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The Ultimate Guide For Best Bali Backpacking Experience


From honeymooner’s paradise to budget travelling, Bali has become quite a destination for every kind and for every mood. The diversity of the place makes it so, the beaches, the nightlife, the culture, the history, the luxury and plethora of natural beauty. What more can a traveller ask for? Over a period of time, Bali has successfully put itself on the backpacker’s list. More and more avid travellers are wishing to be mesmerized by the eternal beauty of the island Bali. If you are a backpacker too, or if you are planning for a backpacking trip for long now, it’s time you put your plans into action. We will tell you why your destinations should be Bali this time!

Why is Bali a backpacker’s paradise?

The Ultimate Guide For Best Bali Backpacking Experience-1 1. The first and foremost concern of a backpacker is budget. This is where Bali is a boon. Bali is considered one of the most inexpensive destinations around the world. The reason, the currency is too cheap. 1 INR is equivalent to 208 IDR and, wait for it, 1 USD is approximately 14,000 IDR. This is where your dream of becoming a millionaire might come true with your current bank balance. Now, who doesn’t want that?

2. There is too much to explore here. From beaches to nightclubs, to hidden islands and coffee plantations, rice terrace to mountain treks, culture and architecture. Whatever your travel intake may be, Bali has it all to serve all. You can simply rent a scooter or even a bicycle and get going around the island.

3. Villas at the price of a hotel, how do you like the sound of it? There are tons of hostels around Bali, but you want a luxurious treat in between, then a stay at villa won’t hurt your pocket either.

4. Talking about the nightlife of the island, there are plenty of nightclubs, then the beach clubs and beach shacks, the at the end the cruise tours and boat parties. There is never enough of the party experience when you are in Bali. Also read: Best nightclubs in Bali

5. Backpacking isn’t just about exploring, it’s about learning new things and cultures as well. And, trust me, there is so much to learn in Bali that you’d go from here with lots of skills if you spend your time wisely. There are meditation classes, home remedies making classes, cooking lessons, pottery lessons and jewellery making is a prevalent art in Bali and you can learn that too. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Now that you have got ample of reason to go backpacking in Bali, wouldn’t you need a guide now?

Reaching there and moving around in Bali

The Ultimate Guide For Best Bali Backpacking Experience-2

Airport: The international airport of Bali is Denpasar airport. It is well-connected with the major cities of the world and is also considered as one of the most beautiful airports in the world. Moreover, Garuda Airlines has introduced direct flights to Denpasar airport in Bali from Mumbai which reduce the hassle of layover and makes travelling more convenient.

Local transport in Bali

The Ultimate Guide For Best Bali Backpacking Experience-3 There are buses or minivans available at the cheap price in Bali for local commuting. They are called ‘Bemos’ and charge per person (starting approximately at 5,000 IDR or 25 INR or 0.35 USD)

Bali has a lot of islands around. To travel from one island to another, there are ferries, boats, cruise and most famous Catamarans. Travelling in boats in Bali is considered a little risky due to lack of rescue organizations and unskilled crew. Try taking a bigger boat and precautionary measures.

Taxis are available to travel from one place to another and payable as per meter.

Cycling is the best way (as we suggest) to travel around Bali, rent a bicycle as it is cheapest to travel around. Also owing to a lot of slopes you don’t require much strength paddling your bicycle.

Staying in Bali

The Ultimate Guide For Best Bali Backpacking Experience-4 Kuta has been the first choice for backpackers in Bali for a lot of reasons. First, it is comparatively close to the airport, second, there are tons of hostels and in-budget accommodation in Kuta, third, it a hub for bars and clubs in Bali. You will find a decent place to stay here no matter what your budget it. The Kuta is famous for its backpacking experience and is a great place to start your backpacking journey.

Hostels starting from INR 400

Recommendations: Eden Hotel in Kuta, Holiday Inn Resort Baruna

The Ultimate Guide For Best Bali Backpacking Experience-5 But clearly, Kuta is becoming overcrowded and if you are looking for a more peaceful hippie destination, don’t worry. We are spilling our secret to you of the offbeat hippie destination in Bali- Canggu. Canggu has become the new hotspot of the hippies and backpackers. It has more peaceful beaches, gypsy vibe to it, beaches lined up with shacks and clubs (with alcohol of course).

Hostels starting from INR 400

Recommendations: The One Legian, Villa Bliss.

If you want to stay amidst the green terrace fields then Ubud is a perfect place to live in complete peace and tranquility. There are lots of resorts and hotels available in Ubud at reasonable prices.

Recommendations: Murni's house.

If you want to live close to cosmopolitan culture of Bali with array of nightclubs, bars and markets then there is no better spot than Seminyak.

