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What makes Bali so special?


A place which is gifted with magically changing landscapes, from tropical beaches to lush rice terraces, trekking trails, night life, food and nearby quaint islands for every genre of tourist is, Bali. It’s a place which attracts adventurers, romantics, party animals, nature lovers and yes, the kids too. People have started calling Bali as "International Goa", what's the reason for the shift of clients, what makes Bali so special who were preferring Goa to relax, rejuvenate and rekindle the love in there life has now started flying off to Bali -

1. Frequent flights to Bali

What makes Bali so special?-1

Low cost carrier especially Air asia has started operating flights to KUL from various Tier -2 cities like Bhubaneshwar, Jaipur, Vishakhapatnam etc., now for someone living in Jaipur the flight to Goa and Bali might cost the same - This explains the fact that India is among the top three countries that have cultivated the tourist arrival growth of Bali and people prefer to visit Bali again and again.

2. Shop and take back a culture with you

What makes Bali so special?-2

Bali is a heaven for shopaholics, as the streets here seem like a colorful exhibition of many traditional, cultural and native items. There are many local street markets which offer deals and bargains in every quality and style which are hard to resist. These markets have everything from clothes to food, handicrafts, textiles, arts, furniture and jewelry are omnipresent in the markets around Bali. The cost of living is low, due to which the prices are low and a hopeful buyer might not abandon hope. The most visited Bali shopping spots are Monkey forest road in Ubud, Kuta square in Kuta and many others. European and Australian designers have setup up shops around markets in Bali because of the increased arrival of tourists from these locations. Ubud market is famous for handicrafts, Krishna and Rama Market in Kuta are for souvenirs and one can move to Seminayak Square for designer wear shopping. If someone wants an insight into the beautiful traditional culture of the islands then shopping here is must.

3. Island hopping

What makes Bali so special?-3

The prominent factor about Bali is, its islands, they are for every type of tourist. Party animals, peace lovers, culture enthusiasts and adventure freaks. Only pictures of Bali islands are enough to make people fall in love with them, so imagine what it would actually feel like to be there. There is a reason why it is called as the Islands of Gods. Ensconced in turquoise water and outlined with white sand beaches, the Gilis Islands Bali are truly paradise. The Gilis also host the best boat parties in the world called as Jigi boat parties. Gili Meno, Gili Air and Gili trawangan together make up Gili Islands. There is a list of islands around Bali which are perfect for island hopping. Each island has its own special character.

Known for its wild parties and beach clubs, Gili Trawangan is an island for party animals. It is the most developed among the three Gilis. Motorized vehicles on the island are not allowed so people prefer to travel by horse carriages or bikes.

Gili Meno is the island for peace lovers and is the last developed among three Gilis. Gili Meno is less crowded and a good place to have some quality time.

Gili Air is a mix of Trawangan and Meno and is best for those who want to get close to local life of Gilis’. It has beautiful beaches and is a mix of buzz and bliss.

Nusa Lembongan is a perfect romantic getaway from Bali. People who are on a romantic holiday just can’t afford to miss the visit to this island. It is the slower version of Bali with scenic villages, beautiful aquamarine life and mangrove forests, which makes it ideal for a honeymoon trip.

Nusa Penida offers experiences which are limited to this island only. Excursions to oldest found caves in Indonesia, pristine white sand beaches and shimmering water make it one of the most beautiful islands around Bali. It has a bird sanctuary which offers bird watching opportunities like no place other.

Komodo islands is famous among animal lovers because it houses world’s largest lizard, Komodo dragon. The surrounding waters offer opportunities for scuba diving and views of the spectacular reefs of Indonesia.

Due to the diligent efforts of locals to banish dogs, motorbikes and other chaos creating stuff from the islands the Gilis and the island around them retain their charm.

Here are 9 best islands in Bali that you must visit.

4. Ubud: Heartland of Bali

What makes Bali so special?-4

If someone really wants to get close to Balinese culture and lifestyle then a bike tour through Balinese countryside during sunset or sunrise is a must. Visit the vivid green rice terraces, rustic villages and scenic hills in the rural areas around Ubud which are one of the most popular attraction in Bali. The most famous rice terraces are the ones in Tegalalang. People here are inclined to this method of agriculture for almost two thousand years. These endless terraced rice fields were carved by hand with the help of simple tools and are being maintained by succeeding generations. One can help the inhabitants harvest rice and can enjoy the local food with the families too.

A place harboring three temples and of great spiritual significance to locals of Ubud is the Ubud Monkey Forest. It is a beautiful forest with dense tropical trees everywhere but the central magnets of the place are the notorious monkeys. One can visit the place for earning peace, in return, the place or to be precise the sneaky monkeys demand your stuff. The staff takes care so as no visitor would attract the unwanted attention from the monkeys and keeps the place exemplary clean. After all the chaos created by the monkeys there is a peaceful, supernatural spirit in the air.

Bali is famous for serving every kind of tourist and it has something for the coffee lovers too. Bali and especially Ubud is famous for its Luwak coffee, also known as Cat Poop coffee. Like any other Arabica, Luwak Coffee tastes strong and robust but what makes it the world’s most expensive coffee? The cherries are eaten by Luwak, a type of weasel, and the fermentation process occurs inside the intestines of the animal. When it defecates, the beans are collected and processed further. One can visit plantations and see this out of the world, stomach-turning thing and can learn about local plants for free.

Ubud also offers adventure activities like ATV ride and Canoeing through the streams in the Villages. One can also enjoy the thrill of white water rafting in this picturesque place.

