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10 Must Try Weekend Escapes Around Chennai

Vacationers adore Chennai not only for the proven fact that it's a magnificent locations but additionally that it's by itself providing several experience activities and locations to go to a. Although, around one enjoys the downtown, there are occasions when one really wants to avoid aside another room, into another period. Worry not; the town includes an answer for the weekend worries.

This is a listing of the weekend escapes from Chennai. Float away towards the sandiness of the Bay of cuddle or coastline within the misty rugged mountains of Tamil Nadu; you'll be sure a holiday actually on the day’s escape from the town.


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Outlined as a World Heritage site for its wide history, this adventurous place is also known as Mamallapuram. Some people call it “Mahabs”. It's a laid back city where many vacationers go for a history packed getaway.

Must visit sights: The windswept Coast Temple is just a view worth embracing in your eyes. Mahabs is famous for the Five Rathas (sculptured temples within the form of chariots) and Arjun’s Penance (large designs on the stone showing scenes in the Mahabharata).

The Mamallapuram Dance Festival is a remarkable event that one can't miss. Different religious places would be Draupadi Ratha, Trimurti Cave Temple, Ganesh Ratha and the Krishna Mandapa. The Statue public is just a treasure trove of pictures within the area and the very wonderful statues.

Activities: Bicycling tours for the adjoining towns provide activities like masala and grain milling in addition to rangoli or kolam images. You can actually enjoy rejuvenating watersports and spa treatments.

Best time to go: December - March


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Pulicat, a little seaside township exists within the Thiruvallur district of Tamil Nadu about the area of Sriharikota and Bay of Bengal separating the Pulicat Lake. It is famous for the stimulating places worth getting a glimpse of.

Attractions: The main attractions of the area would be the bird sanctuary, the Dutch cemetery, church and the beach where you can spot a number of migratory birds. Between January and December, the Flamingo event takes place in Pulicat when a large number of the bird species arrange about the swampy party at the Pulicat Lake. Two adjoining towns of Nelapattu and Vedurupattu are other attractions here.

Best time to go: October - March


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Also called the “Silk City”, Kanchipuram is one of the most popular towns of Tamil Nadu which isn't just respected for the renowned history but also for its silk sarees and the wonderful show of the thousand temples. If you are looking for a blend of history, architecture, and tradition, Kanchipuram would come up as a perfect getaway from Chennai.

Attractions: Considered as the town of thousand temples, Kanchipuram has temples that stay evidence of the Dravidian heritage. Few of the famous temples of the place are Kailasanathar, Kamakshi Amman, Devarajaswami, and Ekambareswarar.

Another must-visit place of the town is KanchiKudil, which is famous for its 90 degrees panoramic view of the hills that surrounds the town. Further, a notable appeal may be the Vedanthangla Bird Sanctuary which is a bird watcher’s heaven.

Best time to go: September - March


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Tirupati may be the perfect spot this weekend if you should be are a history and archaeology fan. National town and a significant pilgrimage within Andhra Pradesh, 1000000 disciples' Chittoor district visit Tirumala, an alias of Tirupati.

Attractions: Tirupati temple is the richest pilgrimage centers and one of the most visited temples in the world. Tirumala TirupatiDevasthanam is where you have to stop when in Tirupati to get the best of this place. Another host to faith is the avatar of Lord Vishnu, the Venkateswara temple. The natural wonder that is a naturally shaped stone bridge named Silathoranam adds on to the city's beauty. But one can't skip the evergreen paradise beyond the hillocks of the TirumalaTirupatiDevasthanam that is the TTD Gardens.

Best time to go: September - March


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Vellore is known as the Fort town of Tamil Nadu. It has got beautiful scenery in addition to the perfect mixture of rich cultural history similar to the old Dravidian culture. Hence it's a perfect weekend getaway from Chennai.

Attractions: A monument of nationwide significance Vellore Fort offers the very notable sites within the area. The 16-century fort was built by the kings of Vijayanagar empire and speaks highly of the ancient history of India. Jalakanteswara Temple is another historical site located within the premises of the fort.

Srilakshmi Golden Temple which is coated with silver is another must-visit place in Vellore. Further, the Archeological museum of India is another place that must be on your list of must-visits in town.
Best time to go: October - March


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Lovingly referred to as ‘Pondy’, this former French colony is a coastal paradise with colonial townhouses and its peaceful, boulevard of trees along the roads. Pondicherry is a perfect getaway from Chennai if peace and tranquility is what you are searching for this weekend.

Attractions: There is a number of tourist attraction in Pondicherry. The famous French Quarters with mustard colonial buildings reflects the true French architecture, Sri Aurobindo ashram, French War memorial, the Auroville township and famous Catholic churches are the must-visits pf Pondicherry. Other than this, Pondicherry is a home to few of the most beautiful churches of the country. Paradise beach, Promenade beach, Serenity beach and Auroville beaches are few of the famous beaches of Pondicherry.

Best time to go: October - February


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Lose yourself to nature within the Vellore region of Tamil Nadu, amidst the marvelous mountains of Yelagiri. The hill town is famous for its serene lakes and the lush green mountains. The isolation and the comfort that Yelagiri offers make it a perfect getaway to escape the hustle-bustle of the cities.

Attractions: Yelagiri is for all those seeking a simple-paced vacation from the city's chaos. The signature landmark of the area may be the Punganoor artificial lake and park where visitors can enjoy boating and sailing

Further, the attractive Swami Malai Slopes are a wonderful address for the eyes. You can go for a walk from the cascading waters of the stunning Jalagamparai Falls.


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Undulating slopes of Salem area of Tamil Nadu cuddled in the green natural environments, Yercaud is just a magical location. Escape into the variety of wildlife and flora this weekend and leave behind the hectic city life.

The Pagoda Point is a site where you are able to capture the breathtaking view of the charming city. Other natural jewels of Yercaud would be Kottachedu Teak Forest, Lady’s Chair, Cotton Farm and Rose Garden, Deer Park, Contains Cave, the Kiliyur Falls, and Anna Park.

Best time to go: October - June

Nandi Hills

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Nandi Hills is the perfect weekend destination if you want to enjoy the wonderful natural appeal of hills. The high mountains also called Nandidurg offers an impressive view of the Western Ghats. With Tipu Sultan having lived here during retirement, it is not just a charming respite of the hills but also the rich history that makes it an ideal destination to visit during weekends.

Attractions: Feast your eyes with a range of tourist attractions like Tipu’s Fall, the Bhoganandeeswara Temple, Tipu’s Summer Palace Brahmashram Fort and Hoskote River to mention few of the tourist destinations.

Best time to go: From dawn i.e. 6 am to 10 am

BR Hills

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Located in the unity of the Western Ghats in south-western Karnataka, this selection of the Nilgiris is just a favorite vacation for individuals who desire an offbeat vacation.

Because of its unique area, these slopes are a property with of wildlife there's available and the very varied flora. In addition to the variety of biodiversity that BR hills display, its natural thickets will also be home towards the Soliga tribe.

Activities: jungle safari, Trekking, bird watching, wildlife photography and mountain biking inside the forest areas are a few of the activities it's possible to anticipate when visiting this hill station.

Best time to go: June - November

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