Recommendations: The Visala Boutique

Gili island has been emerging as backpacker's new favourite. Make your stay at Gili islands for the offbeat island experience.

Recommendations: Jambuluwuk Oceano Resort.

Eating in Bali

The Ultimate Guide For Best Bali Backpacking Experience-6 Try your chance at Indonesian cuisine because it’s so delicious that you would regret not having it. Nasi Goreng is the national dish of Bali and you must try it. It is available at 7,000 IDR or 33 INR or 0.05 USD.

There are Indian restaurants as well as in Bali. If you are craving for motherland food, that’s your place to go.

Kuta and Seminyak are famous or their cafes and street food.

Where to go for Backpacking experience?

1. Nusa Dua for adventure

The Ultimate Guide For Best Bali Backpacking Experience-7 Nusa Dua is famously known as the hub of adventure sports in Bali or an adult’s playground. There are tons of activities to do here and some of them that you would not see anywhere else but Nusa Dua. Go for parasailing, paragliding, banana boat ride, snorkelling, scuba diving, jet ski and what not.

You can also go to Ayung, which is most famous spot in Bali for rafting. Also read: Adventure sports in Bali

2. Kintamani and Ubud for sightseeing

The Ultimate Guide For Best Bali Backpacking Experience-8 Anyone who knows Bali knows that Ubud is the heart and soul of Bali. For the vast expanse of coffee plantations, rice terrace gardens and ancient and little hamlets of Bali where you can experience the culture and bond with the locals. Ubud is also famous for world’s most expensive coffee- Kopi Luwak, which is extracted from the faeces of civet after the animal is made to eat coffee beans. A bizarre but definitely a thing to try in Bali. Best way to roam around Ubud is on your own rented bicycle because there are dive slopes and unreachable place where only your bicycle can reach.

3. Kintamani for Mount Batur Trek

The Ultimate Guide For Best Bali Backpacking Experience-9 Mount Batur is the most famous peak in Bali for its spectacular trek. If you are here in Bali, then go for it because trust me, you wouldn’t want to miss the sunrise from here. Begin your trek early in the morning and reach there on time to view that view. The trek is generally taken by a lot of travellers so be ready to meet new people and make new companions.

4. Gili island for an island experience

The Ultimate Guide For Best Bali Backpacking Experience-10 Gili island is a group of three islands famous for its offbeat experience. The island lies far away from the human intervention and you wouldn’t even find the motor vehicles here. Head out to explore the hidden spots on the island. Gili island is also known for its island parties on the beaches.

5. Canguu for the hippie vibe

The Ultimate Guide For Best Bali Backpacking Experience-11 Famous for its array of beaches, cafes lined across the shoreline and home to backpackers and traveller from all around the world. This is where you can come across new stories and new experiences. Have an unexplored experience in Canguu. Visit the old-school cafes and the beautiful clubs in Canggu.

Also read: Why is Canggu a hippie's hideaway

6. Legian in Kuta for beaches and bars

The Ultimate Guide For Best Bali Backpacking Experience-12 Stretching from the shoreline in Kuta with beautiful beaches and bars with the beautiful sea view, Legian is a haven for the party lovers. There are tons of nightclubs and bars in Legian ranging from cheap to dive-in and to luxurious ones. This is where you should be if your mood calls for a party.

You can also visit Pandawa beach and Kutuh village.

7. Attend Jiggys boat party

The Ultimate Guide For Best Bali Backpacking Experience-13 If you are here for a backpacking experience, then this is something you shouldn’t miss. Jiggy’s boat party is the most famous cruise party which begins with the sunset and continues will the sun rises again. The cruise moves around Gili island with the gipsy music, the marvellous views of the sea and islands around, party lovers from all around the world, unlimited food and alcohol. And, thanks to the currency of Indonesia, it is not something that is out of the budget. Get the party going!

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8. Dolphin tour at Lovina

The Ultimate Guide For Best Bali Backpacking Experience-14 You simply can't a morning tour to spot dolphins at Lovina beach. Dolphin tour in Bali is one of the must- have experiences. Not only to see the friendly animals jumping in the sea but for the marvelous sunrise that you get to see along with the dolphins. Can your mornings be any better? I guess not. After the memorable dolphin tour enjoy a delicious breakfast at your resort and that's how you began a good day.

9. Rafting in Ayung river

The Ultimate Guide For Best Bali Backpacking Experience-15 Ayung river is considered one of the most important sites in Bali both for its sacred and tourism importance. Hit the waters of Ayung to enjoy the experience the white water river rafting in Bali. The rafting is best suited even if you are a beginner. The 10 km of stretch of grade 1 and grade 2 rapids makes sure that it gives you thrills of adventures and as well leisure time. The river is located amidst the dense forests of Indonesia which offers you the spectacular views.

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