5. The land of thousand Puras

What makes Bali so special?-5

For the souls who want to get close to the religion then Bali is the perfect destination for them as it is known as the land of thousand Puras(temples). It would not be strange to come across incense and flowers, laid on the ground every now and then while wandering in Bali. The structures serve as the centre for spiritual and cultural life of the Balinese. Bali temples are the epitome of Balinese architecture. On ceremonial dates the temples are lavishly decorated and are pleasing to witness. The most famous temples are Uluwatu, Tanah Lot, Bedugul and Besakih. Besakih is considered as the largest and the holiest temple, and is deemed as the Mother Temple. The temples are one of the most peaceful places in Bali and bestows with the sense of contentment.

6. Waterfalls: The hidden gems of Bali

What makes Bali so special?-6

We are saying the waterfalls of Bali as hidden gems because for reaching there, you must have an adventurous soul and spirit of a pirate. You have to walk through dense jungles, climb over rocks and cross rivers to finally find the stunning spectacles. The falls are decorated with rainbows on the top and intense green trees on the sides. Plunge in and feel the water bubble and ripple near your skin. Git Git waterfalls is one which is easily accessible by roads. Sekumpul waterfall is the most beautiful of the water falls in Bali, with actually seven falls each spilling different amount of water. The thunderous sound of Nung Nung waterfall will make you realize its grandness, it is the fall with the highest altitude. Bali has the most impressive and jaw-dropping waterfalls in the world and it is required to visit them in your Bali trip. Most waterfalls are a short trek and you are allowed to go into the shallow water pools around so dress accordingly and carry your swim suit

7. Hiking to the paradise

What makes Bali so special?-7

What’s more magical than witnessing a sunrise while reaching at the top of a volcanic mountain. There are majestic mountains like Mount Agung, Mount Bratan, Mount Batur and Mount Merbuk in Bali which offer perfect hiking experience. These hikes are the gateways to heavenly views and especially the Mount Batur hike. Mount Batur is the second highest point in Bali. To witness the mesmerizing view one can hike there before sunrise. Mount Batur hike is one of the 40 best hikes in Asia. One would witness thick clouds covering the ground from the view with just the peeks peering through. After the sun rise when the rays pass through the clouds and disperse them, a breathtaking view of Caldera Lake is sprawled in front of the eyes.

8. Cultural richness

What makes Bali so special?-8

The Kecak dance is performed at Ulluwatu temple, in the backdrop of setting sun and in a place perched high on a cliff in Uluwatu. It is the place at which one can get into the core of Balinese tradition. Bare-chested men parade into the auditorium making rhythm and melodies. The traditional nightly Balenese performance is based on the Hindu epic Ramayana and is created by a German man in the 1930s. The story is told through music and dance. The sun sets and the sky darkens during the performance, which makes the performance more intense and hypnotic. The act will surely create an intimate connection with Bali.

9. Never ending list of water sports activities

What makes Bali so special?-9

Bali is surrounded by water and it gives a chance to its visitors to feel the same with its water sports activities. A myriad of breathtaking actions will take you to attain pleasure at the next level. Scuba diving, snorkeling, kite surfing, sea walking, river rafting and many more options for the adventure bitten freaks. Adventure seekers have no shortage of things to do in Bali.

With world class surfing opportunities, good value for accommodation and affordable food and drinks are some of the reasons why Bali is every surfer’s dream location. The surf spots and beach resorts in Bali are available all round the year. There are many surf schools which teach professional surfing and they are excellent at their work. There are beaches for beginners and for the advanced surfers too. The Kuta beach is perfect for beginners because the waves here land on soft sand and not the corals. Uluwatu, Canggu and Nusa Dua are for the advanced surfers who want to ride over the naughty waves. Nusa Penida, Nusa Lambongan and Gili Islands are perfect getaways for their picture perfect white sandy beaches.

10. Unceasing party scenes

What makes Bali so special?-10

With no fixed opening and closing time of the clubs and discos in Bali, the nightlife is like an unceasing hit song which sometimes plays till the sunrise. Bali is called the Indonesian party capital with affordable to high end bars, clubs and discos. Kuta, Seminayak and Legian are the most famous for their amazing repertoire of bars and clubs. Spend some time in the beach clubs in Bali during the sun sets while sipping drinks and experience the amazing Bali nightlife.

11. Affordable accommodation at its best

What makes Bali so special?-11

Bali offers accommodation from huts on the beach to boutique hotels and villas to five star sprawling resorts. Bali caters to every kind of pocket. One can find a place that fits into budget and with unmatched luxuries easily. It doesn’t matter if one’s taste is chic or modern, refined or classic, there is something for everyone in Bali. You can easily get a Five Star Beach Property - Anvaya, Grand Mirage or Jambuluwuk Seminyak - Starting Price - 5000 INR per room per night! It's way cheaper than the Indian counterparts.

Bali is the place which overwhelms with its warm hospitality and affordable luxury. A place which douse everyone into its rich culture. Locals welcome every tourist with their wide smiles and accommodating spirits and that is the best thing about Bali, it treats tourists as their family members.

12. Array of flavors

What makes Bali so special?-12

Bali's food is as diverse as its culture. Bali offers multitude of cuisines whether it is vegetarian or non-vegetarian, there is something for everyone in Bali's cook-book. Ubud is famous for its raw, vegan and organic food joints. Kuta, Ubud, Seminayak and Nusa Dua have best restaurants one can find in Bali. Indian flavors have a profound impact on Balinese cuisine. The unpretentious flavors and spices makes mouth watering Balinese food.

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