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Bali- The Ultimate destination for solo female travellers


Bali - The Ultimate destination for solo female travellers-1 Just when I finished lurking the pages of Eat, Pray, and Love, Bali was on my bucket list of travel destinations. And honestly, I would seriously consider taking a solo trip to Bali and escape in the virgin beaches, the active volcano, the greenery of the rice fields and the coffee plantations of Bali all by myself. To find my redemption, to find tranquillity, to find myself if not LOVE! Bali has also been crowned as the world's favourite destination by Tripadvisor, so don't second think anymore, pack your bags and make the most memorable solo trip of your life.

Reading the book yourself is what I would suggest to all the ladies to turn up their travel enthusiasts inside them. Bali is one of the most beautiful islands and females have a million reasons to travel to Bali solo. But, just to cut it short here are just a few reasons why Bali would make a great destination for females!

1. Pocket-friendly

Bali - The Ultimate destination for solo female travellers-2 Keeping up to the budget runs in our veins, especially while travelling solo which is always an expensive affair. A place like Bali which is wallet-friendly is undoubtedly a heaven for the ladies. From renting private villas, luxuries resorts, deluxe hotels all come at an affordable price. To put forward some figures 1 USD is equal to 13,354 Indonesian rupiahs or 1 INR is equal to 200 rupiahs. Ah! Well, you can do the rest of the calculations. The same amount you usually spend on hostel and dormitory rooms in most countries might get you a room in a 3-star or even a private villa in Bali.

Not just the stay in Bali is within the budget but also the Balinese food is pretty affordable. You are sure to find several brunch cafes, vegan delis and even restaurants without shell out a hefty amount. So go on and hog as much food as you can cause you won't need to worry about getting out of budget! Moreover, the shuttle in and around the islands of Bali is also economical. Tourists usually commute through horsecarts and bikes in the Gili islands which is so low-cost you wouldn't mind taking the longer route. One can also opt for private drivers or boat rides to commute to different island of Bali. Travelling to Bali is as convenient as it can get since you won't need to worry about currency exchange or even to get a sim card. One can easily find several money changers and sim cards shops right around the airport premises and even in the cities.

There are several comfortable places to stay in Bali which won't require you to shell a lot of money from your wallet. So you can explore Bali without being worried about burning a hole in your wallet.

2. It isn't unexplored

Bali - The Ultimate destination for solo female travellers-3 Those who have travelled alone would consider this a huge reason. Being a solo female traveller, you ought to lose your senses when you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, with no one around. Bali being a peaceful and less crowded destination doesn't end up leaving you at a place where you wouldn't find locals or tourists, which is a big deal for the ladies travelling solo! So you can luxuriate in the gorgeous beaches or you party till late night in the nightclubs without much worry. You can take a day trip to Lombok, the Gili Trawangan or several other islands in and around Bali. So you have the freedom to do anything you wish without any worry about your pals fussing about. You can laze around the beach till late night and watch the moonlight shine over the rippling beach. Or you can party in a beach club and there's no one stopping you from exploring the fancies of Bali.

If you are a nature lover don't forget to stop by at the monkey forest. Here, you will find as good as 800 varied species of different trees. So, don't forget to take a stroll in the refreshing air of the monkey forest.

You can explore Bali to the fullest by embarking on a journey to its beautiful islands. These 9 islands around Bali are a true gem

3. The overwhelming locals

Bali - The Ultimate destination for solo female travellers-4 Although a patriarchal society, the Balinese people are extremely welcoming and respectful towards the female travelling their country. They are highly respectful towards their culture and religion. Hospitality is one of the important aspects of Balinese culture. They will treat you like their own family and won't leave any efforts to make you feel home. The locals of Bali are some of the friendliest and most welcoming people in the world. They cater to the requests of the tourists with a smile and go out of their way to aid and assist the tourists.

The Balinese people are some of the most courteous ones in the whole world. Who wouldn't want to be greeted by happily helping people on one's solo trip to a foreign country, everyone right? Balinese locals are exactly the hosts most of us are looking for. Moreover, when in Bali you cannot afford to miss even a glimpse of their culture. You have to see the traditional Balinese dance, without which your trip to Bali will remain incomplete.

4. Meditation and healing centers

Bali - The Ultimate destination for solo female travellers-5 Meditation and healing is a major part of the Balinese life. If you come back without learning few meditations techniques, especially when you are travelling to Bali alone, you would miss out a lot on Bali. They have some magical techniques and beliefs that can give your life a new motive and new meaning to your existence. You can visit the various temples of Bali to get an insight of the ancient times when meditation originated. This is one thing you just cannot miss in Bali. The meditation and wellness retreats of Bali incline towards following a holistic approach to healing. Most of the meditation centres and wellness retreats of Bali push people to opt for a healthy way of life. You can go to The yoga barn, where you can meditate and heal your mind and body. The wellness centers of Bali provide a great deal of healing to the mind, body and soul and that's what you expect from a vacation right? To come back rejuvenated.

5. The variety of adventure sports

Bali - The Ultimate destination for solo female travellers-6 The craving to do something adventurous can be put to rest at Bali where there are tons of adventure sports available which are highly supervised by the trained instructors. From flyboarding, kayaking, kite surfing, parasailing to trekking you can do it all in Bali.

When you are solo travelling, a little bit of adrenaline is a must. You can go for paralayang, which means you can paraglide 10m above the ocean because after your solo trip you should have some amazing experiences to brag about in front of your girl gang. Your paralayang experience is sure to get your girls super-jealous. You can also try out some extreme adventures like water tubing, wakeboarding and canyoning. The Kuta beach also offers a host of water sports options which are not quite extreme but will still get your heart to skip some beats.

6. Ubud- Shopaholics paradise

Bali - The Ultimate destination for solo female travellers-7 Ubud is a home to best street markets brimming with the latest fashion styles. Best thing? They come at super cheap rates. You can literally live your dream of shop till you drop right here in Bali. Buy some ethnic dresses and jewellery, the straw hats, the colourful bikinis to make the best of your solo female trip. Ubud is a shopaholic's paradise. You can find a range of paintings carvings, traditional garments and unique souvenirs in the streets of Ubud. If you want to take back artful gifts for your girlfriends don't forget to stop and take a stroll at the Ubud art market.

You can also stop by at Tegallalang Handicrafts centre where you will find several art shops lined up. In this market, you will find an assortment of unique ornaments, furniture and Balinese curios. The accessories you'll find here are made up of a combination of different materials such as pearl, shell, wood, stone and even beads and resin. What can be a place better than where you can find pretty little rings, bracelets, necklaces, and bandanas, that too at a bargaining price? These little art pieces and jewelleries are a treat to the eyes.

Ubud is indeed the heart and soul of Bali. Want to know why? Click here.

7. Learn new things

Bali - The Ultimate destination for solo female travellers-8 Your learning experience just doesn’t stop at meditation and healing classes. You can join the cooking classes to learn few delicacies of Indonesian cuisines. You can learn pottery or learn to make the home-made beauty products and medicines. From bamboo carvings, silver jewellery making, painting to making your own perfume there is no end to learning new things when you are in Bali. Don’t miss the opportunity to gain new experiences in life. A solo trip to Bali can never be complete if you come back without attending a workshop.
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