bali ?-9

The island is very small and hence you hardly leave the sight of sea anytime. The beaches aren’t differentiable because they all have the same coastline and they aren’t named. But, if you wander around the island you will find many romantic spots at Gili Island that not only offers the great view but also a perfect place to take your soulmate away for a quality time. On the sea-shores, you can spot the corals right from the beach and night makes the view only better. At some places, they have places swings and hammocks in the sea where you can lie, relax and sunbathe throughout the day. In such a place, with such a setting you can’t help but fall in love all over again.

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The affordable paradise for the honeymooners

Why You Must Visit Gili Islands In Bali ?-10 Gili is a very good alternative to the best beach holiday destination around the world including that of Hawaii, Ibiza or Australia for that matter. The reasons? One, it is as naturally beautiful as any of the exotic beach destination would be, the clean beaches, the calm waters, the people are welcoming and the island is quite peaceful. Two, it is extremely cheap. Which makes me wonder, you need not consider it as your alternative, you wouldn’t regret if you make Gili Island your dream honeymoon destination at first. You can also indulge in the great shopping experience around the city and buy the souvenirs from the island to take back home as well.

What Are The Best Things to do in Gili Islands Bali?

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Do not miss the sunset One thing that you would never get bored of here are the amazing landscapes of the sunsets and sunrise that are different every day. Don’t miss out any day.

The Boat Party The boat party leaves the Gili T full of crazy people and infinite alcohol. If you and your partner are big-time party lovers who want to get dead drunk amidst the sea, this is something you should be a part of.

Bike around the islandSince, there are no means of transport here except for the horse carts, you can rent a bicycle and wander around the island like a free bird with your beloved.

Relax on the beach With the number of hammocks on the beaches, you can lie down on the beach under your umbrella or in the open sun to rejuvenate and spend your night in around the flea markets on an eating and drinking spree.

Fishing and BBQ Nothing can substitute the feeling of catching a fish yourself and then fry or grill it. You can enjoy fishing and BBQ here as many fishing tours are offered. Guess what? You can also do spearfishing. Isn't that something out of the box? Yes, it is.

Although Gili Islands is beautiful, you should head to Nusa Lembongan
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